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     Home »  The David Tennant Era »  S4e10 Midnight [SPOILERS]
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    S4e10 Midnight [SPOILERS] Views: 5085
     Tuesday, June 10 2008 @ 03:05 PM EDT
    Is it ok to start this thread now?

    Does anyone know if this is the Doctor light episode this year? Or maybe from the trailer it looks like a Donna light episode.

    It has so much to live up to to compete with Blink!

    P.S. It is of course possible that this message is a trap. If it is I can deal with it. P.P.S. I'm leaving this note in case I can't!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Tuesday, June 10 2008 @ 03:07 PM EDT
    I believe that it is Donna lite because she was filming/starring in the Doctor lite episode. I think!

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Tuesday, June 10 2008 @ 03:23 PM EDT

    Taras said in Sunday's PodShock - the next episode is the 'bottle' episode (cheap enclosed set) and the one after is the 'Doctor Lite' or 'companion heavy' episode.

    Cheers, daveac

    daveac on, TalkShoe, iTunes, LiveVideo, uStream, GE, Sci-Fi, DWO, DS & WTA, Dave C on WLP, cooperda on AVF, dac100 on YouTube & PB, dac on Tiscali
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     Tuesday, June 10 2008 @ 03:36 PM EDT

    The preview looked mostly naff, but that never means anything anymore. Episodes with great previews have proved less than great overall, and vice versa.

    That said, I got a hokey "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" vibe off of this one. Supposedly, a leaked semi-review (mentioned over at AICN) floating around from a preview Beeb screening suggested that this is RTD achieving uber-creepy, dark genius. I'll believe it when I see it. Could it be RTD's complement to "Blink" before his departure? Let's hope so, bottle-set and all.

    And Idiom is correct - Donna goes sunbathing in this one, and thusly is mostly absent. "Turn Left" (the next episode after this) is the Doctor-lite entry this year, with most of the story devoted to Donna and the return of Rose before the big 2-parter kicks off the end of the season.

    Human Biological Metacrisis = Bite Me, RTD.
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Tuesday, June 10 2008 @ 03:41 PM EDT
    [Quote  by:  daveac]
    Taras said in Sunday's PodShock - the next episode is the 'bottle' episode (cheap enclosed set) and the one after is the 'Doctor Lite' or 'companion heavy' episode.

    Cheers, daveac

    Taras "claimed"... with little else to go on other than the trailer... normally I am more spoilerful, but on this one, I haven't a clue. Maybe since this may be mostly studio bound, the normal spies didn't get much in terms of spoilers...

    Daleks don't accept apologies! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Friday, June 13 2008 @ 02:38 AM EDT
    This looks like classic Who to me.

    trapped in a small place.

    small cast.

    cant wait.. and its got such a FAB cast

    Somewhere the tea is getting cold
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Saturday, June 14 2008 @ 03:02 PM EDT
    We've finally got rid of the 10p episode then! It wasn't great and the actors weren't used well. Very disapointing, I was expecting a lot more from RTD.

    Please check out my blog, as I attempt to watch and review EVERY Doctor Who episode!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Saturday, June 14 2008 @ 03:48 PM EDT
    Yes, very disappointing. Dare I say it even approached "Fear Her" in its poor-ness? Maybe the Queen will take her OBE back after this one! Will write later when more people have had chance to see it. Next week looks good though.

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Saturday, June 14 2008 @ 03:53 PM EDT

    I added a spoiler tag, as people are beginning to post episode reports/reviews to this thread...

    Daleks don't accept apologies! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Saturday, June 14 2008 @ 04:05 PM EDT
    Wow, looks like I'm out on a limb by myself this week. I thought it was a great episode. Very good use of the natural claustrophobia the environment engendered, and relied on psychology and a clever script instead to build up the tension. Very little sfx in this one, and it benefitted from it, in my opinion. I thought the use of the cast was very clever, and it kept me guessing as to whether it was merely their paranoia or something more sinister when they turned on the Doctor en masse. Also at the end, when one of the catchphrases of the last three years was turned on its head was touching, particularly seeing the Doctor as disturbed by his experience as he was. I also thought it clever the way that the Hostess, who was the original architect of the plan to eject, became the one who did the deed. How the Doctor this time was VERY wrong about the outcome, even though his hearts were in the right place.
    Even though it wasn't the best episode since 2005, I think it's a bit much placing it next to Fear Her. 4.5/5 from me. Perhaps I'll be ejected next. I'll get my coat.
    Talking of sinister, next weeks (Turn Left) looks like a corker. (Sinister literally means left-handed, I think).

    Excallibur? Blizard? ...Bikini Cops?
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Saturday, June 14 2008 @ 04:13 PM EDT
    I am sorry to gout on a limb too but I have to say this was even better than I hoped it would be. his is RTDs best script ever. ok second maybe to rose.

    The acting was superb and I simply loved it.

    This season is one I will be watching time abd again. Oh and congrats to RTD on his OBE and this being the 50th NuWho too!

    (ps may not be round for the sunday recoding as its fathers day here in the UK.)

    Guest Host on the WHOCAST
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Saturday, June 14 2008 @ 04:24 PM EDT
    Wow - interesting to see that this is a marmite episode. Clearly going to be a love it or hate it one. personally I loved it and I think this is going to be one of my favorites. In fact, I think in one script RTD has clawed back some of the respect I lost for him a while ago.

    RTD I have said, for a long while, is best when he does claustrophobic pieces, the scenes in Second Coming that are one on one between Lesley Sharp and Chris Eccleston are wonderfully tense. When he is given all the toys in the toy box his scripts become over zealous: daleks, cybermen, c-men AND daleks, c-men AND daleks AND millions of them all over the world, all over the universe, and all over another universe, all the universes all over forever never quite works for me. They always come across as scattergun. But give him a cardboard box, tell him that's all he's got to play with... and well I think he's capable of the dark-genius already mentioned.

    This is a cardboard box script.

    And it is genius.

    But let's start with some criticisms, because I never like to be too positive.

    I have never liked subscripts to denote a passage of time. I could just about bear them in The X Files, because it was so crucial. But the use of them here, "20 minutes later..." "234 or whatever kliks left", I found them unnecessary. I always feel as if they are a
    distraction from the story, and an inelegant way of denoting the passage of time.

    I also hope they now put to bed the 'allons y'. I loved it to begin with but now it feels like a forced catchphrase. I'm hoping that the moment at the end will mean that it the phrase will be used sparingly in the future if at all.

    I disliked them shoving Rose in there as an image on the screen. Her name was mentioned as were all the rest of the clues/red herrings: Medusa cascade (tick), doctor's name (tick), shadows (tick)...etc. I really would rather that they hadn't referenced her at all between ep 1 and next week.

    The first ten minutes of build up was too long and I stopped paying attention. In order to heighten the claustrophobia and tension I would have preferred it if they had cut at least 2-3 minutes out of it. But having said that it balances the devolving of the characters very well.

    The Dad character had a David Brent beard.

    Also i didn't like the title. I think it should have been called "Echo".

    That's for the good stuff.

    The doctor being helpless, companionless and eventually deprived his only weapon...his voice. Wonderful! truly exceptional.

    The horror of the 'entertainment' "Four hours of fun time" was beautifully done, hypnotic and brilliantly disturbing.

    The negative nature of humanity, I love that Doctor Who can cover both the positive and negative aspects of our nature.

    Once more Tennant was spectacular, the way he portrayed the utter helplessness of the possession/control was intoxicating to watch. From a character development perspective I adored how the bravado and arrogance of the Doctor was exercised, as a character he has so much capacity for dipping into megalomania.

    We never saw the monster. In my opinion the best kinds of monster are those in your imagination, RTD has clearly learned a few lessons from Moffat. Nice work. Really nice work. More like this please, I'm not saying I don't want proper gooey, scary beasts, but balancing them with a piece like this is excellent. Kids can still play at this episode, repeating each other not just as a way of winding up their playmates, but also in a way of playing Doctor Who. Love it.

    I did not expect the ending, I really did not expect the hostess to sacrifice herself, and though the action felt a little out of character it was a wonderful way to finish the piece. We don't want to know anymore about the monster, if it had survived or 'freed' Sky I would have found it anti climactic.

    Lesley Sharp is one of my favorite actors. She has an excellent grasp on portraying the unhinged. One of the best series I have seen on ITV was the show 'afterlife', in which she starred. I think she is incredible in Clocking and Second Coming; so to see her and Tennant bouncing off each other in this episode was a joy. I was really hoping she would play an evil character, but the way she was used in this episode was better than I could have anticipated.

    The lighting and cinematography, was brilliantly underplayed, creepy and well executed. Some of the shadow play and matching of harsh/bright light was reminiscent of Hitchcock. And Murray Gold's music, the cacophony of voices as music, it was like something from Phillip Glass.

    Mostly, and I'm nearly done, what I loved is that I felt I was in a theatre, watching a play in the round. It was an intimate piece I could see played out on stage, and that is wonderful. The delicacy and drama of a theatre piece at 7.10 on a Saturday evening.

    The square root of pi.



    Truly, another episode that requires a double, perhaps triple watch from me. Considering I was hating it to start with that's quite a good job. It's not quite as scary as Blink, but I imagine there are some kids that wet themselves during that.

    Well done to all involved.

    *********************************************************** "Rubber Soles - Swear by them!"
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Saturday, June 14 2008 @ 04:39 PM EDT
    Well, certainly does look like a polarising one this - which is interesting in its self. I will add to my initial brief post with some positivity; good atmosphere, good acting (particularly by DT as always) and a few little nods to keep it within the context of this series (which has been excellent so far). For me there was just something missing, can't particularly put my finger on it...don't mind that the "monster" was never properly revealed or seen. My eight year old daughter wasn't too impressed either, I think even with a second viewing I'm not going to like it. Looks like I'm out on a different limb now, I normally agree with TinDog but differences of opinion is a common theme with the RTD era which ultimately can't be a bad thing and makes us the fans we are.

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Saturday, June 14 2008 @ 04:48 PM EDT
    I can't believe there's anyone out there that doesn't think this was absolutely brilliant! It just goes to show that there's something for everyone, I guess. :-)


    "Don't play as if you've swallowed the metronome!" -- Nadia Boulanger
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Saturday, June 14 2008 @ 06:06 PM EDT

    I can see all over Britain, kids copying what each other is saying... how brilliant is that. Stop it, No you, stop it! HA!

    I didn't like the Rose cameo, as we are not on modern Earth... but they ran out of places for the cameo. Well, next week looks great!

    Daleks don't accept apologies! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 

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