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     Home »  The David Tennant Era »  David Tennant in - Friday Night with Jonathan..
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    David Tennant in - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - Subtitl Views: 1984
     Friday, January 06 2006 @ 11:28 AM EST
    Hi fans, is this interresting?
    Or is there a Copyright problem?
    Some Screenshots? Were to put them?
    Did you like to get the subs of the Chrismas Invasion to?


    My first guest on the programme|tonight...|It's only Doctor bloody Who!
    David Tennant, the new Doctor!|He's in the house!
    Evening, David. Evening.
    He looks great, doesn't he?
    After the last Doctor left, I'm|delighted to say that David is doing|the next 26 series of Doctor Who!
    Remember, David, we at the BBC|have your family.
    Not really.
    My first guest has arrived here|from a planet far, far away.
    He has regenerated,|he's ready to join us on earth.
    There is a Doctor in the house,|but you know,
    before I introduce him,
    maybe someone else could do it even|better, look at this little fella.
    Look what I bought!
    Please welcome|the archenemy of the daleks,
    Mr David Tennant.
    David Tennant!
    # Peace on earth|Pa rum pum pum pum
    # A newborn king to see|Pa rum pum pum pum
    # When he comes. #
    Sit yourself down.|Thank you for coming on the show.
    It's nice to be here.|Great to have the Doctor back on|our screens again.
    You must be excited about this.|It's very exciting.
    It's almost too exciting.|It's all a bit daunting, as well.
    It must seem like a great Christmas|present to you. It's fantastic!
    But it's also... It was the most|successful TV show of the year
    and it's coming back and|everyone's still there
    and all the writers and|the actors are still there
    except the bloke in the middle!
    If it all goes wrong, it's my fault!
    But you don't feel too much|pressure, do you? No, not at all(!)
    What's exciting about it and|what's interesting about it is...
    it's not like someone taking over|the role of James Bond
    or of Sherlock Holmes, whereby|you're playing the same character,
    because it's built into the idea|that he changes, so there's a lot|of leeway to do different things.
    You get to reset to zero.
    So how much of that did you bring|to it, did you say, "I want to|play him this way"?
    How much is the way it's written?
    It's written by Russell T Davies,|who is about the best writer that|TV's got right now.
    You trust him to do it and then you|get the script and you just give it|your best shot, really.
    We didn't sit down and think,|"We must have some very|self-conscious little quirks."
    I wondered if you had any quirks|or a bad eye or...
    A limp, yeah.
    How about a stutter?
    Doctor Wh-Wh-Wh-Who!
    Maybe not.
    These were my ideas that I wrote in|to the BBC with and they didn't|get back to me.
    Not been passed on - tragedy.
    Have you had people come up to you|and say, "I would like to write|one" or "I have an idea"?
    Everyone. Everyone loves it. It's...
    It's bewildering,|the range of people that love it.
    I thought there'd be a certain type|of male, in an anorak,
    who'd come up and want to talk to|you about it, but it's everyone.
    It's men, women, kids...
    Yeah. It's everyone.
    K-9 is coming back, I believe.|Oh, yeah.
    I'm not certain whether|that's welcome, cos K-9...
    wasn't terribly convincing.|Robotics have moved on since then.
    It looked like someone had just|spray-painted a box silver.
    That was the level of BBC effects.
    Presumably they've revamped him,|he's modern, techno.
    You say that...
    There was still quite a lot of|bumping into the furniture going on,
    it has to be confessed.
    The idea is that he's back,|but he's the same old K-9,
    so he's rusted and a bit tatty|and falling apart.
    That's a lovely idea.
    Yeah. Are there other monsters? It|was the big surprise in what we|refer to...
    I would say the Christopher|Eccleston era, but it wasn't long|enough to be an era. It was an era.
    The Eccleston blip. Right?
    He was... He was great,|he was fantastic,
    but he wasn't around for that long.
    I wouldn't be here if he hadn't been|so fantastic in it.
    He was tremendous in it.
    When we had Christopher Eccleston|on the show, it was exciting|to meet him,
    we had the prototype of|the Doctor Who doll -
    that was his version.|They're making a doll of you|already. Have you seen this?
    I saw an early prototype.|Are you gonna...?
    We have one here. It's great. It's|a scary likeness, really well made.
    Look at this.
    That's not the one I've seen!
    Look at this.|Look at that, that's...
    He's slightly boggle-eyed, isn't he?|No more boggle-eyed than you.
    Well, I mean, yeah.
    Isn't it great?
    Does this...? Look at that!
    He's got a screwdriver that comes|out... I was playing with him|all afternoon.
    And he's got little trousers on,|he's got about 14 points of|articulation.
    That's good!
    Is it weird having a doll made|of yourself?
    It's completely bizarre.
    It's utterly bizarre.
    I'm a disappointed they didn't make|a Casanova doll of you. They'd have|needed 22 points of articulation.
    Slightly more action involved.
    That was a great series for you.|I didn't know you were Scottish|until I met you. Oh, yes.
    Your acting is so good, you had|disguised your Scottishness.
    Where in Scotland are you from?|I was born in West Lothian,
    a place called Bathgate,|and I was brought up in Paisley.
    Do you go back much?|You live down south now.
    I live in London now. Well, I live|in Cardiff, cos that's where|we're filming.
    I've been there more than anywhere|else recently. I get back...not as
    but I get back as often as I can.|Will you see her for Christmas?|She's here tonight.
    That's rather exciting. It's good.
    We'll all be in Scotland|for Christmas.
    Let's have a look at a clip. This|is a sneak preview of Doctor Who.
    There was a tiny burst|on Children In Need. Yeah.
    But it was really only|a little tease.
    We were tantalising you.
    This is from the Christmas special,|the first appearance of David|as the Doctor.
    It's on Christmas Day. 7pm!
    Christmas Day on BBC1.|This is David as the Doctor.
    Get out! Get out!
    Mickey! Get out of there!
    "JINGLE BELLS" PLAYS QUICKLY|Leave him! Get in here! Ooh!
    Doctor, wake up!
    I'm gonna get killed by|a Christmas tree!
    Help me.
    Remote control.
    Terrorised by a Christmas tree.
    Yeah. Yeah.
    This is a question I'm sure you've|been asked already. How long do you|intend to stay in the role?
    If it goes well, they're gonna want|to keep you there. How long|would you want to do it?
    I really don't know. I think you've|just got to take it as it comes.
    It is a big commitment and|it's a long time to film.|It's nine months out the year.
    It's such a big, particular thing,
    it's not really like any other job.|I dunno,
    I'm fully intending,|as I sit here today,|to be here this time next year.
    So another series after this one?
    Yeah, yeah. OK.
    You'll do two series?|Unless it goes out on Christmas Day|and everybody hates it...
    No, hang on.|..and Paul Daniels is in.
    I can tell you what|I'M doing next year. Yeah?
    I'll be sitting here, trying|to lose weight again.
    You're looking trim!
    Thank you, David.
    You will definitely do|another series? Yes.|We have your word on that?
    I will definitely do another series.
    Well, I plan on doing it.
    Don't start back-pedalling! Yes or|no? I'll do it if they want me.
    That's a yes! Yeah.
    Of course they're gonna want you.
    I'm trying to be modest.|I'm trying to...
    You don't have to be modest here.|I'm modest enough for all of us.
    Is Billie gonna stick around, cos|she's been a surprise hit in it,
    and I don't mean that in a negative|way, but I didn't know she was as|good an actress.
    I think she surprised everyone|in the last year.
    She's utterly brilliant.|She's the perfect co-star.
    That's why the show's working,|because the acting is so good.
    Is she gonna stick around?|Do you know what her plans are?
    Where has this come from?|Everyone's asking me.
    We're scared that people keep|leaving. You have this guy who's|a great Doctor,
    everyone's excited and then|he buggers off.
    There's no certainty in the world|any more. Billie's hanging around.
    Now, if Doctor Who isn't successful,|which I suspect's not gonna|happen...
    I'M allowed to say that -|you're not! I know it won't happen,
    but if they're looking|for a new Doctor Who,
    I've thought about it and I thought|you could regenerate. See what|you think of this one.
    Nice, nice.
    It looks a bit like Willy Wonka,|I think.
    It's not a bad likeness.
    How gay have they made me look?
    It's about right, isn't it?
    I think that would just|terrify children.
    That... It's an interesting outfit.
    It looks like the Child Catcher.
    What's with the brolly?
    I think they thought if I don't make|it as Who, I could be Mary Poppins.
    It's really alarming.|I like the little hat.
    Can I have it? I wouldn't wear|it now, if I were you.
    OK, you've already been in movies,
    and my kids were very excited|when we saw you in the last|Harry Potter movie. Yes.
    Presumably you'd like to|be making films?
    I don't think about it like that,
    I just think what|the next thing's gonna be
    and hoping that it'll be interesting|and good and move things on.
    If you didn't see David in Harry|Potter, we're gonna show you a clip.
    I love the Harry Potter films|and this is the best one yet.|It is good.
    I must start watching|some grown-up movies!|This is David in Harry Potter.
    Unless the witness possesses any|genuine name of consequence,
    this session is now concluded.
    Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
    I've heard about one more.
    What's that?
    The name. Yes?
    I know for a fact this person|took part in the capture,
    and by means of the cruciatus curse,
    torture of the auror,|Frank Longbottom, and his wife!
    Name! Give me the wretched name!
    Barty Crouch...
    Get your filthy hands off me,|you pathetic little man!
    Hello, Father.
    You are no son of mine.
    You're too good-looking|to be his son.
    You're too good-looking|to be his son.
    He's just done a part in Doctor Who|as well. He's just played|an evil genius.
    You'll go to your parents' at|Christmas?
    I'm going back for four days.
    I'll be in Scotland for four days|and then I'll go away.
    When you go back home, is there|a fuss? Are people excited?
    You've been breaking through on|TV more and, I guess, now you're|the Doctor,
    there's gonna be a certain amount of|interest in you. Well, not at home.
    Not the local newspaper? The Paisley|Daily Express have been supportive.
    Have they done a piece on you yet?|They seem to speak to my parents|more than I do.
    What do they speak to your parents|about? What DON'T they speak|to them about?
    Do you ask your parents not to talk|to the paper? There's no point,
    I've tried.
    I'm genuinely very excited about|seeing you as the Doctor. Thank you.
    Does it annoy you|that people call you Doctor Who?|You're not Doctor Who, are you?
    The character is called The Doctor.|The SHOW is Doctor Who.
    The title of the show is a question.|You're becoming a fan boy.
    I'm sorry. I always was.
    It could have easily been Doctor|What or Doctor Where or Doctor When|or Doctor Why.
    But that's the question, who is this|mystery man who's come to save us?|When is this mystery man?
    Doctor When.|When's he gonna appear next?
    Or Doctor Why. Why is he here?|Why did he come here?
    Doctor What.
    What is he? He's not human.
    None of them work quite as well, do|they? I think they work equally well.
    I think we'll stick with Doctor Who.|Doctor Which. Which Doctor!
    Doctor Who it is. David,|lovely to meet you.
    Congratulations on getting the part.|I know you're gonna be a great|success. I hope so.
    Have a lovely Christmas.|..David Tennant,|ladies and gentlemen.

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Friday, January 06 2006 @ 11:52 AM EST

    There is probably a copyright issue with posting this, though I think that you may want to send Louis a direct message to discuss this off line to decide if this kind of post is appropriate in the forum.

    A better post may be how one can get the subtitles for one's personal use, though that may only work in the UK???

    I read that the RIAA may be going after the song lyrics sites next, and this seems to be the equivalent of that. Frown


    Daleks don't accept apologies! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Friday, January 06 2006 @ 12:03 PM EST
    Very interesting. I can't imagine that it will be subject to copyright. Don't forget that the BBC is publicly funded.

    Most planets have a North!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Friday, January 06 2006 @ 12:59 PM EST
    [Quote  by:  James] Very interesting. I can't imagine that it will be subject to copyright. Don't forget that the BBC is publicly funded.

    By UK citizens, so use by UK citizens who pay a TV license fee (is that a TV detector van? Smile ) is subject to fewer restrictions than non-licensees.

    BBC to Open Content Floodgates not withstanding, the BBC and the authors of the works hold the copyright unless the work is explicitly put in the public domain. Otherwise, we would be posting the scripts and video to The Christmas Invasion here on the site. I just do not know where the limit between fair use and infringement is. I just believe the full transcript of a program segment is getting into that grey area.


    Daleks don't accept apologies! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Friday, January 06 2006 @ 02:19 PM EST
    [Quote  by:  tarashnat]
    [Quote  by:  James] Very interesting. I can't imagine that it will be subject to copyright. Don't forget that the BBC is publicly funded.
    I just do not know where the limit between fair use and infringement is. I just believe the full transcript of a program segment is getting into that grey area.


    Good point. I suppose that it really can be difficult to determine copyright issues where the internet is concerned.

    Many people here in the UK don't think that sharing television programmes over the internet is illegal. Provided that people are not attempting to make a profit. The way I see it is that if I were to record a show onto VCR and lend it to you to watch - would that be stealing? I think that most people would say no. However if I was to sell it to you, when I didn't hold the rights to the material - I think the BBC might be a tad annoyed.

    I think the same applies here. (Unless we get an email from the BBC!)

    None-the-less the BBC tend to be quite relaxed towards this kind of thing. I doubt that their lawyers will come down on us like a tonne of bricks, purely for the reason that I don't think that Jonathan Ross' show will ever be put onto DVD.

    Most planets have a North!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Friday, January 06 2006 @ 03:25 PM EST
    I think the best operating procedure would be to allow this kind of thing until you get a cease and desist letter. They can't sue you until you disobey the cease and desist anyway so deal with the problem IF it arrives instead of being scared of posting anything. Most likely BBC has better things to do than troll through forums looking for copyrighted material.

    But next time format the thing so it's readable!!! Razz

    That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie, And With Strange Aeons Even Death May Die.
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Saturday, January 07 2006 @ 10:38 AM EST
    Hi fans (and sorry for my strange English :oops: )

    To post or not to post? The Christmas Invasion - subtitles, I mean.
    It looks like there is a smale mayority to post it, right?
    Ok, I will, in a new topic, if no protest follows after this.

    tarashat recomended to write how one can get the subtitles:
    I record the digital BBC sattelite transponder stream on a harddisk.
    My Dreambox stores all sended data including teletext.
    And Project-X filtes a pages (BBC uses 888) with subtitles into a file.

    WarrenPeace recomended to format the thing so it's readable.
    I tried a differend format, including the used colors,
    and edited it to indicate who is speaking. Would the follwoing be ok?:

    Here we are, then. London, Earth,
    the Solar System. I did it!

    Jackie! Mickey!

    Blimey! No, no, no, hold on.

    Wait there. What was I gonna say?

    There was something I had to
    tell you, something important.
    What was it? Hold on, hold on.

    Hold on. Shh.

    Oh! I know!

    Merry Christmas!

    (I could delete the start and stop time if you like)

    On my harddisk are the first 13 episodes too
    but that would be to much Copyleft, right?

    But what about the 13 Confidentials?
    On the DVDs are only the short 15 Minute versions.
    I thing the comments of the old Doctors and companyons
    may be interessting, wouldn't they?


      Profile    PM    Email   
     Saturday, January 07 2006 @ 11:47 AM EST
    [Quote  by:  James] Very interesting. I can't imagine that it will be subject to copyright. Don't forget that the BBC is publicly funded.


    It looks like the Beeb has copyright issues with its own work for hire on thier own website...

    BBC: Doctor Who News: The New Theme

    "Please note that for copyright reasons, we can only let you have a 30-second snippet."


    Daleks don't accept apologies! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Saturday, January 07 2006 @ 02:03 PM EST
    [Quote  by:  -karlos-] Hi fans (and sorry for my strange English Oops! )

    To post or not to post? The Christmas Invasion - subtitles, I mean.
    It looks like there is a smale mayority to post it, right?
    Ok, I will, in a new topic, if no protest follows after this.


    I would be wary of posting or publishing the subtitles of The Christmas Invasion or any other complete show, movie, or other creative work without consent of the copyright holder. It is one thing to perhaps post the subtitles of a 5 minute segment on a chat show (even then it is probably a violation of copyright), but when you distribute scripted works in their entirety without consent, I think it is a more clear violation.

    Now that the RIAA going after people publishing song lyrics... well, I think they are getting a bit silly. That is my opinion.

    Mind you, I am not a lawyer or pretend to be one.


    ☛ Follow me on Twitter at ♥ ♥
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Saturday, January 07 2006 @ 09:45 PM EST
    [Quote  by:  -karlos-] Hi fans (and sorry for my strange English Oops! )


    I always have the same problem after reading Strange England by Simon Messingham. Wink


    Daleks don't accept apologies! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Sunday, January 08 2006 @ 03:01 PM EST
    Well, fellows,
    Louis may be right with the (C).
    So I will not post it in this board.
    But if anyone realy want's subs
    one will find a way anyway.

    Hold on, that's English.
    {YELLOW} He's talking English.
    {BLUE} You're talking English.

    {VIOLET} I would never dirty my tongue
    {VIOLET} with your primitive bile!

    {BLUE} But that's English!
    {BLUE} Can you hear English?

    {YELLOW} Yeah.{GREEN} English. Definitely English.

    {VIOLET} I speak only Sycoraxic!

    {BLUE} If I can hear English,

    {BLUE} then it's being translated,

    {BLUE} which means it's working,

    {BLUE} which means...

    Did you miss me?


    D'you accept my challenge

    or are you just a cranak pel
    casackree salvak?



    And it is gonna be...



    Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd


    -karlos- (another old sci-fi series)

      Profile    PM    Email   

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