Subject: Enemy of the Daleks (spoilers!)

Posted on: May 29 2009 @ 04:08 PM
By: Chase




The 7th Doctor, Ace, and Hex dynamic has never been off IMO. Here it's just as spot on as before and Hex is brilliant companion. The NEW TV show could learn a lesson on how to do a male companion. Well, I didn't mean that the way it sounded but whatever. Ace is a bit too New Adventure Ace for me but it fits as she's in military mode here and who wouldn't be if they had her background: she knows the Daleks and they're bigger and badder than ever, killing everyone they can.

There's also a plot about a thing that is creted to kill Daleks and it's a humdinger of a plot. Even the Doctor is scared. Or not. McCoy is just fantastic in this and the story moves along at a great pace, with action you can picture...yeah from an audio. The Comp Chronicles should be done this way if they can but they can't so anyway...

we get two great cliffhangers. I always wondered when someone would do a story that THE MASSACRE only hinted at...that the Doc would have to make sure a horrible event happened as horrible as everyone always remembered it. Would it be somethign more horrible if it didn't? I always wondered if they would do a 9/11 story but that's too controversial I guess and in a way they did one wiht ALIENS OF LONDON.

Hex meets the Daleks for the first time and gets his own great cliffhanger with them. I can't wait to listen to parts 3 and 4. THIS is what to do with Daleks.

Sophie Aldred doesn't seem to know what she's talking about when she's interviewed though. This could be Ace from any time in her life time? It could be Ace before the battle hardened Ace...I mean could it? Really? SO she travels with Benny after Hex? I don't think so. Her history is starting to be more convoluted than the 6th Doctor's life history. No matter, it does not detract from the story here at all but it would be nice to have some grounded charaters with a past, middle, and end, present, and future nicely speculated so that you could relate to them. As it is that charcter is Hex! Not Ace. Without him, I wouldnt really like Ace much, if at all. I felt the same way about her when she was with Benny, Benny softened her, the Doctor hardened Ace. IMO of course, I don't want anyone to think I hate them if they feel differently. Of course not.


Unfortunately, this doesn't hold up to the first two parts. The pace stays the same and that's okay but it's...quite GROSS. That's not even the problem. The problem is a basic misunderstanding of DW in general IMO. First, don't Daleks all have the ability to self destruct? They don't here. Second, that bleeding scene in DOCTOR WHO-GENESIS OF THE DALEKS with the "have I the right?" No, you dn't but you should have anyway! Or rather, you tried to anyway. What most people who just dip into GENESIS don't realize is that the Doctor went back to blow up the room...but by then weren't there already several Daleks around? Anyway the point is that he tried to undo his earlier ...what, cowardness, compassion? Then later, Sarah says, "We've failed" and that's when the Doctor adopts the idea that from all evil comes some good. Even that's undone in ENEMY OF THE DALEKS in a way. And the VERY OLD idea that to fight monsters you have to turn into a monster...

...that said, the Doctor doesn't fully agree, nor should he for he might just be turning into a monster himself. The Doctor really enjoys it when the Daleks are bitten, impregnanted with another alien's eggs, and when they beg for him to kill them. One feels...and it feels SO WRONG for almost any Doctor, even this one, less for this one but SO WRONG for the Doctor to gloat and not at least put it out of its misery. And BORINGLY despite the Doctor's protests and bravery that he will stop the aliens and get blown up, someone else takes his place, and he allows THAT PERSON TOO!

Either way, the Doctor as a sympathetic hero is shot. If you want that, then KUNG FU is your show. Oh, IMO. Ace, after all these people die, and she's seen a Dalek with things moving under its skin, is like, "Hey guys let's get going on another adventure" with little changing her. Which is why I sometimes HATE her character and depiction by some writers. This was a step down from the past ten stories for Ace. But maybe that's another of these weary war or war weary messages that we've heard over and over and over and over again: War makes good people callous to all the killing. Hex seems to not be sure about any of this...and, Oh, he gives the Doctor away to save himself and Ace...which is, contrary to the way it sounds, is quite interesting and surprising and fits.

Too bad that's just about the only thing that is in these last two eps. Sort of a let down.

Also let down by the second part to the Polly writes the Brig an email thing. The actors are wonderful and Annette (is that her name?) is doing four characters includig THREE MEN!


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