Subject: Ambassadors of Death, Terror of the Autons, INFERNO, Silurians, Daemons

Posted on: February 08 2009 @ 07:37 PM
By: Chase


These three seemed interminably long in places and interestingly fresh in other places. AMBASSADORS was good in that it had man as the bad guys and one didn’t really know that. Liz gets some great scenes and the chase with Bessie was well done. I can’t say the same for UNIT’s gun battle. It looked really badly staged. Nick Courtney was fantastic in all of this though and Jon was well, Jon at his best. The monsters, aliens were quite good and menacing. I couldn’t help but notice how much death went on in DW at this time and savagely. People are gunned down, irradiated, killed with isotopes, electrocuted, etc. It made it all seem a very dangerous world but also a very…I don’t know, callous show in a way. This followed through with both the other two INFERNO and TERROR OF THE AUTONS. Also THE SILURIANS were not the “peaceful” beings touted later on in WARRIORS OF THE DEEP. They killed so many UNIT soldiers, a few who seemed as if they might have been regulars! The Master in TERROR is a joy to watch but there are far too many scenes of him talking to Farrel and other men. INFERNO is fun in the parallel universe and all the characters have time to be well rounded…but they are rounded and rounded…and rounded. All in all these are good Doctor Who if a little long. I also watched THE DAEMONS and it too is too long but very well done and in color it loses none of its horror. Jon’s Doctor is also a bit…shall we say overpowering when meeting the locals in the pub in ep1. I like that!


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