Subject: Pertwee Stories

Posted on: May 03 2008 @ 04:13 PM
By: Chase


Like most Doctor actors, Pertwee can rise above the material and make it seem better than it was/is. Still, he's not able to make overlong stories seem not to sag in the middle. I was n't looking forward to any of these stories again but found both AUton stories to be quite...disturbing in an entertaining way. Roger Delgado, despite the gimmick of the Master, was perfect in each story he was in. Mind you CLAWS OF AXOS is a bit of a mess but never really boring. I couldn't sit through all of the Silurians but that's because i've done it least twice. Making my way through all of the Jo Grant stories I'd noticed how good a companion she really was...however, I still would have preferred Liz had stayed on...she was what the show needed..a different type of companion. Most of the these overlong stories were sit-throughable including THE SEA DEVILS, COLONY IN SPACE, MIND OF EVIL, THE DAEMONS, CURSE OF PELADON, and ...well, some of the others. I stalled in a way with some of the ones I was more familiar with, THE THREE DOCTORS I had to totally skip this time round...I never made it to GREEN DEATH. I did however make it to many of the SARAH JANE adventures including some of INVASION OF THE DINOS, some of TIME WARRIOR, all of MONSTER OF PELADON (which to my surprise was quite good if taken in doses), and even all of PLANET OF SPIDERS.

Pertwee's time was a strange one on the show, one relagated to being just on Earth and being with military men all the time. That the show survived that bad idea was a credit to it and to the star.


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