Subject: Companion Chronicles: the Magohany Murders (some spoilers)

Posted on: May 28 2009 @ 01:09 AM
By: Chase


I'm really sure that stretching the companion title to include people like Jago and Litefoot and King Peladon is a good thing, for like the CONCEPT of DW it has stretch potential to tell almost any kind of story including a small murder mystery. That said, I"m not Jago's biggest fan but I do like Litefoot. It also seemed to be that there were other adventures referenced between the two. I'd love to know where those came from if from any other place or story or the SHORT TRIPS (which have now ended, happily).

I also admit I haven't listened to all of this yet and I was VERY tired when listening to it. It didn't exacxtly get my attention or sustain it when it briefly did. My ears did perk up when I heard the talk about a wooden doll that seemed lifelike. Could it be?

Probably not. Anyway murder myteries need a lot of interesting suspects and at least one interesting detective with a real intellect. Bar that, written mysteries are rather compulsive. If not that, then televised or cinematic mysteries IMO have to have that visual flair especially all those MYSTERY! tv movies that come from the UK. Even if you don't like the characters or stories, the ones that take place in the past, you have to admit, have this visual aspect that is hard to beat and that sets up a great atmosphere and/or visual look with brooding castles, fog lit nights and/or glistening bright sunshine and crisp green landscapes.

This being what it is...I"m not sure it really works and this would be one of the first Comp Chronicles that really doesn't. I'm not fond of DW stories or companion stories that don't feature the Doctor in some way (I do admit to liking a great deal of the Benny Summerfield output but not all of it and love that they gave hre a half alien son in the audios). So we have a Doctorless story, a murder mystery that doesn't seem to go anywhere YET and two men talking. Two old men who don't seem ver interesting to be honest. They tell each other...and us...the story. Now I feel that this is not the best way to tell this type of story, nor is it the best way to bring these two characters back.

Again, I was tired and I was bored and not really into it but it might get better but to be honest, I highly doubt it as the medium it is in doesn't gel with the genre and the sound effects and music and general atmosphere aren't really all that astounding yet but we shall see.

I have to admit I gave up on this, perhaps too early but I have no interest in it and with the ENEMY OF THE DALEKS arrival, I would much rather listen to that. Add to that episodes of LIFE OF RYAN on dvd and well, this just is going on the discard pile just kidding but I'll probably never get back to this bore fest.


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