Subject: ratings for dw6 (the show really was in trouble here wasn't it?)

Posted on: January 17 2009 @ 01:25 PM
By: Chase


The Twin Dilemma---8/10---love the Doc strangling Peri, being mean and the regeneration going wrong

Attack of the Cybermen---2/10—why?

Vengeance on Varos—4/10---poorly executed

Mark of the Rani---7/10---better

The Two Doctors---2/10---just awful but some scary moments; moribid and a waste of Patrick’s talent

Timelash---1/10—have you seen this?

Revelation of the Daleks---6/10---more morbid stuff; death and killings, trashy really

The Mysterious Planet---4/10---Peri and the Doc relate better but the story…piss poor

Mindwarp—1/10---just the pits, DW should have been cancelled for this story alone

Terror of the Vervoids---2/10—I thought this was much better at one time but watch it nowadays, poor

Ultimate Foe---2/10---some think this was a good ending but…compare with Deadly Assassin


ratings for dw6 (the show really was in trouble here wasn't it?)

Posted on: March 31 2009 @ 12:52 PM
By: Aurelius76


The Twin Dilemma--8/10---just recently saw this for the first time; not as horrible as i was led to believe; very interesting regeneration;like it better than 6th doctor to 7th; story isn't bad either

Attack of the Cybermen---8/10—actually a fan of this one for many reasons: a)repaired the chameleon circuits; b) return to 76 Totter's Lane; c)return of Lytton, a 5th doctor foe; d)return of the Cryons; altogether, if you think about it Season 22 had a very nostalgic feel to it

Vengeance on Varos—6/10---moments of greatness and moments of horror; like Sil and the governor--great characters

Mark of the Rani---6/10---this actually is good, but don't like it on a personal level; not a fan of the Rani

The Two Doctors---710---thought it was great, save for the strange and very silly transformation of Doctor 2 into a partial Androgum

Timelash---2/10—not good, mostly due to overacting and a subpar story at best

Revelation of the Daleks---6/10--- a dark story that under utilizes the Doctor; great character with the assassin, Orcini

The Mysterious Planet---6/10---best of the trial season, but beyond that, is that saying much?

Mindwarp—2/10---not good

Terror of the Vervoids---4/10—good episode, made little sense IMO as part of the trial season; not a fan of "Whodunits" or Agatha Cristie, so that may sway my opinion

Ultimate Foe---3/10---this was the best possible ending for TRIAL but a sad ending for Colin, "Carrot Juice!"

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