Subject: Ratings for dw5 (Peter doesnt' really have many stories does he?)

Posted on: January 17 2009 @ 01:24 PM
By: Chase



Four to Doomsday---7/10



Black Orchid—3/10---used to love this but rewatched it recently, it’s so awful….

Earthshock ---9/10 and yet…Adric should not have been killed off


Arc of Infinity—3/10---just poor excuse for a story, loved the location work and the runaround though


Mawdryn Undead---5/10---just poor

Terminus---5/10—morbid and pointless

Enlightenment—7/10—an improvement

King’s Demons—for part one---8/10 and for part two---2/10---just poor second ep

The Five Doctors---8/10—love this love fest

Warriors of the Deep---6/10

The Awakening—8/10

Frontios---5/10—haven’t seen this in a long time but don’t recall it being… good or sane

Resurrection of the Daleks---7/10—Tegan’s leaving scene is brilliant

Planet of Fire---5/10---why?

Caves of Androzani----6/10—not the classic everyone remembers it being, the action in the last ep was good


Ratings for dw5 (Peter doesnt' really have many stories does he?)

Posted on: February 25 2009 @ 11:53 AM
By: Aurelius76


Four to Doomsday---7/10
Kinda---4/10---not a huge fan of this story, but I know people love it
Visitation---7/10--great secondary characters
Black Orchid—3/10---poor story and idea, but like that there is no "monster"
Earthshock ---7/10--a sad farewell to Adric
Timeflight---6/10--great idea, great story, poor effects really, really hurt this story
Arc of Infinity—7/10---am a fan of Omega; should bring him back, rather than always the Master
Mawdryn Undead---7/10---not great, but once again, idea is good
Terminus---7/10—dark and brooding; has a very distinct feeling to it; liked it alot
Enlightenment—7/10—bring the Eternals back!!
King’s Demons—3/10
The Five Doctors---9/10—brilliant; classic
Warriors of the Deep---7/10--fianl scene is chilling when the Doctor looks around and says: "They're dead. They're all dead." Davidson at his best.
The Awakening—- -/10-- don't remember this one. At all.
Resurrection of the Daleks---7/10—good interaction between Davidson's Doctor and the Daleks
Planet of Fire---5/10--good start, poor end
Caves of Androzani----9/10—a masterpiece; dark and brooding, doesn't even feel like most other Doctor Who's

Ratings for dw5 (Peter doesnt' really have many stories does he?)

Posted on: March 08 2009 @ 07:58 PM
By: Chase


Actually I think Turlough says, "They're all dead you know," and the Doc says, "There should have been another way." Not to nitpick but that ending was goo too. about the other 900 times everyone dies on his adventures, he should alwaysbe looking for another way

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