Subject: Beast of Orlok (Spoilers!))

Posted on: June 06 2009 @ 12:45 PM
By: Chase



Okay this audio was good enough. Really. A "homage" to the Golem this is not immediately obvious as it seems a homage to Frankenstein ala BRAIN OF MORBIUS. I must say ever since the Master turned up in a 7th Doctor audio a few half dozen audios ago or more and as the emaciated Master AND played by the same guy, I half expect the villains to turn out to be...the Master, the Rani, the Monk, Morbius or even Solon returned or something like that from the old show. In a way , when they're not, I"m both dissapointed (it's nice to see old fiends and friends) and elated (something new in WHO).

Another thing about the villains is that: in DW and probably most other things: they're totally insane so much messed up in the head that they lure the Doctor into a trap, talk to him about it afterward, have a chance to kill him, then try to and fail, talk again about that etc. This happens here...a lot. Also see THE TIME MONSTER for failed Master plans that were due to fail. It's almost as if the villains want to gloat, want to fail, want the Doctor to live so that they can gloat some more or fail some more, etc etc.

Paul is sedate in this. I guess that comes from watching all the Tom Baker stories in a row one after the other. Any other Doctor is going to seem bland by comparision but even compared to his other audios, he's bland in this. Really. Lucy on the other hand, not always my fav when she first started, carries this story all the way through. She makes some very bad puns but her verve, nerve, and sensitivity carry this story. The Doctor...memory loss or returning memory or whatever...not much is really made of it besdies a few comments about it but it's not really milked...and it should be...for what it's worth. It's yet another misssed oppurtunity here.

Again, we get the storm the castle by villagers, a rampaging monster controlled by a bad man/alien, a blind man, an old woman who knows what's going on but isn't always listened to, and...two young twins. The twins are rather good or rather the actors playing fact all the guest stars are excellent. The time period is nicely done. The situation is nicely set up...

The thing is...every strange thing, every supernatural thing in DW now has to have an alien behind it. It''s kinda boring and ruins things a bit. There are a few twists here and there and that's fine. The action...and yes there is some very fine action comes through in this and the action scenes are well played.

I HATE the LTD button. It's another easy way of situations. Doctor lost? Doctor buried? Can't find the Doc as he's on the toilet? Press this big green (or red?) button and he'll materialize in the TARDIS. Maybe they can burn it out for good later on but it's kind of...crap.

Good audio, good sound, good action, good monster and good guest stars and a great performance from the actress who plays Lucy.


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