Subject: My First Doctor

Posted on: February 20 2009 @ 02:59 PM
By: Jodalmighty


During the great writers strike of aught seven I was forced to seek my television sustenance elsewhere. Netflix here I come. So I gave the "re envisioning" of Battlestar a shot (and became an instant fan,) nearly choked to death on Stargate (Can't... Get... Clean...,) and then decided to try this Doctor Who thing. While Battlestar was an awesome episodic journey that required me to watch every episode in order memorizing every detail and asking myself who was the next Cylon, Doctor who was classic Sci Fi fun that just wanted me to take the ride.

Or so I thought. Once the end credits had rolled on Parting of the Ways I realized the way everything had been tied together and was now seriously hooked. So I did what every good geek would and blindly walked into three different Borders books store with three copies of a 40% off any one dvd boxed set (limit one per customer) and went home with seasons one through three and started season one over again paying it a bit more attention and watching every special feature.

Rose had me unable to turn off the disc from the second she slapped the alarm clock. Not for nuthin' but having a girl as easy on the eyes as Billie Piper was a good move to get someone hooked on your show.

I liked this Doctor guy with his big ears and slightly gruff demeanor. He also had a slightly psycho (in a good way) smile that promised adventure and something more. The mystery around Christopher Eccleston's Doctor, the feeling that he had some history behind his character, a depth behind his eyes. Something was up here.

And then I watched the Doctor Who Confidential Cut Downs. The words "Doctor Who is back" caught my attention. Before long I was immersed in Wikipedia entries and finding out that if I scrolled down on the netflix page there were more Doctor Who dvds. A lot more. Wait a minute, my Geek sense is tingling. I started remembering seeing Doctor Who stuff at Cons... years ago. I had been writing this series off all this time and now the flashy new kid on the block had enticed me into his van with promises of candy. D'oh! subtract 50 geek points, hang head in shame.

Then a wave of nausea hit as I remembered something else. I am a completionist and I had just stumbled into something with 40 plus years of stories. But its okay I can just watch the new series right? I don't have to go back to the beginning do I?

Sigh, thanks Chris. I like you even though you have lightened my wallet for months now. As the writing on my Tardis shirt says, "You never forget your first Doctor."


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