Subject: More First Doctor reassessments

Posted on: January 03 2009 @ 02:45 PM
By: Chase


THE SAVAGES: deadly dull on CD but on the reconstruction viewing I can say that this stands out. I like the actor/character that gets some of the Doc's traits...that's really well done. Hartnell is brilliant as always. Even Dodo was okay in this. That STevn just gets handed over by the Doctor is a bit...strange but whatever, not a bad story.

THE GUNFIGHTERS: absolutely hilarious from start to finish, the main cast is marvelously funny and the Old West makes a very nice change of setting for the series (BOTH series I might add) and NO MONSTERS. ANd the danger is just as present.Hartnell is very funny in this. Brilliant!

TENTH PLANET: Just to add, Hartnell just before regeneration while on the Cybership looks as though he's really had it!

THE ARK: the first two eps have a plague as the villain and the next two take place in the same place but 700 years later or as the ship in the first two eps reaches it's destination. A good story all the way through and convincing...for the 1960s. Not bad at all!

TIME MEDDLER: well done! Steven's indoctrination is well done, the VIkings are suitably Viking like but shouldn't there have been more of them? The Saxons were Saxonish and the Monk is delightful and might even be the hero in a he right in wanting change? Hartnll is super in this, "THat is the scanner, that's the horoizonal hold, that is a chair with a panda on it, sheer poetry my boy!" How funny is he? ANd that's just one example! He is the DOctor!


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