Subject: Fav Moments from Patrick Troughton's stories

Posted on: May 29 2009 @ 11:18 PM
By: Chase


As DWM has just done a special telling about Best Moments in each story of the first 200 stories, I'd thought we might want to post our best moments from each story that we thought were the best anyway;


How can ...well anything with the new Doctor. But when the Dalek recognizes the Doctor, new face or not and homes in on him and he balks...that's the best moment. Not to mention the Doctor warning Ben in the very scary dark old spaceship with a Dalek creture or a Dalek loose, "When I say run, run like a rabbit." And I love Ben and Polly, a couple is a good idea for companions, especially a couple like this and ...SHE is taller than HE!


Didn't like this story much at all. I kept falling asleep. I'd have to say either Polly getting the goods on a British officer who then becomes an ally or the moment when Ben, Polly and the Doc emerge from the TARDIS...


Hands down: when the Doc impersonates an old gypsy WOMAN! For the second story in a row! There are others and lots of pretty young men on display too in tight wet suits and half naked Atlanteans...but that would be it. Of course, there's a daft scene where the Doctor's friends, Polly using her voice, impersonates a god...and seriously: the Doctor, I think, tries to save the drowning, mad, killer Zaroff...who's put a spear into an ally's back!


The Doc and everyone else in the room realize the sickbay, the room they are in, is the only place that hasn't been searched. They see a pair of Cybermen boots sticking out from under a sheet...Polly guessing the truth before seeing it and saying, "No, no no, no no." The Doctor came up with the fact before anyone else and protectively backs everyone away as quietly as possible...but then the Cyberman under the sheet throws it off and stomps towards them all! A great cliffhanger and an incredibly played scene. Of course, if you look at it and examine the logic of it, it doesn't make much sense, how could they not know the CM was there earlier or how did it get in and out. There are other great moments in this too. The CM coming in as Jamie is in a delirium...and stunning Polly...and the Doctor making a nuisance of himself as he tries to take measurements of the men and samples of clues to get to the bottom of the strange disease. All comedy gold.


The Doctor unspucing himself up. But the oddest moment is when the dances perform (with Jamie hiding among them) and the leader tells them he wants it more gay!


The end when Polly and Ben leave is sad. So that but also for once, the absence of Ben and Polly for a long number of episodes makes one think they are really dead! There's a scene involving a crate but for the life of me I can't recall what it is but I remember it being good. I also like the trap that the Doctor, Jamie, and Samantha (glad she didn't become the companion, even though she later plays Queen Victoria in TOOTH AND CLAW) find themselves in.


Jamie telling the Doctor off when he thinks the manipulative Doctor has been using him all along. Shades of the McCoy Doctor and the New Adventures. There are others but this is one of the better moments. There's also a strange moment in the suriving episodes where a maid tells the Doctor that The Master had them brought here and gassed...and the Doctor gasps, "The Master!?" This was far before the Master came into the show as a villain.


I'm sorry but Jamie's hand being taken by the Doctor and they hold hands until Jamie realizes it and shakes the hand off, as Victoria stands in the background between their hands is just so funny and so telling. Best moment! Close second or maybe first dramatic: the Doctor telling Victoria about his family.


So many: but when Jamie gets an idea, the Doctor panicks as if he's seen a monster, grabs Victoria by the hand, and runs so that he can't hear it, "Oh, Victoria, Victoria, come along, I think the discretion is the better part of valor, Jamie's got an idea...come along," as Jamie gawks out unintelligible, "Aye?s" and stuff. Also when the Doctor is strung up outside and the Yeti appear...chasing Jamie, Victoria, and Travers!


Fav Moments from Patrick Troughton's stories

Posted on: May 30 2009 @ 12:47 AM
By: romana_II


I'm slowly working my way through Patrick Trougton's stories and my favs (that I can remember right now) are these

Macra Terror:
The scene in the spa, where Jamie tells the man to keep the ladies off him.
Jamie: Will you call the ladies off, I'm frightened of what they might do to me
Man: But you look charming sir charming
Jamie: That's what I'm frightened of ^____^

Tomb of the Cybermen:
Again I agree with the hand holding scene... best thing ever!

Evil of the Daleks:
Beginning of episode 6, I think, just all the stuff with the Human Factor daleks "Dizzy dizzy daleks!"

More to come once as I continue to listen/watch the rest

Fav Moments from Patrick Troughton's stories

Posted on: May 30 2009 @ 06:23 AM
By: Chase


Oh yeah, you picked three GREAT scenes there! Jamie! Was he gay or what? Smile Not that I'm complaining about that. Then there's Ben telling Jamie in Jamie's first ride in the TARDIS as it appears, "I always get a queer feeling upon landing!" WTF? Very funny today!

Fav Moments from Patrick Troughton's stories

Posted on: May 30 2009 @ 12:45 PM
By: shockeye07


The Dalek confronting Kennedy at the end of episode one of Evil of the Daleks. "Who are you ?, WHO ARE YOU ?". Terrifying.

Fav Moments from Patrick Troughton's stories

Posted on: May 31 2009 @ 12:46 PM
By: Chase


The Dalek is scary in that scene.

Hand down: the Doc enters the Ice Warrior spaceshiop, all confident that his smartness will handle the situation and free Victoria, who is held inside. The door opens or slides upward and he enters all full of himself and happy. He walks in and walks around a console and sees the truly towering Ice Warrior. He say, "OH MY WORD!" He turns around and runs for the door or rather skips for the door but it closes on him and he's trapped inside. Truly genius as in that moment he is afraid, not bluffing and he's ready to abandon his plans AND Victoria because he's afraid and this makes him so sympathetic. Or pathetic but it all works out anyway. Truly funny scene.

I would say when Denes is shot in the back. This makes it just as dangerous as a wheel in space or a cave in the Himalayas. Also any scene where the Doctor is confronting any number of diplomats, assassins, and soldiers. He just seems to know the right words when it counts. I also love the sub plot of Salamander's fooling people into living underground because he fakes a war above. How Mission: Impossible of him.

The web guns. The Doctor getting nearly caught by the explosion in ep1. Ep1's creeping around the tunnels. The rest is okay but basic. I love the Yeti in the underground. Truly disturbing images. Jamie gets a bunch of good scenes and lines, both dramatic and funny but I can't remember any of them.

The two men opening their mouths and letting out gas! "Scream Victoria scream as you never have before." And the antics in the helicopter and the foam. Just lovely. Great story.

Gemma getting shot down---in the back-- as the Doctor watches on the scanner. Also the Doctor acting all defeated when two Cybermen or so confront him...but he's already rigged up a forcefield to kill them and he tells them, "You might as well come inside." And then as Jamie puts it, "He makes one of them pay." He kills them! Or at least one of them. The Doc's never been so ruthless and he's also a very good coy actor, making them think he's surrendered. Great acting from Pat.

More good bluffing from the Doc. He acts like he's just dumb when surrendering to the Dominators. There's also a bunch of great ripping out of contrls as he tries to sabotage and take over the air car he and Jamie are flying in. Great slapstick ensues. And Jamie and the Doc are all over each other! We also find out that these aliens have two hearts!

What can I say? A great story. Love when the Doc meets the children and at first, he's overjoyed but then they pull nearly murderous pranks on throwing a sword up in the air. Nobody can pull happy faces like Pat and then make them turn on a dime into sad, frustrated and annoyed faces. Truly great.

Zoe and Isobel confuse the computer. The Doc confuses the computer. The Doc and Jamie in a canoe! The rescue from the third or second floor of the Tobias Electronics. ANd of course my fav: the Doctor running for his life along the street as Cybermen fire and hit his buttox.

More slapstick antics from Jamie and the Doc with the laser gun. Or was that in the Dominators too? Anyway, it's great when the Krotons ...I always get this story mixed up with the Dominators. I like both of them. Let's leave it at that because then I'll have to rewatch them both.

The takeover toward the end with monsters rampaging through science's so very 1950s sci fi and I love it. That said, the Doc has some comedy chase moments that are funny.

A pirate shoots Jamie. Later, when the air is running out or something, Jamie falls asleep with Zoe and the Doc and his head is in the Doc's lap!

So many but which to pick? The Doctor antics with the Alien Scientist. Running from the Time Lords? The first meeting with the War Chief (one of his own people). Or his meeting with the Security Chief? Frankly sometimes I'm confused: they have the War Lord, who's not a Time Lord. The War Lord who is a Time Lord and not a War Alien. The Security Chief...get that. The excellent novel has different names for them I thnk. The novel also gets more into the chateau (a great setting) and Pancho. I also rather like the simple first and second ep when the Doc is ready to be shot.

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