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     Home »  The Patrick Troughton Era »  Rewatching Doctors One and Two
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    Rewatching Doctors One and Two Views: 789
     Saturday, January 03 2009 @ 02:37 PM EST
    I usually find things I've missed before and on rewatching, find that some that I thought were boring and slow are really delightful. I still hate the Karkus though. Okay, almost all the first Hartnell's are good. EDGE is still edgy but still makes little sense but it's fun and times scary. BTW I saw blacked up windows IN the TARDIS. THE DALEKS was not boring or overlong. MARCO POLO is probably the best Hartnell ever. THE SENSORITES have some bad moments in them but overall it's pretty good. PLANET OF GIANTS is still awful in the effects dept but it moves along nicely in most places. DALEK INVASION EARTH drags a bit but it's still pretty good and filled with nice stuff. The Daleks back then were...strange and alien. In THE DALEKS one seems to have an orgasm. Suffering from radiation sickness?

    Some Troughton's I've hated but now love: TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN is pretty good and not dull at all. Again, it, like almost every story had major flaws but I've enjoyed Troughton himself. His asides, not as fluffy as Hartnell in the blooper dept, are quite funny. His "Thanks you" in some stories is quite sarcastic. I love him. POWER OF THE DALEKS drags some, HIGHLANDERS is terrible and boring, sorry about that. ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN is amazing. I love when he takes Victoria away because Jamie has an idea and also when he says whatever happens dn't come in there and then goes in to see the Abbott and screams loudly! Very scary. UNDERWATER MENACE is...well, a pet like for some reason. I'm stll trying to figure out why. I guess I like the idea that they just tried it. I also like THE MOONBASE and WHEEL IN SPACE for making the Cybermen scary and dangerous, perhaps for the only times ever. WEB OF FEAR is odd in that...and in most Doc2 stories I feel the Doctor is to blame. He seems able to stop things four eps earlier but doesn't and sometimes he seems to make things worse. Ben and Polly, even though I can hardly understand a few words Ben says, are good companions. FACELESS ONES does drag however and the aliens' predicaments make little to no sense. I have to confess even though when I first saw them THE DOMINATORS and THE KROTONS were slow moving but that I loved them to bits for Troughton's tomfoolery. He's just great. THE MIND ROBBER is the classic everyone always says it is but for the Karkus. I'd swear that in this and in EVIL OF THE DALEKS (which is just riveting) the Master is in there someplace, even called by name. Victoria is both a good companion and a bad one. The acting is...from her...just too...I don't know...embarassing. Yet she shares some good scenes wiht her two male leads, and with guest stars (esp in SNOWMEN). ENEMY OF THE WORLD is different and I always wondered if the writers mixed up Australia with Austria. It's a bit long and has a lot of death in it but what DW doesn't? Well FURY FROM THE DEEP for one. FURY is good but also probably an ep too long. Ditto INVASION, which I once thought of as a mess. SPACE PIRATES takes patience but it's also not so bad. All of these have their flaws however. WAR GAMES is LONG but still watchable. And entertaining all the way through. MACRA TERROR has some laugh out loud parts and is odd and strange as all DW should be. It's very watchable. Victoria's leaving scene is very well done as is the helicopter parts. The villains are good but strange how they just get away and we're later told they recovered from the plant/weed. I used to hate THE ICE WARRIORS and SEEDS OF DEATH: I thought the Ice Warriors were awful, slow and talky and boring. Not true. Both have their draggy moments but both are realy very entertaining. Again, the Doc seemed like he could have stopped a lot of the death but didn't. Very good Doctor though and very good stories for the most part.

    I've always had a spot for KEYS OF MARINUS: I like the move along to new places feel of it. That said in parts it's slow moving but I still like it. It tries. RESCUE is a bit...sad for some reason. VIcki's loss, the Doc's loss, the death of the great big lizard that stupid Barbara shoots down...a nice twist though that a man is playing a monster...within the context of the show. THE SMUGGLERS is not as bad as THE HIGHLANDERS was and moves along quickly. THE DALEK MASTER PLAN is...good but that ep that I thought I'd enjoy the most: the one in Hollywood...poor. I could not tell what anyone was talking about. I did like the police station thing and the aside to Merry Christmas but the rest made no sense and it didn't even fit the madcap comedy those made sense. Mavic Chen was a good villain but insane and Hartnell in top form. THe Doctor culd have saved Sara when Steven reveals to turn time backward one only had to move a switch. He also was responsble for the crook getting into the ship who eventually is responsible for KaTarina's death...because...the Doc didn't know how to shut a door on the old style spaceships! WHat? The Egypt stuff was exciting but again DMPlan was way too long. I also wish the show could have gotten its alien delegates straight. THE MYTHMAKERS was the surprize of the bunch. It's funny in all the right places, witty lines, good acting, and serious at other times. I could almost feel Vicki's dilemma. Katarina's shock at the TARDIS is ...played correctly for real life but one could not see her staying that way for long or indeed being a comp for a long time...she didn't know what the f was going on. Bret on the other hand. Having the two women and Bret die was a good move if only to serve the danger of the show. Peter Purves is excellent here. THE MASSACRE is just about perfect. Except for Dodo's entrance and Steven's reentrance. Steven does not seem to care about an accident that happened to a little/small boy. Which in and of itself is odd: Why aren't we shown this or told more about the accident? Was it serious? What the heck? Then the Doc, Dodo and Steven just take off again and don't seem to care about the kid. The rest of the historical MASSACRE is just like the way historicals should be done: danger, twists and turns, surprises, moral dilemmas, wars, sides to take, political concerns, etc. THIS should be done today WITHOUT all the aliens and monsters. Gosh, I'm sick of RTD scripts. Anyway, AZTECS is a similar delight. REIGN OF TERROR took some patience to get through and the humor does not mix well in this with the more grisly aspects but again, it was not bad. THE ROMANS took some patience but again, not bad. It was a bit too goofy but not as much as most fans and reviewers say it was. Hartnell in all of these is just EXCELLENT. THE WEB PLANET was not as embarssing as say, THE TOYMAKER. THE TOYMAKER could have been better but it's not terrible. At times, it is embarassing as hell. WEB PLANET : IMO they tried and succeeded at making an truly alien world with truly alien aliens. It doesnt' all work but most of it does. I felt as if they were on another world. ANd it is still dangerous.

    SPACE MUSEUM; Poor Sita, I liked him and he died. This had a Twilight Zone feel to the first part and the rest, most dismiss as boring and slow but I think for its four parts, it keeps moving and is exciting and keeps the danger of where the four travelers might end up at the forefront. As space opera it's not bad.

    GALAXY FOUR is just so boring. It's probably the worst Hartnell besides THE CHASE. Only the CHASE ends up being so funny by the sixth ep because of all the fluffs, the stupidity of the plots, the bad direction, the mistakes in clothing, etc that one ends up laughing hard at it. GALAXY FOUR is not funny, not good space opera, and not exciting at all. It's a chore to sit through. THe Rills are disturbingly alien though and cannot even breath our air. Good alien touch for once.

    CRUSADES is one of those historicals that starts out great, gets better but then by the end, goes no where. It's okay and not as much of a chore as GALAXY FOUR. Good acting in CRUSADES though if a bit too good for DW.

    TENTH PLANET surprised me. I used to think it was dull and slow. It's not. Ben is great in this. ANd the idea that Cutler is the bad guy at the end...for good reasons of his own surprised me. I also was shocked Cutler got killed. I didn't think he was killed. The Cybermen in their debut...are odd and VERY alien here. In a way I wished they could have stayed this cloth faced for at least one more story. They are devious though as the last ep reveals. Hartnell...just marvelous all the way through. Great Doctor.

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