Subject: repair to 96 movie

Posted on: March 24 2008 @ 10:52 PM
By: DScott750



While in searching the home/apartment to construct a Tissue Compression Eliminator, Bruce and Dalek personas attempt to take over.

Not finding all, he breaks into an electronics store to discover from the Closed Caption of a TV, UNIT is acting security for a Peace Accord, while awaiting the Peace Attaché. That will be signed on the coming of the Millennium (Mike Yates head of PR; Brigadier’s granddaughter a Captain).

Buddy of Lee’s who was detained due to a snatch and grab gone wrong by a cop, gains pos-session of the TCE, during one of the Personality Takeovers of the Master.

He and Lee cause the public to assume there’s a Serial Kidnapper leaving doll sized effigies behind (used on 7 credited for 6. 1 Homeless person, 3 members of the public; Lee’s partner;

personal at the Science Foundation where the clock is; the “assumed” Peace Attaché).

The Master cons Lee into assuming the he’s with the FBI/CIA; his TCE’s a Federal Tazer-gun; the Doctor’s an International Terrorist on his way to a Federal Penitentiary in Rosswell NM.

UFOs cover-up to conceal Area 51 being the very penitentiary (Lee Harvey Oswald; criminal from 1989 and a transfer to/from the Lunar Penal Colony located there).

The Doctor knows he was traveling with someone. Recalls Ace when spotting deck of cards on coffee table.

Unclear left with Prof. Chronotis/Salyavin; unclear why names feel rhetorical (one name im-pression of a Collage/University course; latter cold chill and feeling of a fan?).

Grace finding the shrunken body at foundation; the Master attacks the Peace Accord; Mike or the Brig’s daughter shoot and “wound” whom they assume is the Master, but in truth the Peace At-taché; somehow gets leaked they were killed instead.

Doctor/Grace rush to prevent the inevitable.

Doors knocked open during battle after materialization; military vessels obviously decades old, fire upon the TARDIS, mistaking for UFO due to Chameleon Circuit working. HADS kicks in; sacrifices the Master for Lee, when the Master draws Lee’s gun to kill the Doctor.

Peace Accord overlay TARDIS’s return; snatch and grabber assumes the Doctor for cop after slamming into the reformed TARDIS.

(Theory 1: The Master cons the Daleks into assuming he would aid them in invading Gallifrey; *slipping the Doctor an augmented Kaled with just enough Master DNA in case checked.

Shock to the Kaled’s system brought the Master’s persona to the forefront; the Black Guardian or the Valeyard Time Rams the Doctor into the eve of the Millennium-fiasco begins

Theory 2: The Dalek plan to invade Gallifrey then...*.)


repair to 96 movie

Posted on: March 26 2008 @ 01:06 AM
By: DarthSkeptical


With respect, I think this is perhaps even less clear than the movie in its present form. Some parts of your outline might've been successfully incorporated into a "fan friendly" episode of the series, had it been picked up, though. Throwing UNIT, and especially specific members of the "old" UNIT, into the mix wouldn't have meant diddly to an American audience.

Honestly, there's not much wrong with the original movie that a simpler menace wouldn't have fixed. It actually works except for the clock business. What the second half needed was a clear, simple threat to Earth, like the one we have in "The Christmas Invasion". Instead we got the Doctor fixing his supposedly "advanced" time machine with a Human clock from the year 2000.

Though widely blamed for the problems of the TVM, the 7th Doctor/regeneration scenes weren't necessarily a mistake in and of themselves. There could've been a lot of dramatic use made of the 7th Doctor, by showing him on the run from something. Maybe as in the beginning of the "Family of Blood" story, he's literally dashing into the safety of the TARDIS. He contentedly believes he's outwitted the villain and settles into a good read. We think he's safe. Then he lands, pops out of the TARDIS, and is senselessly gunned down and we begin the meat of the story with McGann, only to find out that whatever he was running from has followed him to Earth and now threatens the whole planet. Success is thus clearly about beating back the alien invaders, despite being handicapped by a new regeneration.

Hell, you could even have the Master in there as the "real" villain behind the thugs that the 7th Doctor met.

Now, sure, that's a fairly conventional plot. But that's what you need at the outset of a potential new series. Something that allows the viewers to sink their teeth into the characters without being confused by the plot.. The problem with this whole clock-centric plot is that the somehow repairing the TARDIS seals a rift in time and space. What makes it worse is that the repairs have to be effected by a human, in the end, taking away a lot of the mystery and power of both the Doctor and the TARDIS.

repair to 96 movie

Posted on: March 26 2008 @ 03:49 AM
By: cybercolin


What about ripping up the whole of the script and writing a new story.

That would deffo work Smile

repair to 96 movie

Posted on: March 26 2008 @ 07:25 AM
By: DScott750



repair to 96 movie

Posted on: March 26 2008 @ 06:32 PM
By: tarashnat


Did the tape break?

repair to 96 movie

Posted on: March 27 2008 @ 12:24 AM
By: tarashnat


Oh, just remembered, The Nth Doctor by Lofficier has some alternate story lines/scripts that were all up for contention to be the Doctor Who movie. If you look at some of the ideas that were seriously considered, and the hoops needed to be jumped through to get the story that eventually was written and produced, you will have a better appreciation for the 1996 McGann movie despite its flaws.


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