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     Home »  The Jon Pertwee Era »  HURT / HEAL 3RD DOCTOR
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    HURT / HEAL 3RD DOCTOR Views: 15784
     Saturday, April 25 2009 @ 04:36 PM EDT
    [Quote  by:  Mr. Magister] I'd like to ask Idiom & Whoovie about their dislike for Inferno...I LOVE THAT ONE!

    I have to confess that when I watched a few months ago, I found Inferno really rather dull. Particularly the second half of the story seemed to just go on and on. However, I want to know what everyone has against Death to the Daleks, it would be in my top three and is way better than either "planet of" or "Day of" the latter being terrible.

    I must confess that much of my prejudice and favouritism for various Pertwee and Baker episodes is nostalgic, i.e., what kind of impression they made on me when I was in the 5 - 10 year old range.

    Prime examples would be "The sea Devils" (them striding out the water with hand guns raised really put a damper on me going to the beach for a while), "the green death" (Maggots for God's sake), "the planet of the spiders" (Spiders on your back = lightning bolts from your hands) and the aforementioned "Death to the daleks" (The dead city full of traps spooked me as a kid + the excelon costume - "hey Dad, the cave wall is coming alive").

    Those episodes which I only remember from seeing as an adult, or reading as novelizations (when I was a kid) e.g. Inferno, The frontier in Space, The silurians, Ambassadors of Death, The carnival of Monsters, fail to make so much of an impression, either Good or Bad.

    I must confess I really don't see why everyone likes "Spearhead from space" so much.

    Having watched the entire Pertwee era about 9 months ago, the two things that struck me were, i) Too much Master (No offense intended Mr. Magister) and ii) Too many chases in motorized vehicles.

    I was wondering how many of those voting, saw these episode as children (i.e were under ten at first viewing and saw them in episodic format over a month) versus how many saw them when they were older and either on VHS, DVD or other continuous format (i.e. how scary was it versus critical assement of the story quality etc.).

    My list would have been quite different, I think.

    In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed are Kings
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, April 26 2009 @ 05:37 AM EDT
    [Quote  by:  Doctor Whoovie] I was wondering how many of those voting, saw these episode as children (i.e were under ten at first viewing and saw them in episodic format over a month) versus how many saw them when they were older and either on VHS, DVD or other continuous format (i.e. how scary was it versus critical assement of the story quality etc.).

    I think that this is a really interesting point - where do we develop our love of certain Doctor Who stories. My earliest Doctor Who memory is the Sea Devils and after that each story becomes clearer and clearer in my memory. I can remember my fear of the green maggots, my horror as Linx lifts his helmet for the first time, and those spiders...!
    The stories before the Sea Devils, I have no memory of and only knew about them through the Target novelisations and these, in some sense, I loved more than the TV episodes - free as they were from budgetary restraints in my imagination. So my love for Spearhead and the Daemons came from the novels (and luckily when I finally saw them, didn't disappoint).
    Inferno, however, is a story that I knew little about until I saw it on DVD as it was one of the stories which wasn't novelsied until quite a lot later. Don't get me wrong, from an adut point of view, I really liked the story and thoroughly enjoyed watching the DVD. However, the love that I had for those stories which I read and saw when I was younger wasn't quite there. This is why Inferno, etc probably suffered during my voting.
    It will be interesting when we do the 2nd Doctor as these accounted for a fair few of my top ten books when I was younger and to this day that is my only experience of a lot of the stories.
    As for why I like Spearhead so much, it has always felt to me like Doctor Who blazing its way into the modern age: colour, pacy, sixties chases, the icon autons (for me the scene where they burst from the forest at the side of the road is so much more powerful than the shop window scene as this is the type of countryside which has always surrounded the area where I live)and Jon Pertwee gurning (you gotta love it!).

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, April 26 2009 @ 10:31 AM EDT
    I didn't get into Dr. Who until I was about 16. Before that, I always knew it simply as 'That show w/ the terrible special effects and monsters with zippers up their backs'. My comparison was from the perspective of a boy who had been reared on Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers..........all of which were shows with larger budgets and better special effects. As an impressionable young teen, I was drawn to these over Dr. Who. My local PBS provider was showing the end of the Tom Baker era, so it's not hard to deride a kid for pointing and laughing when his first few impressions of the show were Creature from the Pit and Horns of the Nimon. Eventually I got past those seasons and New Jersey got it's first look at the Davison era. I love over the top bad-guys, and Ainley's Master made me take serious notice of the show. I tried to tune in every week. Hats off to the Terileptils, the Mara and Sharaz Jek for pulling me in for good. I couldnt' get enough. Then an amazing thing happened. My PBS station essentially caught up to the BBC and went back to the Pertwee era....first time these were ever shown in the US (I think) - so I experienced Jon Pertwee for the first time at about 17 or 18 years old. Loved every minute of his episodes. The witty banter w/ the Brig, the Master, Joe..etc...the excellent excellent bad guys (Roger Delgado even better than Ainley)..I could go on and on. I think I was just the right age and mindset to embrace early 70's doctor who w/out having the early Tom Baker era to compare it to. Ie, I LOVED Daemons, Inferno, Spearhead, Peladon long before I new Talons, Genesis or Robots existed.

    Some cool quotes off the top of my head:

    - Sir Keith Gold is an old woman!
    - You dare defy the great Qui Quae Quod?
    - Tears? Sara Jane?
    - Omega...ignore him! He's completely frivolous!
    - I do not exist in this dimension!....Good, then you won't feel the bullets when we shoot you!

    Being a teen-ager, I wasn't often frightened watching Dr. Who. I was 'creeped out' a few times, most notably the Auton getting up after being hit by the police car, and tumbling down the hill, the Master's dark ritual in Daemons and of course the gross maggots.

    As far as Death to the Daleks, I haven't seen it in many years and it's not available on DVD here in the states yet. My memory of it is that it was just another typical Dalek story...and not a very visually remarkable one. I guess what predjudiced me mostly was the annoying music which followed the Dr. as he made his way through the city...sort of had an amusing feel to it, rather than enforce the dire predicament he was in. Guess that was it.

    Regarding the many 'chases in motorized vehicles' that Whoovei mentioned. From what I've read about Jon Pertwee, I understand that he was a huge fan of gadgets and sports and he wanted to get as many 'James Bond' like scenes added into Dr. Who. Most notably is the extended chase scene in Spiders. It was Jon's last show and the director and producer indulged Jon's desires to the limit where the Doctor chased Lupton across England in every vehicle short of Chinese rickshaws Smile.

    I'm looking forward to the next Hurt / Heal, see ya.

    Yes, I still have the rubbish beard!
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Monday, April 27 2009 @ 08:51 AM EDT
    Well no surprise or complaint with the winner, but I would rate Terror of the Autons and The Silurians higher than The Three Doctors, The Sea Devils and The Curse of Peladon. They'd still be in or around the top ten though.

    I would rate The Time Warrior and Carnival of Monsters a bit higher as I think they have some very entertaining, witty dialogue but the big surprise of the list is Inferno not even making the top 10. It would be an easy top 3 for me.

    I think the sense of doom and helplessness hanging over the middle episodes and the atmosphere created by the constant droning of the drill/Earth tearing itself apart are hugely effective.
    And as I've mentioned before, it's got the Brig' in an eye patch! Mr. Green

    I'm pretty surprised by what came bottom. There is no way for me that Ambassadors of Death is the weakest serial of the era.
    I also think The Claws of Axos while no classic is a bit better than it tends to be rated.

    I think that while the Pertwee era doesn't have scores of classic episodes like the Tom Baker era and can get a bit formulaic, it's very consistent at an above average to good level for most serials with only a very few duds.

    IMO these are The Monster of Peladon, Planet of the Daleks and worst of the lot, Death to the Daleks, (when it's not interminably dull it's laughably inept. That music Eek!.) and The Time Monster which has nothing to recommend it barring the lovely Ingrid Pitt.

    As for when I first saw these episodes, I wasn't born when they first aired so only saw them as repeats/on video in the early nineties as a child. At that time Pertwee was my favourite Doctor, I think aided by all the driving about and the supporting cast of the Brig', Benton, the Master, etc. He's not my favourite now (2nd & 4th are) but I still rate him highly and get a lot out of his era.
    I loved The Green Death when I was younger and I expect like a lot of fans I remember it as the show which taught me the word serendipity. Big Grin

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