Subject: Spoofing Sarah Jane and Torchwood

Posted on: January 25 2008 @ 08:06 PM
By: Linquel


Making fun of the new series of Torchwood airing a tame version of episodes a week later, this Spoof site took the same idea to Sarah Jane Adventures.

BBC to 'sex up' The Sarah-Jane Adventures

The BBC has announced that after a 'full' version of The Sarah Jane Adventures airs, a specially-edited repeat will be shown that's "unsuitable for families and kids", will be broadcast late night on BBC3.

"The adult-friendly extended version will be shown a few days after the kids version and is likely to be a few minutes longer," the press release states.

The Sarah-Jane Adventures was designed to be a children's spin off of Doctor Who, and the first season did not contain any post-watershed S's - that's snogging, sex, and swearing.

The move is thanks to pressure from adolescent fans of Torchwood, Doctor Who's 'adult' spin-off. Used to a diet of soft porn aliens, flashes of nipple and unnecessary swearing, Torchwood enthusiasts are said to have found Sarah-Jane's stories too fun, exciting and grown-up for their tastes.

In the adult version, Sarah-Jane will call on the assistance of her alien computer saying, "Mr Smith I f******, need you, you c***."

Expect to see intimate details of the Slitheen's sex life accompanied by 'hilarious' fart noises, and the late night activities of Maria's single dad, Alan, as he flicks through Freeview channels looking for a bit of titillation.


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