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     Home »  The David Tennant Era »  SO... is David Tennant now both the 10th and ..
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    SO... is David Tennant now both the 10th and 11th Doctors at Views: 1987
     Tuesday, July 08 2008 @ 07:05 PM EDT
    Don't forget the Master has been given a whole new cycle of regenerations by the Time Lords. It was first offered in "The Five Doctors" as a bribe to help the Doctors. and in the saga "Utopia/The Sound Of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords" it was revealed that he was given new regenerations.

    If the Master can get them with Time Lord help couldn't the Doctor find a way to do it without the Time Lords???

    This is science-fiction so anything is possible.

    "Make your last move, Doctor. Make your LAST move." The Celestial Toymaker to the Doctor in "The Celestial Toymaker: The Final Test"
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Tuesday, July 08 2008 @ 08:57 PM EDT
    These are the kind of debates that make my wife laugh at me, though I love them Smile

    As far as the Master: We've seen him use so many different ways to prolong his life since the Deadly Assassin. Yes, he was offered the new regenerations in Five Doctors, and came back after being killed by the Daleks in the movie. One could argue that Anthony Ainely and Eric Roberts masters could not regenerate since they were stolen bodies, not timelord. Then the Master was resurrected for the time war (how? who knows) And even though he chose not to regenerate at the end, given his track record, heaven knows how he'll pop back up next.

    To me this also raises the question of how the Chameleon Arch technology works. It basically rewrites all the DNA and cells in the body to make him human...hmmm...sounds pretty much like what a regeneration does.

    As for the Romana bit - simple - they had to replace the actress and Douglas Adams was a great script editor Smile

    One could seriously debate this all day, but it'll come down to some producer or writer stuck in a corner will modify or add on or add some gobbly-gook to get them out which then becomes canon, no matter how much it makes sense or jives with established canon.

    If you really want to go nuts there is

    Note: I'm not responsible if you start clicking links and never get back ! Smile

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Wednesday, July 09 2008 @ 04:43 AM EDT
    But did the second doctor regenerate or was he changed by the Time Lords at the end of the "War Games". If he was changed does that count as a regeneration ? Confused

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Wednesday, July 09 2008 @ 08:54 PM EDT
    [Quote  by:  tarashnat]
    The Fourth Doctor also states that Timelords can live virtually forever, barring accidents, so it is possible that regenerations were not that common for normal timelords, but Last of the Timelords seems to throw a monkey wrench into this idea.

    It was inferred from the classic series that the number is controlled by the timelords, so without the timelords, anything can happen.

    Hmmm..... With Gallifrey gone, the Eye of Harmony, which was a chard of galactic material, (reference the 1st time "The Key Of Rassilon" was mentioned, in one Tom Baker episode, where he assumed the roll of President of the High Council.), then became a containment for a galactic force, later, when the Master opened it aboard the TARDIS, In Peter's, and later Paul's versions.) etc.. Some of the writers have taken a bit of free writing, molding the story to their liking, and RTD is none different. (though a bit free'er than past.. Remembering the head of a Cyberman in the collection in Christopher's version, later changed to the sleeker, Blue-LED version for David's.. )

    Well, it looks like the open void, unleashed the Cybermen, per the ending spoiler for the new season. The new version kind of leaves me empty.. The original Cybermen weren't hell-bent on improving, they too were conquerers like the Daleks. They only began creating new Cybermen when their race nearly became extinct on Mondas. But, they would eventually kill off the will of the races they absorbed. (shades of the Borg, Ala-Trek) (rolls all the way back to Patrick's era.) the Upgrade part, still strikes me more of Micro$oft, than RTD. Laughing Out Loud )

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Wednesday, July 09 2008 @ 09:04 PM EDT
    [Quote  by:  shockeye07] But did the second doctor regenerate or was he changed by the Time Lords at the end of the "War Games". If he was changed does that count as a regeneration ? Confused

    Given the times that the Doctor has referenced his past regenerations and given counts, yes.

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Thursday, July 17 2008 @ 11:36 PM EDT
    [Quote  by:  shockeye07] But did the second doctor regenerate or was he changed by the Time Lords at the end of the "War Games". If he was changed does that count as a regeneration ? Confused

    There's actually quite a few threads going back a few years with various interesting debates on the subject of regeneration. They're a lot of fun to read. Here's one I posted a while back after reading something in an old Doctor Who mag...

    I'm going "Full Circle" and putting my avatar back to what it was when I first joined. :)
      Profile    PM    Email   

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