Subject: Fav Moments from the Chris Eccleston Months

Posted on: May 30 2009 @ 07:54 PM
By: Chase



"Run for your life!" is the one the DWM picked so that's mine too but I have others. As Rose and the Doctor talk and walk their conversation is pretty funny. "Is is a price war?" "No, they're here to replace you and take over the planet."

Then there's the whole' "He gay and she's an alien" thing. ANd the whole medley of scenes where we see Rose's routine...and that run at the end...just brilliant way to start a show...Jackie in danger from bride Autons were delicious. Jackie is a good character.


"You look at em; and they're aliens. They're so alien. The aliens are so alien." The Doctor makes a joke about the Deep South. "So where are you from then?" Which leads to a Doctor tirade and Rose yelling, "Tell me who you are!" Then the last scene, which the magazine also mentions when he starts to open up and Rose wants chips. I tell ya RTD used to be able to do emotional character scenes like no body can and that DW never did before, not this good and not this open. ANd that music is just so great!


"I'm so glad I met you." "Me too. We'll go fighting yeah." or maybe..."Where to, past or future?" Just great. Or the end with Gwenyth's sacrifice and the trio of survivors outside the fire. Very visual and very stunning. Or maybe it's when the Doctor snarls at Rose for not accepting his alien rightness and rejecting her own wrongness...BUT SHE'S CORRECT in what she wants and the Doc lets the Gelth come in...nice move dumbo Doc.


Jackie smacks the Doc. Later on the roof, Rose says, "She slapped you." "900 years of travling in space and time and I've never been slapped by someone;s mother." "It hurt!" "you're so gay!" "every converation with you goes mental."


the cliffhanger is just great but way too long. Jackie on phone to the Doctor, "I've seen this life of your's Doctor, and maybe you think it's all clever and cute but you tell me is my daughter safe?" ANd just before that to Rose on the phone, "Since that man walked into our lives, I've been attacked in the streets, I've had creatures from the pits of hell in my own living room and my daughter disappears from the face of the Earth." Just great dialog and the only reason to recommend this story at all. The pigs, the spaceship hitting the Twin Towers (oops), the farting, all shit, even that stupid politician yelling, "TAKE ME FIRST" can't damage this story thanks to that scene with Jackie, oh and Mickey has some great things to do too.


It's one big giant GREAT MOMENT. No really. The Daleks are powerful monsterous murderers again. And that one can kill all these people! "Don't blame yourself." "What good are emotions if you cannot save the woman you love!" "Great big alien death machine, defeated by a flight of stairs." "Elevate!" Just great! "It's not the one pointing the gun at me." Just fanstastic!!!


Nothing. I think that Adam's story would have been better if they left the original motives in: that Adam's dad is sick in the present and Adam wants to send back info to cure him. That makes Adam look more sympathetic and makes the Doctor look like a C words or the Pr word. Which he does anyway in this. So yeah, not a good scene at all.


WOW! All of it again. Sad but great acting, writing, directing, and the music is great. It had me in tears by the end. The man playing Pete is a great actor and his sacrifice at the end...truly amazing. And "Don't touch the baby."


Rose puts her hand out, "Show me yur moves." That whole scene with Glen Miller music playing. "Thats not his name. He's not a real captain. He's been defrocked." "I would have loved to have seen that. Your feet are on the end of your legs, yo may want to move em." And so much more. This whole story is a great moment. "You know I've traveled with a lot of people but you're setting new records for jeopardy friendly."


The Doctor dancing scene at the end is uplifting. Was the Doc not going to save Jack until Rose asked about him? A great ending to a great story and the Doc shooting the nanogenes, changed, at the others. Just a great upbeat finale, for once!


The Doctor sprays Blon Fel Fotch in the mouth as she tries to poison him with some kind of gas from her mouth. Thoughtful and funny at the same time, their dinner scenes are just marvelous. Mickey showing up Rose for the selfish female dog that she is!


Can't recall a lot of this only to say that the build up was great and funny at times. The end scene of the Doctor telling the scared Daleks no was also well done.


Rose gets kissed, the Doctor music plays and he is regenerating. While Rose watches. A great ending to a great era.


Fav Moments from the Chris Eccleston Months

Posted on: May 31 2009 @ 11:33 AM
By: T Baker(notTom)


I will choose this one as a favorite from Christopher Eccleston:

Near the end of "The Doctor Dances" we get this line from the Doctor:

Doctor: Everyboy lives, Rose, this time everybody lives!

Its not that often we have everybody alive at the end of story (except those who lost their lives in the war, but what more can you do in the setting)

PS: I may have gotten a couple of words wrong because I'm doing this from memory but the gist is there.

Fav Moments from the Chris Eccleston Months

Posted on: May 31 2009 @ 11:49 AM
By: Chase


Yes I totally agree with that. That was a chilling moment with good goosebumps for once!

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