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     Home »  Torchwood - Series 1 »  Torchwood on BBC1 or 2?
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    Torchwood on BBC1 or 2? Views: 1791
     Saturday, July 29 2006 @ 10:24 PM EDT
    [Quote  by:  Magpie] Captain Jack sure is cute, if only he had a nice accent.

    I know that John Barrowman can switch between accents... Perhaps his character, Captain Jack may do so as well in the Torchwood series when situations warrant it? We'll have to wait and see... err... hear I mean.


    ☛ Follow me on Twitter at ♥ ♥
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     Saturday, July 29 2006 @ 10:36 PM EDT
    Is it just me, or does C. J. look a little like Adam from Spooks?


      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, July 30 2006 @ 07:29 PM EDT
    [Quote  by:  MikeD] BBC1 and BBC2 are terrestrial (aka broadcast, aka over the air channels) television channels of the BBC in the UK.

    FYI with local variations there are five terrestrial television channels in the UK (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Five).

    BBC3 is a digital channel that was started in 2003. It is only avaialble via a special set-top box, satellite or cable. Although satellite and cable have made huge inroads in the last 15 years in the UK neither are as established or common as they are in North America.

    The different channels do not have a theme so much as a style, particularly BBC1 and BBC2. BBC3 has a varied schedule of original shows, movies, repeats of BBC1 shows and sometimes previews shows that might later be seen on BBC1. They start broadcast each evening at 7:00pm.


    Well, actually, it goes like this:

    Satellite & digital cable have all the BBC channels. Most people in the UK by far use terrestrial broadcasts on the UHF spectrum however. We do this more than any other country I believe, and due to having to work with the other EU nations, we have a hugely complex terrestrial system that is likely the most complex in the world.

    Regional variations aside, it goes like this:

    Analogue (due to be switched off during the period 2008-2012):

    BBC1 - Mainstream.
    BBC2 - Slightly less mainstream, to cater for smaller interest groups.
    ITV1 - Fully commercial channel.
    C4 - Commercial channel, largely publically owned. Interesting experiment, some populist trash (Big Brother etc.) but a lot of special interest stuff. Not afraid to be experimental.
    Five - New(ish) channel. Still finding its feet. Quite trashy at times but still improving. Limited reception, only available in some (though most) areas.

    DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) is to replace analogue. It has quite wide coverage now, but will expand in power and number of frequencies available after switch off to replace analogue. It has a lot of channels, but I shall just list the major ones here:

    All channels from analogue - as listed above.

    BBC3 - Similar remit to BBC1, but a little more experimental. Things that work here generally shift to BBC1 or BBC2, but this will of course change after switch off as everyone will be able to receive BBC3. Some classic cult stuff gets put here, plus extensions to progs on the usual channels (DW Confidential for example).
    BBC4 - Covers the high brow ambitions of the BBC. Fantastic stuff.
    BBC Parliament - Covers the workings of government. Usually a session watching this requires viewer participation in the form of many rants at the TV.
    BBC News 24 - Obvious really...
    2X BBC Interactive Streams - for the interactive 'press red' services, like the attack of the grask for the Christmas episode.
    CBBC - For kids. Has some DW content for kids on here, as has been discussed in podshock.
    CeeBeebies - For very young kids. Not yet ready for DW. Awww, in't they cute?

    ITV2 - Mostly repeats and films, some stuff before the main channel gets it. Much like BBC3 on the independent side, but more repeats.
    ITV3 - Classic TV from the ITV archives, from when they were great.
    ITV4 - A slightly confused channel trying to find a cult/mainstream crossover sweet spot. Limited hours. Some interesting sci-fi appears here.
    CITV - Kids.

    E4 (& a +1) - C4's groovy cousin, for teens and 20 somethings. Had stargate on it & Lost on it I think. Nuff said.
    More 4 - For the thinking viewer. Sort of. Limited hours. OK, but very much in the shadow of BBC4. New channel, it will improve no doubt.
    Film4 - Fantastic free film channel. Loads of great stuff, no boundries. Latest Hollywood to black & white classics to non-english to indie greats. Both art cinema and blockbusters, from all around the world. Has a policy of only showing quality stuff, so I'm not sure the old Who classic films will make it. We live in hope though...

    Sky3 - Shows things that Sky1(satellite pay channel) has finished with. Some sci-fi, like Galactica new series. OK, but almost all imports. Original stuff isn't quite up to snuff usually, but they can surprise you.
    Sky News - As you expect.
    Sky Sports News - As you expect.

    UKTV History - Loverly. A bit too much about Hitler, but it is a British obsession. Great channel when they get away from that. Lots of BBC documentary reruns.
    UKTV Bright Ideas - Oh God, not more DIY & cookery programmes please! Help! Limited hours, thank God...

    Many radio stations too, including all national BBC stations (1,1 Xtra,2,3,4,5 Live,5L SportsX,6 Music,7,Asian Net.,World Service). BBC7 is a radio station on DTT which sometimes has some DW on it. It has a regular sci-fi slot. I loved Day of the Triffids on BBC7.

    A worthy mention to the C4 run radio station Oneword on DTT. It has much spoken word literature readings and discussion on it. Loverly. Shame it's just in mono.

    There is more on DTT, but it is less worthy of note than the above main broadcasters. DTT is still growing, we expect a couple of Channel Five spin offs soon, and perhaps a 4Music channel (there are a couple of other music channels already, The Hits and TMF).

    -- BongMong :)~
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     Monday, July 31 2006 @ 08:31 AM EDT
    Wow thanks for the above info. Guess I need to go digital at some point!

    Practice acts of random kindness.
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Monday, July 31 2006 @ 09:16 AM EDT
    [Quote  by:  Liyster] Is it just me, or does C. J. look a little like Adam from Spooks?


    I can see it around the mouth and lips.

    "Adam" was also in RTD's "Casanova" as Henriette's hubby (whose name escapes me) if people don't know what "Spooks" is -- it was called "MI-5" when it aired in the US on A&E

    supremacy is relative
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