Subject: Planet of Fire two to four

Posted on: February 15 2009 @ 12:27 PM
By: Chase


okayThe rest: itís okay and not all that bad. Turlough in shorts, Periís bosom, the Masterís dyingÖagain. The rushed ending. Not at all bad. Maybe not rushed but sort of Öheading in that direction that we all know itís going to. Still, itís not all bad. How many crashed colony ships have we seen over the years? Way too many. Davisonís all right. His non pulsed at Kamís demise and his daze at the MasterísÖis amazingly well done. Still, in this era of the show and truthfully most of them before RTDís new seriesÖnothing was fully exploredÖjust hinted at. We have to really fill in the blanks ourselves. Why is the Doc so shocked at the Masterís death? What was the Master saying at the end? Turlough? What is happening there? Nothing is fully emotionally found out. Itís just hinted at. I donít need all the answers but to be invested in the characters I would like to know something. This is why I think Tegan is so popular. We know what happened to her Aunt. We know how she feels. Ditto Adric. I found Adric to be the most interesting because he was multi layered and emotional. Of course, the writers didnít know how to deal with him or that stuff. Anyway Plane of Fire is sometimes under rated. The locations are fabulous but Peri does grate after a bitÖ


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