Subject: Hothouse part two (SPOILERS)!!!

Posted on: April 25 2009 @ 11:00 PM
By: Chase



The explosive climax is what you expect it might be...I mean how else can a Krynoid thing end but what an explosive climax. The thing about the Doctor is...he can't solve or cure a Krynoid infection so...things turn out pretty much like last time.

The thing about this part is that the Lucy/Doctor new dynamic...he can't remember her or even some things such as how to this new he is getting to know Lucy all over interesting if somewhat baffling...I forget, why can't he remember her again? Was it just time that went by? Either way it is well played here for all its worth and probably more to come as well. A good story from big finish.

Oh and listen to the very end as there is more after the theme tune as often there is in these BF audios. And McGann is just brilliant in this.


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