Subject: Party Animals [*SPOILERS POSSIBLE*]

Posted on: January 12 2009 @ 02:23 PM
By: DarthSkeptical


If you're a fan of British political drama, like me, the one thing that may have been most surprising about the Matt Smith pick was that you'd already seen him but probably didn't know it until they started running some Party Animals clips on Confidential. For me, it was a different experience to the one I'd had with Tennant and Eccleston. With the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, I really had no contact whatsoever with either. But here, I'd seen him but never knew his name, nor particularly logged him as someone I needed to watch for.

No, my interest in Party Animals came initially from my love of the British political narrative, fueled mainly by the unparalleled comedy of Yes, Minister, House of Cards, and The Thick of It. Party Animals is quite a different show altogether, and attempt to sort of be what The West Wing initially was: an investigation of the nooks and crannies of government, rather than its brighter corridors.

So what I wonder, of those apparently few that have seen it, what did you think overall? Was it worth the measly 1 million viewers it got? Was it underrated? And, of course, what did you think about Matt Smith's ability to create and flesh out a character over the course of what would effectively be a half-series of Doctor Who? Put another way, does Party Animals give you more or less confidence in his acting abilities?

If you've seen at least a whole episode, please feel free to share your thoughts about it below.

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Posted on: January 14 2009 @ 10:53 AM
By: barnabeee


I've watched the whole show over the last week and quite enjoyed it actually. I don't think I'd want to watch it again, and none of the characters were people I'd want to know, but there is a peverse kind of pleasure in seeing people be so terribly nasty to each other and hell-bent on destroying each other!

Matt Smith was the character who seemed to have far less of a character arc than anyone else, but he was also a solid anchor to the series, and there were moments where I could certainly see him acting and seeming much older than his (at the time) 24 or 25 years.

I'm surprised it got such lousy ratings however. It seems like the kind of scandalous type of show that should have done quite well.


Posted on: January 19 2009 @ 02:27 AM
By: romana_II


Sadly, I've only managed to catch two episodes so far, and the last one is on TV on Tuesday night.
But most of it I missed because my parents always seem to feel the need to make us have dinner while it's on and don't let me watch it on the TV in the living room.

So far I enjoyed what I saw and think Matt Smith was good in it.

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