Subject: Magician's Oath (SPOILERS)

Posted on: April 29 2009 @ 05:17 PM
By: Chase


This is a good story but it’s melancholy and grim and dark. The first sequence paints a beautiful picture of…large scale death on a summer day. Mike Yates is an elusive companion, never really having traveled in the TARDIS unless that was him with Jo and the Third Doctor that traveled to Karfel as relayed to us in TIMELASH. Richard Franklin does a great job and I think he always did in the show, made me believe in him even if I didn’t always find Mike the least of the annoying UNIT members. I’d still like to know wht KILLING STONE was about. His reading of this story is quite flowing and good. The UNIT and exile years are grounded, with all the good and bad that comes from grounding the Doctor. Here, we have another alien invasion kind of…an alien criminal…and the explanations are all there but for some reason I really wasn’t paying that much attention. The story is okay and not terrible but not really treading any new ground. In some ways it reminded me of some of the better TORCHWOODs only with likeable, slightly less dysfunctional characters. The menace is seemingly totally evil and in pieces of some kind. Richard Franklin does a great Jon Pertwee and Nick Courtney and Mike gets some action. That said, the death at the beginning and the sad life that Mike finds himself in is just…really a downer and it shows in the dialog and script. I always thought somewhere someone in one of the novels or audios stated that Mike was gay. Was he? Does anyone know? Not really important in a way but I’d like to know. Anyway this was okay to listen to but a bit of a downer.


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