Subject: my new ratings for dw3

Posted on: January 17 2009 @ 01:22 PM
By: Chase


Spearhead from Space---8/10

The Silurians----7/10—far too long but great monsters

Ambassadors of Death---6/10---poor UNIT battle, good monsters/aliens

Inferno---6/10---far too long and scenes repeat and…very overrated but not terrible

Terror of the Autons---7/10

Mind of Evil---7/10

Claws of Axos---3/10---just…terrible with some good cliffhangers and costumes

Colony In Space---6/10---an ep or two too long

The Daemons---8/10---just great in mood

Day of the Daleks---7/10

Curse of Peladon---7/10---could be tedious but…thrilling at the same time

The Sea Devils----6/10—why do I like this one at all? It has something but what?

The Mutants—6/10

The Time Monster---6/10---love the Atlantis bits

The Three Doctors----5/10---sorry a bit of a chore once you get past the fun of Doc meeting Doc

Frontier in Space---6/10---also a chore but not terrible as space opera goes

Planet of the Daleks---5/10—I’m apt to change this higher or lower

The Green Death—6/10—for such a good story, it’s also a bit of a chore, brilliant last scene

The Time Warrior—7/10

Invasion of the Dinosaurs—5/10---too many officials and UNIT members so dull

Death to the Daleks---5/10

Monster of Peladon—6/10—used to hate this one but not bad now

Planet of the Spiders---6/10—love the regeneration scene


my new ratings for dw3

Posted on: January 24 2009 @ 01:46 PM
By: Chase


Whoops. left out CArnival of Monsters---3/10 very boring and very silly

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