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     Home »  The Matt Smith Era »  When Donna Meets the 11th Doctor
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    When Donna Meets the 11th Doctor Views: 792
     Saturday, January 10 2009 @ 03:12 PM EST
    “Donna? Donna, can you hear me?”

    “Doctor,” Wilf gasped, “Are you sure about this?”

    Sylvia bent over Donna, who was laying on a couch in the living room, “He’d better be!”

    “I am, I am, now stop this! Let me do my job.”

    “Said the 9th grader,” Sylvia nodded and backed off from between the Doctor and Wilf.

    “I….!” The Doctor turned to Donna’s mother, ready to yell, “…will need hot water…”

    “I’m sorry. I want to help,” she ran off to the kitchen.

    The Doctor called after her, “And tea…”


    “For me. Us, us.”

    Wilf whispered so only the Doctor could hear, “You did say she could never…”

    “Melodramatics from my previous self, Wilf my young man!” The 11th Doctor smiled at the old man and brought his face up to Wilf’s really close, “Or maybe it was just he didn’t know what I do now.”

    “How to help her?” Wilf asked.

    The Doctor put his hands on Wilf’s bony shoulders, “Huh huh. Knowledge my dear Mr. Moot, I mean Mott,” he noted as Wilf made a face at the inclusion of the wrong last name. “That’s all that matters in these…uhm, matters,” the Doctor pushed off Wilf and kneeled beside the couch. He opened Donna’s eyelids with his fingers, hand to eye on each side, “Donna, my dear dear Donna, my dear dear friend. It’s me, the Doctor, you can come out now. Let it all flow,” he looked into her eyes and felt he could let go as she was opening them of her own accord. “Remember me. Remember that big blue box…”

    “…and I couldn’t….seriously I couldn’t. Do you always live your life like that…they were dying and the place was burning and…”

    Her voice changed in tone.

    “Big blue box.”

    “Sarah Jane. Captain Jack, surely you remember Captain Jack,” he whispered and as he did, he mentally set these things into her mind. Donna’s mind opened up like a flower and she saw images. They didn’t hurt…exactly. Kind beings with their brains in their hands. A giant…wasp. A wasp that’s giant. Being hurled down by an explosion. Hurling a glowing firestone into a lake. A giant volcano going off. Warning the Doctor to bring this thing back.

    “Save someone.” A black girl hugging her. “Just long drink of alien nothing. Hug him and you get a paper cut.”

    On a ship of short stubby alien warriors. Clonking one on the back of the neck with a hammer/mallet.

    “…with a water gun. I bloody love you. I hate you!”

    Shoving Sarah Jane out of the way so she could hug Captain Jack. A monstrous spider woman. A deformed monster man in a wheelchair with a mutilated …well, mutilated everything. The Earth gone. The Earth moving through space. A woman with a white face. A bug on her back. Relaxing on the planet Midnight, sunbathing in the pleasure dome. A family. A husband. She knew she had to find him. A giant library. A shuffling astronaut.

    “Hey, who turned out the lights.” Donna sat up, “I…who…Doctor…”

    Wilf appeared in her line of sight and put a hand on her shoulder, “Sweetheart…do you…” he looked sideways at the young, long haired Doctor in dark clothes, short jacket, tight pants. The look was almost accusatory. Then back to Donna, who was sighing and itching to stand up, “…do you …are you all right?”

    “Fine, Gramps, fine,” She sat up with her elbows on the couch, “Why? I…I feel like I’ve been on a vacation from the living and have…well, only just returned.”

    “No, no,” Wilf stated, “Just…uhm….you are all right?” He kneeled on one knee, closer to the couch.

    Donna looked behind him to the grinning loon standing fully. She pulled herself up, “Yeah, just took a nap that lasted a little longer than usual…oh my God. My memory! You took it, you…” She attempted to rush at the Doctor, to hit him. She stepped back and held her head.

    “Donna!” The Doctor gasped, “Are you….”

    “Donna, he helped you regain those memories but…” Wilf stopped.

    Donna put her hands down, “Nuthing. Just putting the mickey on, pulling the other one, taking the piss out…”

    The Doctor smiled, “Don’t do that again!”

    Donna grabbed his shoulders and he stiffened in her grasp and put shrugged his shoulders up in a wait for a reprisal. “I…I had to.”

    “Thank you, Doctor, thank you, you’re so…” Donna looked at him and burst out laughing…loudly. She spun him around.

    The Doctor smiled but then realized. “I don’t see…what’s…so…so funny.”

    “My God,” Donna gasped between laughs, “Are you still in 8th grade or what?”

    Wilf stifled a laugh of his own.

    “Thanks for the memories,” Donna said, “Would you like some milk and cookies now?”

    “I…” The Doctor frowned and looked downward.

    “Just kidding,” Donna said, “Need some help with your homework. I’m fairly sure I can do Time Lord maths.” She giggled. “No, no, really. You’re very very good looking. Someone for the Twilight crowd. Is your new companion Bella?” She looked at him, “Let me get a good look at you.” She stepped back, “Very nice! Really!” She hugged him, “It’s good to be back.”

    “A new technique I learned ….”

    “From who?” Donna pulled away again.

    “The Shadow …”

    Together they said, “Proclamation.”

    Donna added, “The…ahh, Time Lord bits are…”

    “Gone,” the 11th Doctor shook his head, “For good. That’s what has allowed you to live and remember…me. That is…I think it was worth it, wasn’t it?” He shrugged, anticipating her answer. Waiting, innocently.

    “Of course, I was just kidding. And now that I remember that stud…”


    She waves him off, “Hah, not you, love that you are…and…” she pinches his cheeks and much to his blushing embarrassment, tweaks his nose, “His name is Lee,” she pulls up, “And you are going to help me find him. I think he’s real and he was from..”

    “The Library,” the Doctor guessed.

    “Yeah,” Donna turned, “Well, gramps, fancy a spin?”

    “Possibly,” he said, “Let me get a few things.”

    In the awkward silence, “No,” Donna said, “really. It can’t be you, can it?”

    The Doctor made wide eyes at her and shook his head yes a few times, quickly. Up and down.

    More silence.

    More awkward glances around the ceiling and the walls. Eye contact has been made. Donna looked away after she said, “I like the lips.”

    “Improvement, aye?”

    “Definitely,” she gasped.

    They waited for Wilf when he returned with two bags…

    “You travel ligther than her grand daughter,” the Doctor comments.

    “Ha ha,” Donna said.

    The trio walked out.

    After they were gone, Sylvia came back out of the kitchen with a tray. One it was hot water and four cups of tea. “Is this enough?”

    Donna took her arma dn put it under this new tall Doctor’s arm, arm in arm now. The trio walked to the small hill where Wilf’s telescope set up was…and the TARDIS was there. Donna took her other arm and patted the Doctor’s arm over her own, “So Doc, is your next regeneration, going to be like …I dunno…12?” She moved her freer hand to pat his head.

    “Donna…” he warned, “Stop it…”

    “And the one after that.” She feigned a gasp, “What’ll he be, like 9?”

    “Oh come on, please stop it…”

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