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     Home »  Other Science Fiction/Fantasy »  Season Round Up
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    Season Round Up Views: 917
     Saturday, June 06 2009 @ 01:08 AM EDT
    Okay I'm not just accepting any old garbage as TV any more (if I ever did).

    Here's how I saw the last season of tv:

    Just found BIG BANG THEORY: very funny show!

    TERMINATOR: lost interest almost at once when season 2 started but truth is I forgot a lot of last season.

    DOLL HOUSE: Dull, dull dull (Dull House)

    And speaking House: with a few exceptions including the death of...whathisname...the Catholic Mulsim Doctor...this show is just...the same old, same old. And House, while sometimes funny, is just annoying. Really, if a Doctor is as good as he is...would he also be such an ass at the same time?

    BONES: the funeral ep was unbelievably funny but the ending cop out was turn off. They say they will definitely have sex and it won't be a dream, then it's dream. Or an illusion or whatever. Bad show just for that.

    PRISON BREAK and 24: does anyone care anymore? I don't!

    LOST: Lost

    SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL: unbeliveably lost in their own ways. Cancel these!

    Reaper: just very very funny and should be brought back...but probably won't be.

    LEGEND OF THE SEEKER: at last, sword and sorcery done straight! ANd not boringly. ANd with no camp or slapstick or silly mermaid people! And with a good cast. Not since the tv show BEASTMASTER has s and s been so good. But then again I liked some eps of the 1990s SINBAD, CONAN, and TNT's NEW ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (a very few of these, mostly in the third season). I also miss LOST WORLD and MUTANT X.

    MEDIUM: returning. A better season than the last three.

    GHOST WHISPERER: this show can almost do no wrong.

    11th hour: not as good as the Patrick Stew. version but not bad either. A bit too Americanized but whatever.

    IN PLAIN SIGHT: Lost me this year. Just don't care for it yet. It takes time to warm up.

    BURN NOTICE: Again, lost interest in this show. Spies are...just played out already yet I'm sure this show will improve this season. It was great last year and the first year but the first ep didn't catch me at all. Or rather it caught me sleeping.

    ROYAL PAINS: good idea of a doctor for the rich on Long Island but...just slow, slow, slow...but a good cast.

    LAW AND ORDER franchise and CSI franchise: someone put me out of my misery and cancel all of these poor excuses for shows. They are all truly past their expiration dates. Not even Jeff Goldblum, whom I love, love love, can helpl LAW AND ORDER CRIMINAL whtever it's called. Geeze, get some new shows.

    KAMEN RIDER: Gosh, sci fi is in a poor state if I'm looking for Sat Morn to find something good.

    POWER RANGERS: How freakin long has this show gone on? It must be over 19 years!

    FRINGE: Great show but now getting VERY out there. I mean did you see that ending?

    STAR TREK: No more! No more! No more!

    GODZILLA and GAMERA movies: RIP Please!

    Vampire Movies: STOP! Already stop! STop! I mean did anyone see Chiller's movie THIRST: BLOOD WARS. I mean a good idea but cheap on the extreme.

    THE MENTALIST: Why does everyone like this show? It's so derivative. It makes fun of Wicca in one episode, shows off the show off hero in another and is just basically a rip off of PSYCHE (not my fav show), MONK (which used to be very good), and 11th Hour not to mention HOUSE as well. MENTALIST IS AWFUL! I guess because it has a good looking guy and a serial killer running gag, it does well? The supporting cast is terrible, too. Wow, how did this get those rating? It sucks.

    THE BEST YEARS: other than adding Corey Sevier to three or four episodes, this show went downhill fast. Which didn't surprise me as it aired in like 2007 with the first season and then came back iwth season two in 2009. What's up with that? In fact, how bad is the N channel now? It used to have shows set in the Outback of Australia, shows about the beach, and the like. How it has reruns ALL the time. Wow! STill it beats the new Hanna Barbara channel which has like the same ten shows all week rerunning over and over and over and over...

    NUMBERS: Can Charlie predict how fast this show can put me to sleep?

    and wha'ts with that stupid show on Sci Fi with Amanda Tapping? Where has it gone? I mean it started with a strong group of eps and then degenerated quickly. It's pretty bad.

    and oh, hopefully FLASH GORDON, at least the sci fi channel version will stay out of orbit.

    Please franchise owners NEVER do the following: Revive LOST IN SPACE, LAND OF THE GIANTS, TIME TUNNEL, SPACE: 1999, THE NIGHT STALKER (for a third time, the second wasn't too bad actually), VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA or even SLIDERS or EARTH 2 (this might still have a chance if done well as most of the cast are still young and alive). I love all those shows but if you do it like the movie STAR TREK or the newest X FILES movie, don't harm my shows, go and make something new without their names attached. Like GET SMART or something.

    I mean don't ever do something as stupid as remaking the movie version of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

    JAMES BONe, I Mean BOND: send him and his new movies to the Village of the PRISONER forever. Please no more Bond movies. They are played out.

    KYLE XY: bad third season for the most part except of one or two eps but bring it back, it desrves to be finished well.

    someone for God's sakes stop making GOSSIP GIRL and GREEK.

    Where is the series that SAMURAI GIRL should have gone to. But thank God, no FALLEN series. The first movie was great but the second, snoring now.

    RESCUE ME: still good but still as uneven as ever. Strange funny and sad show.

    TRUE BLOOD: where the hell are you? When are you starting again?

    WEEDS: Please get better!

    okay, rant over

    Others of course can delight in any of the things I hated about this season and I still feel you have a right to. I do.


    I do

    have fun with it all that's all

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Saturday, June 06 2009 @ 09:09 AM EDT
    Oh I forgot...wonder how I could do that...the tepid NCIS which is playing iwth us for six years now and going no where except threatning constantly to kill someone off.

    and CRIMINAL MINDS which used to be the best American series on tv at the the first three years or so. Now it's just a morbid, horror show and I Mean horror in a bad way. Grim, disgusting, negative show.

      Profile    PM    Email   

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