Subject: my new ratings for dw2

Posted on: January 17 2009 @ 01:21 PM
By: Chase


Power of the Daleks---7/10

The Highlanders—4/10—a chore to listen to and sit through the telesnaps, good for curing insomnia

The Underwater Menace---6/10---just…fun to watch and listen to; a great idea done campy but not on purpose

The Moonbase---6/10---some scary Cybermen stuff

The Macra Terror---6/10---

The Faceless Ones---5/10—does this story make any sense? At all?

Evil of the Daleks—7/10—Victoria does not impress

Tomb of the Cybermen—7/10---used to hate this one but reevaluated it

The Abominable Snowmen---7/10---just fun in most parts

The Ice Warriors---7/10---used to hate this one, another invasion but…Patrick gives it his all

Enemy of the World---4/10---not sure about his one, Australia vs Hungary? What?

Web of Fear---6/10—tends to drag a bit

Fury from the Deep—7/10

Wheel in Space—7/10----some good stuff but some bad too, lotsa flaws but entertaining

The Dominators—7/10---Pat and Fraz just are so funny in these eps

The Mind Robber—9/10---minus one pt for the Karkus

The Invasion---7/10—just a bit too long

Krotons---7/10 ---again, Pat and Fraz save this, not a bad idea for an enemy

Seeds of Death---7/10—used to hate this one, another invasion but not bad

Space Pirates---5/10---sleep inducing and sort of …boring

The War Games---8/10---far too long but not bad at all


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