Subject: Troughton Stories

Posted on: May 03 2008 @ 04:05 PM
By: Chase


There was a time when I couldn't wait to see these and Pertwee and Hartnell stories. Then they actually arrived and didn't live up to the novelizations for the most part.

Nowadays, there's the thought that they are too long, too boring, and too rambling and confusing and...well, some of that might be true but seeing most of these recently I must say at how pleasantly surprised I was. Troughton, like Tom Baker, makes things rise above poor scripts, poor dialog and poor guest stars and overlong opuses. TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN was a rambling overlong mess...but watching it recently I was awed by how much was right: the location work, the sets, even the overly dramatic music. It all seemed quite Universal Horror to me. Troughton and Hines were quite good in this and the Cybermen seemed...pretty menacing...trouble is...they don't actually menace a whole lot. Until they're ready or something. And the Doc causes most of the trouble! Anyway, seeing the opening scene is interesting as it seems Victoria's been with the two for some time between the intro and the arrival on Telos. Other notables: EVIL OF THE DALEKS, the missing ep is quite dramatic and interesting, setting up quite a bit of the story and characters. And we even get to see a Dalek or so. I've always loved Troughton's first story, even if we can only hear it. WAR GAMES: for anyone who can make it through, it's quite rewarding to see. It was nice and light in the end, dark at the beginning and sort of Flash Gordony in the middle but all mixed in a good way. THe WEB OF FEAR and ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN eps we have got are quite good and atmospheric. I prefer the later as it seems to be set in a timeless Tibet and the Yeti are...strange. I also love the Doctor's attitude, "Victoria, I think we'd better go...the better part of valor...Jamie's got an idea," rush away from Jamie, pulling Victoria. He adds quite a bit to the show that is clearly not on paper. I was not looking forward to either the KROTONS or the DOMINATORS but was surprised at how good both really are taken an ep at a time. THey are very alike in many ways but again, Troughton does something to make these stories likable. I can't say that MIND ROBBER holds up all the way through. I got bored by it half way through. Still, it's a marvelous idea and done quite nicely. FURY OF THE DEEP is quite disturbing and nicely done, kind of a Pertwee story ahead of its time in a way. I was also surprised by how good THE ICE WARRIORS and SEEDS OF DEATH were. I was dreading watching those but they were not too bad. SEEDS was especially good, despite many flaws.


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