Subject: Colin Baker stories

Posted on: May 03 2008 @ 04:30 PM
By: Chase


Okay, I tried, I really did to sit through several Colin stories recently. Sorry, but mostly, they suck. MYSTERIOUS PLANET is so bad it's not funny. It's okay until Colin meets the two blond guys..

Now, I love Colin and always thought he was a good DOctor. I fault the scripts. I don't know about the whole issue with Grade and JNT being forced to stay...not sure I buy any of that but whatever. What we had on the screens during Colin's first year was truly hideous storywise. The violence? The show always had violence and always had questionable violence...that was not the problem. THe problem was it just was not entertaining. The relationship between Peri and the DOc was annoying...they yelled at each other (see TIMELASH if you don't believe me) quite often. True, there were some scenes they acted as if they cared for each other but for the most part they tended to grate on my nerves. I never at any point during his era wanted to turn off the set and not be a DW fan any longer but these stories pointed me in that direction and just after TIME And THE RANI and the next whammy, the awful PARADISE TOWERS I nearly stopped the video recorder and turned from DW forever. Not only were the scripts now terrible, over the top campy crap but McCoy in those first two stories, was truly awful.

that's another post: back to Colin. Okay, now I might get lynched for this but I liked THE TWIN DILEMMA, I like it more than CAVES quite honestly. The idea of a crazed Doctor alone in the TARDIS with a scared comp is scary and quite different. Also: the story is very trad story. The math geniuses (Adric), the alien slug, space patrol, transmats, errant Time Lord, etc...but with Peri the one in control and in charge, ast least some of the time. I find this to be Colin's strongest performance as well...well, yeah he was just as good in MARK OF THE RANI. I like MARK OF THE RANI as well, despite the Master and the Rani and the tree thing...well, the tree thing was crap. The story, though holds up if you look at it as a BATMAN episode. It was not bad and Peri and the Doc started to behave as though they cared alot for each other. Colin's Cyberman story and Dalek story were both pretty crap, with only the Dalek story having some good parts but...really, having both these monsters back should have made the series better, instead we got a chubby girl killing a man with a wig; three men getting electrocuted, crap ice alien masks, and more bickering between...just about everyone. Oh, a sympathetic, pathetic scene over Lutton, the one time cold hearted killer turned Cyberman. What were they thinking? Then they followed this up with TIMELASH? VAROS is, despite what everyone thinks, IMO, a mess, a worse telling of THE SUNMAKERS. Sil, never did it for me, is a crap villain no matter how you look at him (sooner you look at him than I) and the "menaces" in this story was the most panto I've ever seen and not at all threatening...nor interesting, nor funny, everything the show as under Tom Baker.

As much as I liked JNT's first two seasons or so, he really ran the show into the ground. Either he was purposely doing this OR he just had no taste, no real script editor in Eric Saward, and no real ideas left in his head. He should have been fired or let go or whatever and if he wanted to leave, he should have left. IMO, he and Eric Saward were responsible for the show going totally downhill and being made fun of everywhere you looked. One over the top Doc, one nearly topless Comp in skits everyplace and well, the show was basically a skit in its own show! To be fair, some of this started in Peter Davison's second season and the show never fully recovered.

The sound of some of the missing eps in the missing season sounded...well, crappy. Yet some of them, sounded okay. WHat we got: the TRIAL season. Yeah, it put all of us fans on trial and after that I was ready to stop being a fan. MINDWARP is a huge misstep and a hugely CRAP tale, contender for worst story ever. VERVOIDS starts off okay and then...just sort of ends. As for the last story: what the hell? So many cheap ways of doing things that they did in DEADLY ASSASSIN and so much one can walk into the Matrix now? A sad, sad season. Awful.

Colin deserved better companions, better scripts, and better direction, and a better producer. He got almost none of these and then...he was fired. as if that would make the show better. It didn't.


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