Subject: BBC America: Same Day Showing Of Torchwood?

Posted on: January 10 2009 @ 08:51 PM
By: BenjaminElliott



Michael Jensen of AfterElton has posted news at the blog entry above

about regarding Torchwood's 3rd Series. I'm not sure what his

opinions are on exact quoting, so follow the link and read the full

story there. The highlights:

1) Airdate for Torchwood: Children Of Earth is still unknown, could

be as late as June or July

2) BBC America is planning to air the episodes on the same days as

BBC One in the UK, stripping them Monday to Friday. Americans would

be roughly 5 hours behind the UK for initial viewing.

3) They might be shown in High Definition. (Guess this means BBC

America HD may finally show up.)

Good news from BBC America, especially if they get the HD service up

and running. Also, find out the length of the episodes, and just

extend the slot by enough time to fit in the commercials without

chopping it up, please?


Benjamin Elliott


BBC America: Same Day Showing Of Torchwood?

Posted on: January 11 2009 @ 11:11 PM
By: Billyaxe


Does anyone know why they are doing this with Torchwood? Why not a full season? What can we expect for the following year? I havent heard any explanations of why. --Billy

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