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     Home »  The David Tennant Era »  Love and Monsters
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    Love and Monsters Views: 15242
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 01:08 AM EDT
    Well that was so "left field" it was practically "right field."

    Good story though!

    Have ELO on my Ipod Big Grin

    Bad Wolf reference!

    Future predictions!

    But even the aliens know about Torchwood now. How much of a top secret organisation is that?

    Forget the shooty dog thing!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 01:12 AM EDT
    Even though it was on Earth...AGAIN....I liked this episode. I liked the Elton character and I found myself hoping the episode would end with him joining the Doctor and Rose.

    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 03:57 AM EDT

    Eek! I am surprised by how many people have expressed how much they liked this episode. I wish I could, but I can't.


    ☛ Follow me on Twitter at ♥ ♥
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 04:48 AM EDT
    There's so much here to like, it's hard to pinpoint what I didn't. But if I had to take a guess, I'd think it might be something to do with the fact that the alien wasn't, strictly, necessary. It was great that the alien had some tie with the Slitheen, but I think I would have been wholly satisfied with the episode if its demise had revealed a bit more about its place in the larger story. Perhaps if it had given a deathbed confession that it had been the source of the Torchwood weapon seen in The Christmas Invasion. Had its ship been the one that "crash landed 10 years ago", that might've ended the episode with a mystery for the Doctor in the same way that the episode began with a mystery for Elton. Even better, if it had died saying that it had crashlanded the ship, but that the ship was built by someone else who was coming to look for it . . .

    Another trick they missed, I think, was in somehow relating Clive's family to L.I.N.D.A. Are we really to believe Clive's wife would've just packed up her husband's stuff after his bizarre death? I would've thought the manner of his death, right in front of her, would have had her, or at least one of the kids, running to the shed. It would've been neat to have seen something of them. Really, she should've been the "middle-aged female" of the group, I think.

    Even without that, though, the concept and the execution were very good indeed. The message it delivers to kids, especially in Elton's last speech, is precisely the theme of Doctor Who. The idea of using essentially Doctor Who fans to deliver that message was inspired. Jackie was simply sublime. Elton himself was one of the most sympathetic guest characters yet presented by the program.

    It would not surprise me at all if people who initially disliked this episode later discover that, actually, it's Just short of brilliant.

    All in all then, this was far better than the Cyberstory, "Rose", "The End of the World", and "Idiot's Lantern". About on par with "New Earth", "School Reunion" and the Slitheen trilogy. Close to "Tooth", "Girl" the later two-parters of the Eccleston year, and the Satan duology—but not tied firmly enough into the overarching storylines to quite work as well as those. (That's kind of an odd statement to make, considering that it references stories going all the way back to "Rose". I guess I wanted a little better tag to the future of the series, and to Torchwood.)

    But still, it was better than 95% of the classic series. Reminded me of the basic concept of Blue Box and Who Killed Kennedy?. I'd really like another of these differently-perspected stories, please.

    Firm 4/5 for me.

    "I think of myself as ambitious in casting terms, and I know that Bonnie [Langford] has the potential to make the part totally unirritating . . ." — JNT, 1986
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 05:12 AM EDT

    I feel cheated... no new Doctor Who episode tonight... Sigh. Cry Whatever Love and Monsters was, it was not Doctor Who.

    Fortunately, earlier this evening I had re-watched Satan's Pit again... so I guess it was not a total bust.


    ☛ Follow me on Twitter at ♥ ♥
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 05:26 AM EDT
    To say that it's not your cuppa is one thing, Louis. To flat out deny it's Doctor Who is rather extreme, I think. I mean, it's fairly quintessentially Doctor Who. It features the result of a Blue Peter competition. It accurately distills the essence of the show's theme. And it does so in a way wholly innovative in the show's history.

    To say it's not Doctor Who is rather akin to saying "Life Time"—the episode which features the 4077th from the perspective of a single patient who's got exactly the length of an episode to receive adequate medical care—ain't an episode of M*A*S*H*.

    "I think of myself as ambitious in casting terms, and I know that Bonnie [Langford] has the potential to make the part totally unirritating . . ." — JNT, 1986
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 06:01 AM EDT
    I haven't seen the Confidential, but seeing as the monster part of the title was mainly based around completing a Blue Peter competition - and I missed the behind the scenes look in BP took so - all in all I hadn't got high hopes even with Peter Kay in the rubber suit.

    IMHO it was the most hilarious and carefully crafted shows I've seen in ages. I take it we all agree that RTD is poking fun in a nice way at Who fans. I thought that was 'brilliant' to quote the 10th Doctors favorite word. Do we also agree that RTD was replying to all those nay sayers and so called experts with blogs or a webpage, who have the idea they have some kind of degree in english and who ever since Billie Piper was announced as the Doctors companion have done nothing but panhandle every mortal thing about the show - you know those people who perhaps collect paving slabs because thats the only entertainment they get in life. In that respect this episode gets 5 Tenth Doctor 'brilliants' in my book

    You are rogue elements... You are incompatible... You will be... Deleted!
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 07:19 AM EDT
    As this ep was the result of a Blue Peter competition, I think RTD wrote this ep just for the kids. The elements presented in the ep - the Scooby-Doo Chase, csting the same girl that plays Moaning Murtle, the cartoon-style ending of the monster - was mostly for the kids. Yes, there were some of the regular elements thrown in - after the monster died, all that bit about a living shadow (was that another contestant's entry? Seemed awfully like the "bad guy death" scenes in "Ghost") and the sexual relationship reference, so that adults could watch it too.

    I liked the ep on first watch. Will it go down as the best in the series? No. But I don't think it's going to be the worst. There have been threads on this board and others as to which Doctor Who ep is the worst of all time, I won't summarize here.

    Louis, looking forward to your taking on Ken's role in the review of this episode....

    Ciotka Judi, The Polish Blonde
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 09:02 AM EDT
    What I find more fun than this episode was the reaction to it (not so much here, but on rec.arts.drwho.)

    People are calling for Russel Davies' resignation, people are yelling how this season is going downhill fast... hey, on the heels of "The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit" that is the most ridiculous statement i've read yet...

    This season had one - one dodgy episode - "The Idiot's Lantern", and then followed by two excellent episodes, and for some reason, this non-sequitur bit of fun is considered to be an indication that the season itself is going downhill?

    Peoples' reactions to this episode are hilarious!

    Ok, let's recap: What does this episode have:

    1) A fun main character
    2) Bizarre situation
    3) ELO!!! Yeah, baby! My fave band! and "Mr Blue Sky" my fave hit!
    4) A creature created by a 9-year-old kid - so imagine how thrilled HE is!
    5) A Scooby Chase - literally. Filmed just like it
    6) The Archies
    7) Hilarious humor - the whole scene in which Elton cleverly got past Jackie's defenses - was brilliant.
    8) A Douglas Adams look-alike... for the first few seconds, I began to wonder if reports of Adams' death was just a cruel joke on the world... (but sadly no)

    What a lot of people just don't get was that this was not a literal episode. It was all a diary entry by a rather confused and obsessed "fan" - a guy who has nothing in his life, (football and ELO - not that there's anything wrong with either of those) and has hung his hat and hopes on finding this Doctor who he recalls seeing in his house at the age of 4.

    So nothing at all in this episode can be taken literally, not even the appearance of the Absorbaloff, his name, or anything - except the final results, which was the deaths of several people, and Ursula ending up as a paving slab.

    Only those parts we actually see on-camera can be taken literally.

    It was just a big ball of whimsical non-reality. The ravings of a slightly crazy guy.

    But even so they were able to infuse some actual emotional content - Jackie's feelings of betrayal, and how that affected Elton, etc.

    But the one thing that confused me was Elton only revealing at the end that the same night he saw a stranger in his house, his mother died.

    This would almost certainly have led to Elton's obsession with the Doctor having a harder edge - a more of a desire to find him for revenge - than just a harmless curiosity.

    I have to say that this was a departure episode, but a departure for fun.

    I really expected this episode to be an unimportant and frivilous non-sequitur, like I expected "Girl in the Fireplace" to be - yet that one was amazing.

    Sure enough, it was a frivilous non-sequitur, but it wasn't off-character. It was actually quite a fun episode, and if you accept it as the slightly raving diary entry of a not-all-together-sane person (Elton) then it all makes some kind of twisted sense.

    I'm happy with it. Was it a great episode? No, but it was a good one. Fun without the weight of responsibility that most of the other episodes in this season has had.

    But all that said (and it was a lot) I can understand Louis's attitude towards it. I don't agree with it, but I understand it.

    My family thought it was great fun. My wife, who is not an avid fan, thought it was refreshing to see it be so whimsical and light, and my daughter, who has been a huge fan of this new revival (as well as a big fan of Tom Baker's era) thought it quite fun.

    Hey, if I were to give it a serious grade, I'd give it a 3.5/5, but I expect for the general Who community it's not going to exceed 1/5.

    I've seen some very very angry reactions - and that's almost as fun as the episode was.

    They even stole my "TARDIS in the Heiroglyphs" from "The Second Key"...


    One solid hope is worth a cartload of uncertainties.
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 10:16 AM EDT
    What was there not to like about Love&Monsters? It was one of the funniest eps I've ever seen - nearly up there with City of Death. It was also moving, we got to see how Jackie really feels when Rose is away.
    Louis, how can you say this wasn't a DrWho episode? Bit extreme isn't it? This episode was all about the Dr and Rose, just not from their perspective. It was, as someone else said in this thread, a bit of whimsy, but still the best thing on British tv this week.

    Excallibur? Blizard? ...Bikini Cops?
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 11:14 AM EDT
    I was disappointed with the episode. I was looking forward to it as well. I thought LINDA was going to be the equivalent of the Watchers from the Highlander series.

    Overall, it felt like a clip show to me. I think it will be remembered as "the one without the Doctor."


      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 12:16 PM EDT
    I have mixed feelings about this one. I quite enjoyed it but would have preferred a usual Doctor-focussed episode. But hey, if the series doesn't experiment with different formats it will just go stale and it was an experiment worth trying. Don't think I'd want to see many of this type of show though.

    I didn't like the Scooby Doo chase at the beginning. I just thought that was a bit too self-indulgent. But then you could argue that this is just part of Elton's recollections.

    I thought the little flashbacks to Elton's childhood with the finale of Mr Blue Sky as the soundtrack was very well done. We know almost nothing about him as a person but this little montage was very poignant.

    Peter Kay was....well Peter Kay really. Not sure how that will work with the international audiences who don't really know him and his style of delivery. They may be thinking "why does he have such a strong working-class accent" and completely miss the "in-joke" of "hey, it's Peter Kay pretending to be an alien" - isn't that hilarious Confused . That sort of jarred with me. From the comments RTD made in the confidential, which suggested to me that Peter was originally lined up to play Elton, that would have worked much better and would have managed to mix the sympathy and humour too (the sex-life reference would have worked much better coming from him too. With Elton it was funny but in a way that made you shift uncomfortably in your seat). And what was the Doctor thinking with that anyway? "Oh yes, I'll resurrect your dead girlfriend as a paving slab because that's so much better than death, isn't it?" Eek!

    In a weird way this could make a good introduction to Doctor Who for anyone who hasn't seen it before because it recaps on a lot of season 1. I think it's really the hardened fans who have the greatest problem with it. You only have to look at the forum of Outpost Gallifrey to see the number of posters expressing opinions on the show in a manner that suggests they might be put to better use hiding under bridges and waiting for goats.

    It didn't quite work for me but it was a brave attempt to put a new spin on the format and for that I would give it 3 out of 5.


      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 12:43 PM EDT
    [Quote  by:  chaosportal] Even though it was on Earth...AGAIN....I liked this episode. I liked the Elton character and I found myself hoping the episode would end with him joining the Doctor and Rose.

    Didn't like it.

    Because it used a 'Blue Peter' winner monster and it was a sort of send up of Who fans I gave it 2 groans instead of just 1.

    They tried a different approach - so as a one-off it was OK.

    Can we go back into space now?

    Cheers, daveac

    daveac on, TalkShoe, iTunes, LiveVideo, uStream, GE, Sci-Fi, DWO, DS & WTA, Dave C on WLP, cooperda on AVF, dac100 on YouTube & PB, dac on Tiscali
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 01:33 PM EDT
    I loved it! Most sci-fi shows generally try one or two shows like this - some common person crosses the path of the hero, and we see it from their perspective. I like it when shows try it but unfortunately it's not always done particularly well. In this case I thought it worked very well!

    I actually cared about Elton and the other members of LINDA - not a bad achievement for characters some of whom only had very little screen time.

    The scenes with Elton and Jackie were hilarious. I was laughing out loud all through them. And yes, I thought the Scooby Doo chase was great too.

    Having said that I dont think I could re-watch this episode too many times - but its certainly a whole lot better than Idiot's Lantern which I think is the only one I havent re-watched so far. It was a nice bit of light relief after the previous 2 parter.

    Only things I didnt like - the cartoon monster chasing Elton at the end. Looked really goofy chasing him down the alley. But kind of like the Slitheen really so it was good they put that reference in there. And, the monster was designed by a 9 year old kid, and I think that's great that the makers gave him that opportunity. I think that kid is going to be pretty popular at school next week!

    The only other thing I wished is that Jackie and Elton could have some sort of reconciliation and at least parted friends or something - but thats just because I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

    And the sex joke at the end - I nearly spat my coffee out!

    All in all, I think I'd give this one 4/5 TARDIS groans.

    I wasnt too impressed with the teaser for next week though..... but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised - as I was by this episode.

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, June 18 2006 @ 01:57 PM EDT
    [Quote  by:  taff1a] It was, as someone else said in this thread, a bit of whimsy, but still the best thing on British tv this week.

    Better then the Italy vs USA match last night?
    Now THAT was drama!

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