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     Home »  The David Tennant Era »  Fav moments from the David Tennant Era
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    Fav moments from the David Tennant Era Views: 1091
     Saturday, May 30 2009 @ 08:51 PM EDT
    Great scenes throughout. Jackie: I"m gonna get killed by a Christmas tree! That scene tops it all. Then: "I need...I need for you to shut up." And: "I said all you needed was a cuppa tea!" And so many more scnes and lines that are just brilliant. "Don't you look tired." "The Tardis it's the only safe place on Earth. Mum, take a look in the sky. There's a great big alien invasion and I don't know what to do. All that traveling with him and I've seen things but when I'm home I'm all we can do is run and hide and I"m sorry." Great story, great start to a great Doctor...

    Gag me. I guess if I had to pick a scene it would be Cassandra (not my fav character) in Rose's body saying, "Oh my god, I'm a chav!" This is pretty bad all the way through, the second bad story of the new series.

    Not sure I can pick a fav from this either. Did RTD write this one too? Sigh. Rose being pulled away from a werewolf at the last moment, later spoiled by her joy at seeing a werewolf up close, despite, and ignoring the men that have died to protect her. I guess I'd also say Victoria's rant against both of them is well founded but I found this all pretty tiresome.

    "Oh my God, I'm the tin dog!" ANd "The Loch Ness Monster, really?" And of course, DWM has the scene where Sarah accidentally stumbles upon the TARDIS. WHere was it by the way ? In the school? Rather misjudgement of Sarah or a misstep of the show but not terrible. Mickey is the best thing going on here."We're aruging about the Doctor" scene is funny until Tennant ruins it with his some bad acting, "No stop really."

    Relentlessly sad but perhaps the first GREAT story of the new series. Certainly De Pompadour was no angel, however in this story, we get Mickey chiding Rose about the Doctor's loves, "Sarah Jane Smith, Madam De Pompadour" and I just love that Rose is getting her's. Truly grand and with a TWLIGHT ZONE ending, it's hard to pick one scene or moment. Scariest moment: under the bed robot monster.

    Mickey realizing the Doctor is always going to pick Rose. Is Mickey gay? Not apparently according to the unused deleted scene of gay Jake telling him, "I'll never have a boyfriend like him again." Mickey says smething like he's not exactly like the guy that died, just looked like him, meaning Mickey's not gay but here, he certainly acts like it, seemingly wanting the Doctor's love over the Doctor's love for Rose! Anyway, lots of good scenes. The Cybermen have never been more scary and cold hearted.

    The entire end chase sequence. Thrilling and for once, showing Mickey at full action hero range. Jake is cool too and the scene where Rose cries in saying goodbye to him is just sooo well done. So emtional. I just love it to pieces. AND then Rose gets to hug Jackie back inthe real universe...

    Rose with her face off. Tommy helping the Doctor but really the best scene is Rose telling Tommy to go off and make it up iwth his dad. In the original script Tommy was gay. RTD certainly steered clear of any gay agenda here and I suppose the audience would have stayed away too if that had happened. Too bad, another case of another sci fi show,franchise (STAR TREK, LOST, BATTLESTAR) able to do gay characters but shying away from it...and keeping their ratings. And Tommy listens to Rose and goes off to talk to his idiot father.

    The Doc's lost the TARDIS, possibly for good. As the Rose music plays and with a variation on it, Rose contemplates getting a house with the Doctor and that he will have to have a job and that she wouldn';t mind sharing...also the voice of Sutek snarls, "I am free.." at the marvelous cliffhanger ending as we see from the POV of the demon rising up out of the pit....

    The Doctor stunned that this is the devil. And his reunion with Rose. Just marvelous. Pity about the poor resolution to the fake cliffhanger! Good story though.

    I like this one. Best moment: when Jackie tells Elton she will protect both Rose and the Doctor with her life.

    The thing at the top of the stairs. Just creepy. The scribble monster: just innovative and interesting. Pity they had to throw in a great big Olympic sub plot. It didn't ruin the story though. Missing kids, good atmosphere and a TWILIGHT ZONE like set up (think THE MONSTERS ARE DUE ON MAPLE STREET). Another good scene has the Doc tell Rose he used to be a father.

    despite all the freaking anti God stuff, a good story. Best scene: Jackie is sitting in the TARDIS as it is in transit!

    One great giant scene. It's all great! Some fans dismiss this one as a fan boy's wet dream but really everything about the Daleks vs the Cybermen was done right and every character around them was in just the right place to have just the right amount of emotion going on so that this is probably THE GREATEST DOCTOR WHO STORY EVER TOLD. Hands down. "The female's heart rate has increased." "Yeah, tell me about it." Jackie and Pete meeting...for the first time. "It's a prison ship." "how many Daleks?" "Thousands!" And the meeting of Cybermen and the Daleks is loaded with, believe it or not, great dialog! "Pest control!" THe Daleks hear the Doc's name and just start to move back from Rose when she utters it, "one doctor, now you're scared." And the end scenes of action and the finale on the beach. This just never quits being entertaining and it's all my fav.

    Two great scenes: the TARDIS on the motorway, thrilling and glad to see it flying in an extended outside location action scene and shot from the exterior! Looking in. Just marvelous. Pity about what's around all of that scene. And the end scene: of course they negate it when Donna wants to come back but it is high time someone said no to the doc and told him how awful his life really is and that they wouldnt want to do that. I'm sorry that aspect was lost when Donna returned but I see why it had to be. Glad too to see the Doc's conceitedness put in its place. Just a great ending.

    Nothing terrible but nothing that stands out either. I guess Martha reviving the Doctor.

    Martha looks out the window in the past and finds a witch flying away on a broomstick!!!! Best moment to show the strangenss of DW!

    The Doc looks around and realizes Martha is gone...on a planet of thousands of cars...scariest moment ever...we know he'll get her back but his or rather David's acting makes us realize that he's very worried he won't...also of course him telling her about Gallifrey. Good story: and for once, I was shocked by the surprise monster!

    Oh dear,nothing. No good moments.

    Nope. Not a stitch.

    The end fight in the cathedral. I honestly thought Martha's sister was a goner. That made it thrilling. Mark Gatiss is a terrible actor.

    Martha calling her mom. Or maybe the Doctor suffering because David's so good in that scene, suffering. Really. The acting from both is really up to par. It could also be the Doctor going outside the ship to face the sun to get the pod back.

    Martha is grabbed. Joan is grabbed. "Your lover or your friend..." Could be the greatest cliffhanger ever!

    Tim tells John Smith, Martha, and Joan about the Doctor: "he's fire and ice and the storm at the heart of the sun, he's rage" and on and on and it's all brilliant but the finish just chokes me up, "...and...he's wonderful..." Marvelous!

    From the finale with the talking DVD head of the Doctor on the screen to the very end, this is one big chase scene and done so well. If Moffat can make more DW like this, then I shouldn't be worried. BLINK is just brilliant. "Three? ! Three more, where!" and "I can't stay here." Sally and Larry are just so well played and have great lines and are so real...and Larry face to face with one of the statues is just great. amazing!

    " Master!" Derek Jacobi is FANTASTIC. That Master tranformation, without any effects is just amazing acting. He IS the Master. Another good scene is Martha finding out that Rose is blond, "Oh and she's a blond, what a surprise!" THe Doctor may argue that the end of the universe that they are at is more interesting than his love life but really, it's not. If I were Jack and Martha I would have wanted to continue talking and finding out more!

    not a thing. NO good moments at all.

    Geeze, ditto.

    Not much. the lyrical ending when Kylie becomes stardust. Really I get they were doing IRWIN ALLEN movies but it just makes me want to go watch the 1972 movie THE POESIDEN AVENTURE and the later THE TOWERING INFERNO, both are much better than this. I supposed one good scene is the Doctor ranting that he's a Time Lord and he will save them. Or it could just be RTD on writer's block mode. It's a bit over the top and not in a funny way.

    Donna's talk to Gramps, I guess. Hate that she turns on her previous "I can't. I just can't" live his life. but the better scene comes at the end, when Donna mistakes the Doctor's words to mean that he wants to mate, rather than have a mate. Pretty funny but that's really all there is to this ep. The window scene is funny too but stupid and illogical. And it ceases to be funny when we get to see the villainess has been watching them the entire time.

    Donna yelling for Doc to wait and the in the TARDIS< "I'm warning you, take this thing back!" ANd her crying and her wanting him to just save someone. It's all very good. Or it could be her putting her hand over his to pull the lever that will kill all those people...taking the responsibility...this is where Donna becomes a serious and tradiational companion but so much more than all the others.

    Donna trapped in a metal container with 100s of Ood! Just marvelous. And the blast that knocks Doctor and Donna down.

    Donna tells the Doctor she's leaving. She's going home. It's all about him. He thinks she leaving him for good and tells her she changed his life, made him so much better than she was. She tells him...or rather he guesses she's just nipping home for a bit and will be back later. Also love her getting home, quite teary eyed there. Also Donna and Martha meeting. "He's a long nothing. Hug him and you'd get a paper cut." And again, when the girls discuss the Doctor, Tennant's acting gets...really sappy and bad. He's not that good looking. Reallly.

    Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan watch as the Fifth Doctor is going to give the Sontarans a chance to surrender which they all know the stupid war race won't do. The Doctor leaves but Adric...figures out what to do and changes places with the Doctor, telling Donna what he is doing, "Something clever." he, Luke, in case you didn't guess, sacrifices himself and saves the Doctor. Just great! Donna hits him.

    Don't know which ep is it in but Donna sneaking around the Sontaran ship is fantastic. Her hitting the Sontaran (did he die?) and her nearly getting shot and returning to hit the Doctor, "I hate you!" is brill.

    Okay, I love giant insect stories. "A giant wasp." "What's that?" "A wasp that's giant!" Wonderful. Okay also in the best mo category is when Donna sits down to eat popcorn while the Doc figures out who the killer really is. Okay it's direct from one or two ABBOTT AND COSTELLO movies but it's played so well, it's likable. Or maybe the best moment is when the Doctor's poisoned and Donna n Agatha have to play charades to save him, to find out the thing he's trying to tell them will save him. he can obviously talk so it's a bit silly but still worth it. It's also from YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN but if you're gonna borrow, borrow from the best. The scene ends with Donna kissing him. ANd he liking it. Great story.

    Creepy beginning as the two creep around an empty library. River Song is okay but I liked it better before her team arrive. The whole speaking after you are dead thing is creepy and innovative. Donna getting taken...well, I thought maybe she had had it. Best thing: the cliffhanger...

    Best scene: Donna just misses her husband in the real world. Hoping they will let her find this man and stay with him for the rest of her life. It could also be the best mo when River shuts the lights. I didn't know if there would be another creepy ending after that. I also like River Song saying, "You know I hate you sometimes!" "I know!" Truth be told, I like this story but it's a bit of a downer AND the coming attractions for both parts were more exciting than the actual episode but again, some great parts. "You just killed someone I cared about, that's not a great place to be." And all of the stuff between River Song and the Doctor, although I must admit I don't believe he will ever settle down with a woman...he's had plenty of chances, good chances over the years. Maybe he'll settle down with a man. He seems to have those leaning as well but seem to be pushing them back to TRY to love a female and it just never works for him or for them.

    The Doctor is almost thrown off the ship. Serves the self serving, egostical bas tard right.

    Donna joins in on the song she wants the others to shut up singing.

    the last second it was over is the best moment because that meant it was over.

    Okay, when we see the other 9 Doctors, you know the ones that had better adventures than these, well 7 out of 9 of them anyway, (hey 7 of 9, not a good number).

    Not a word, not a scene, not a line of dialog, nothing. Below par from beginning to end. "Come with me, there's a place for you on Earth," indeed. Awful.

    Tonight's the Night
    Noo it is not.

    Oh dear, I missed the Doc's Daughter. Cause she's not. Not really. How I forget this one? I like that Donna is getting on the side of the right against the Doctor for once but really there's not much to this ep at all and I don't think I can find one moment that stands out at all. Rather routine and predictable. And for an ep that is titled what it is titled, it should'n't be predictable.

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