Subject: Resistance

Posted on: March 28 2009 @ 06:13 PM
By: Chase


This companion chronicles with Polly narrating is most unusual and most traditional, all at the same time. The setting is WW2 in France during 1944ís occupation. Truth be told, Iíve always liked Polly and Ben as companions and I think with either Doctor they just work well. Add Jamie into the mix and we have a solid team. This historical paints a great picture of the time zone, although Iím not sure there really was a French resistance that could get in and out of France this easily. There is also another narrator, the Pilot and a twist happens here which can be seen from a long time away but not in the way the listener will think. The actress playing Polly does a fair impersonation of Ben and Jamie and a spot on one of Patrick Troughtonís Doctor. Thereís also a dilemma for Polly personally. In all, this adventure has it all: personal problems, great acting, a strong script, and action and adventure in the past. Really worth your time and thank goodness, NO MONSTERS for once! The TV show could learn from this personal, small scale adventure!


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