Subject: IDW-The Time Machination (some spoilers)

Posted on: May 22 2009 @ 12:33 AM
By: Chase


Frankly, I don't get Doctor Who in comics. DW is visual, yes, but it also has to have ideas which is why the audios and the novels work so well. Imagination can keep something alive in your mind even something visual. The IDW comics aren't awful nor terribly bad, however, most of them are not terribly good either. They are sort of DW by the numbers and the last one I read fully was a romp through the Doctor's memories and it was actually fairly good but by the end it got really routine by the book DW. Some of the artwork was brilliant, especially the illustrations of Adric.

Here, however, we get fair to bad artwork, and a plot of...things we've seen or heard about before: HG Wells, the Time Machine, John Smith, betrayal, Torchwood trying to stop or get the Doctor (YAWN), and a plot to bring back a past villain (Greel). We don't see Greel much and the story is over far too fast. We get a flashback to a Sixth Doctor (He DID meet HG before remember) and a Fourth Doctor (he did meet Greel remember). It's all very boring to be honest.

The comics during the time the series was off the air filled in the gaps. Being that it was the 7th Doctor for a long TOO LONG time, and he's not my favorite Doctor, the comics were mostly hit and miss. Sometimes they did older Doctors and those were mostly good (the Peter Davison one with the cows were strange). The 8th Doctor ones were at first really well done but then routine and then bad and then they picked up by the end. NOW we have the DW Magazine comic, the Battles In Time (gosh, I hope they cancel that mag) comic, the internet comics (awful as they are and they are awful), the Doctor Who Adventures comic, a soon to be British comic series (with older Doctors I think), and the IDW comics. Frankly, I think that's far too many especially since the series is on the air (ALMOST anyway if you count the specials Smile). IDW comics have to be super comics and they're not. To exist IMO in the DW world of comics, they have to be super not so-so.

On another note, I'm probably biased, I'm starting to hate this Doctor (10) and hate his era thanks to the particular time it is (the specials and a very bad end to season four) and that's not fair to either David or the comics, so I'm sorry. It's just that I've had enough of his Doctor and of the style that is currently being foisted upon us.


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