Subject: Hothouse part one (Spoilers!)

Posted on: April 24 2009 @ 07:02 PM
By: Chase


HOT HOUSE part one


This Big Finish Audio, thus far, I'm just only in part two is surprisingly good. Lucy is subdued, thank God; Paul is in good form and beliveable again. The threat is menacing and fits in with the classic series. I also noticed some nods to the New Series and some of the things the Doctor says remind me of the 9th and 10th Doctors.

There are some twists along the why is Lucy on TV saying she'd kill to help keep the Earth green? And why is she working for a former rock/pop star who wants to save the Earth...and ...she locked in, in one terrifying scene, with a woman who's turning into a Krynoid! A Krynoid. While part one doesn't totally effect the same sense of creeping vine/smothering plant that visually the Krynoid did on tv, it does come very very close and the sound effects are spectacular (as always in Big Finish).

The Doctor has a UNIT woman with him played by the same woman who played Angelique in the 1991 version of DARK SHADOWS, Lysette Anthony, I thnk her name is. She's very good and subdued and subtle unlike Lucy. She also would make, I thnk, a great Romana and sounds a bit posh like Romana would. One of the twist and turns involves her and I for one, didn't see it coming although maybe I should have.

The fast pace is reflected in the Krynoid transformations happening faster than they should have as in the earlier story. I don't like the fact that Sir Colin kept bits of the Krynoid to study it as it didn't seem like something he would have done but it does make sense.

All in all, a good cliffhanger and I really believe Lucy is going to be stung by the Krynoid Pod, one of the worst fates in DW history...

A good story thus far and I'm sure that it will keep going. Oh and the plot: of having a Krynoid pod berthing area inside a bio dome is just...a great idea and really original and inspired. And creepy enough to do justice to the Krynoid idea and also do justice to the old serial with them in it but in a different setting. Inspired setting.

I'm looking forward to listening to part two.


Hothouse part one (Spoilers!)

Posted on: April 24 2009 @ 07:03 PM
By: Chase


Oh and a word on the new theme arrangement: FANTASTIC!

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