Subject: Awakening

Posted on: February 15 2009 @ 12:32 PM
By: Chase


Thought I posted this but the Awakening is jolly fun. Despite too many characters, they handle that well. Tegan’s okay, Turlough’s okay, and Jane and Will, well, are okay. The cliffhanger is special in that it has the longest shout of Doctor anywhere, the monster…is not scary at all but the thought of it is. The war games aspect is not fully played out but that’s okay too. There is a general feel to this one that is energetic and positive, even if we don’t find out some parts of the plot. The Doctor discussing the end of everything and then saying Cheer up to Jane is very funny. Jane can be a great companion. Will…not so really. I guess the whole historical thing works for Will unlike say for Katrina…however both their shocks at being in the future is well played. Tegan’s best line, “That’s the story of our lives” to Turlough’s “We’re running out of places to hide.” I also love the crowded tardis scene in the end.


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