Subject: my new ratings for dw1

Posted on: January 17 2009 @ 01:21 PM
By: Chase


An Unearthly Child pilot both versions 10/10

An Unearthly Child the last 3 eps 7/10

The Daleks 7/10 but a bit too long

Edge of Destruction 7/10 strange but fun

Marco Polo 10/10 just great!

The Keys of Marinus 7/10 not as bad as some say

The Aztecs 8/10

The Sensorites 7/10

Reign of Terror 7/10

Planet of Giants 6/10 down a pt due to poor effects, even for 60s

Dalek Invasion of Earth 7/10—great last scene

The Rescue 6/10 a few embarrassments

The Romans 6/10 not bad but not funny either

The Web Planet 7/10 just for trying and being so alien

The Crusade 7/10

The Space Museum 7/10---great idea and not bad later on either

The Chase--- 1/10 but for laugh value (especially by ep 6) 7/10 for so bad it’s good camp crap

The Time Meddler 7/10

Galaxy Four ---1/10 really quite a chore to get through

Mission to the Unknown 1/10—sorry but without the Doc or company it’s really boring

The Mythmakers—10/10 very, very very funny and full of quips, puns, and…dangerous death around the corner

Dalek Master Plan---8/10 but gosh, the Hollywood episode makes no sense so for that episode (0/10)

The Massacre—10/10 what a historical should be

The Ark ---7/10 just for trying something different

Celestial Toymaker—6/10 a bit saggy in the middle

The Gunfighters---8/10---just very entertaining

The Savages---7/10---on audio just boring but …well better with the telesnaps

The War Machines---6/10---just okay really, tends to show how bad an idea UNIT might be

The Smugglers---7/10---

The Tenth Planet ---7/10---just entertaining


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