Subject: ORBIS(some spoilers)

Posted on: March 24 2009 @ 07:14 PM
By: Chase


Great fun! Lucy is shaping up to be a very funny companion despite a very rough start and an unlikable attiude in her first story or two. This one has the added bonus of throwing her into some predicaments she hasn't been in before and the Doctor' reactions are not predictable, nor are her's. And she slaps him.

I"m sure the alien races sound a bit too Tomorrow People-y and awful as Mollusks and Jellyfish people would be on the show but my mind kept imagining them as the shows DW or the TP would do them. Points for trying though.

ANd the Doctor does muck everything up on his one, doesn't he?

I thought Morbius would appear and cheers to the show for having me not miss him one bit. Nice sound effects and nice use of three regular characters.


ORBIS(some spoilers)

Posted on: April 11 2009 @ 11:17 PM
By: DarthSkeptical


Three words: OH. MY. GOD.

Run, don't walk, to get this one. After you've heard the last two episodes of last season, of course, cause this is part three of a trilogy.

Seriously laugh-out-loud moments await the lucky purchasers out there. And Earth's nowhere in sight. I might just have to return to the Skeptical Diaries for this one. The Doctor, Lucie and the Headhunter are back with a vengeance, baby.

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