Subject: Audience Survey

Posted on: October 07 2008 @ 03:45 AM
By: Tin-Dog-Podcast


Ive answered the questions as best I can - not sure about dollar conversion rate and there isnt a "prefer not to answer section"

The Watch the podcast question is confusing but most of all...

the last bit says Add your email address to win a prize..


You may want to look at this a bit. cheers.



Audience Survey

Posted on: October 07 2008 @ 03:56 AM
By: Louis


Thanks for the feedback. Wizzard Media is doing the survey on our behalf. I will see if we can have it adjusted more so to our suite our listeners.

It's a good point about the using US dollars, as podcasts in general for the most part are not limited to just one country/currency.

As for "watch" -- it should say "watch or listen" to cater to both audio and video podcasts.

We have done a few video podcasts before, and we were planning on doing much more starting this past summer, but with the cancellation of the JumpCon tour, so did the video podcast -- well, it has been delayed anyway. Video made sense since I was going to be on location at just about every convention stop with the people we are interviewing in person.

The email field is on the top of the form. Just below the Doctor Who: Podshock cover artwork in the upper left side.

That is where you put your email address.

Thanks again for filling out. For others wishing to help us out by filling out the survey here is the link: Doctor Who: Podshock Audience Survey

Thanks again.


Audience Survey

Posted on: October 07 2008 @ 06:25 AM
By: daveac



Last two questions

Listen on.....didn't include 'in the car' EDIt - I know the were 'portable choices' - but I use the car's CD player

Last question...where do you find out about podcasts - I had to tick all the choices Big Grin

Cheers, daveac

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