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     Home »  The David Tennant Era »  Season 4: Stupid opener to Brilliant to Depre..
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    Season 4: Stupid opener to Brilliant to Depressing SPOILERS Views: 765
     Saturday, January 03 2009 @ 02:52 PM EST
    Partners in Crime
    One of the worst since the new series came back, ranking down there with the awful NEW EARTH, the two part Empire State Building one, and the Master two parter at season 3's end. This was just stupid, silly and unfunny. Piss poor in all regards despite a few "cute" scenes. The "monsters" were awful, the lady in charge of them awful and Rose's return BIG F'IN DEAL.

    The Fires of Pompeii
    Thank God a good story. Nicely done. Catherine Tate finally gets a good script on this show and has the ability to be a GREAT companion, in fact she already is just from this alone and a few scenes she had in the piss poor RUNAWAY BRIDE and pissier poor PARTNERS IN CRIME. This companion should run for five more years! Anyway great performances all around, but I think the cult is a lot like the Sisterhood, colorful though. The sets were great but more should have been seen. In fact, for all it was going to Rome it might have been done in the BBC. The effects were great, the action great. One quibble: does every historical, indeed every story have to have a monster/alien? WHY? Anyway David and Catherine are excellent. Love the scene where she demands he bring the TARDIS back to save someone. Fantastic!

    Planet of the Ood
    This one is also very good and showcases both Davd and Catherine's acting ability: great. I loved it. A planet! Finally, a full on planet! Of aliens...and humans. RTD also has to have humans...why? Is he afraid of the Web Planet? At least that tried to create a full on alien world. The Ood are properly creepy again and the action moves along. A tradiational DW story really and one with a lot of emotion and sympathy. I felt it might have lost its way by the end but it was entertaining throughout with nice stuff from Donna again. A dangerous story this one!

    The Sontaran Straegem
    The Poison Sky
    Both of these rocked! The Sontarans are brought back in style. Again, though RTD had to have the whole world at large in danger. It's pushing it. I loved this one though and for once, I felt things were really in danger, despite the whole world obviously not going to get destroyed. Donna gets to do marvelous things, her family is interesting and funny, Martha's return okay. I could have done without the double storyline as it's old but whatever. I also think changing UNIT's name is stupid. I wanted the young soldier to have lived, he was good. Glad to see the boy sacrificing himself redemming himself. A good story.

    The Doctor's Daughter
    Not good. Some good stuff but mostly awful. The story is old hat, Martha causes an alien to die because she just wants to rejoin her friends, the Daughter isn't even the daughter, she also regenerates but doesn't change her appearance (WHY?), she really died, AS IN DEAD and cannot come back from that no matter what but she does. The Doc dismisses her but he's wrong. Truly a case of hype, not living up to it at all. All seem to be trying hard but I hope this daughter DOES NOT COME BACK! But juding from ratings she will. WHy couldn't it be his real daughter?

    The Unicorn and the Wasp
    Another tradiational ep and yet another alien in the past. Despite the RTD cliches (will they ever do a pure historical again?), this one is also good. Donna has great scenes, even though some of them arr ripped off from ABBOT AND COSTELLO (the whole, "He did it" rtouine with the popcorn) and ripped off from YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (charades) and MURDER BY DEATH. THis one kept my interest all the way through and was funny and fast moving. Why do most gay guys on DW either not survive or not have mates or a mate? RTD may be gay but he sure doesn't prove that by making gays alone or dead or desperate. He flirts with some gayness but NEVER delievers.

    Silence in the Library
    Forest of the Dead
    These two roused some interest but I kept thinking that the old shrivled up Doc from the last two eps of the last season (3) were the Docs that would be with River Song (nice name). That said it was creepy and exciting and I truily thought none of the guest stars were going to survive. In a way they don't. The ending was rushed and not at all making sense and lets down most of the stuff that went before it. Donna/Catherine does a great job. It is truly a good story but...lotsa cliches and sort of...predictable by ep two. Ep1 is better and yet more confusing. IT all just does not gel.

    I liked this one in a TWLIGHT ZONE kinda way or OUTER LIMITS the original way. What I don't understand is why the aliens are so evil and why they can't work something out with the Doctor. The Doc seems out of his element here and that's a good thing but the others are so...not going to help him and then , wel, one does and again, another person had to give their life up to save the Doctor and company and poor little boy that he is, he doesn't want to talk about it. A great group of performances. Watch out for the boy in this story he becomes Merlin in the superior MERLIN that's what a fantasy show should be like!!!! WOW! Anyway this was okay but the ending let me down a bit and nor do the other guests on the shuttle show what they learned or what they were like after their adventure...we should have seen their reactions as they disembark but...nothing.

    Turn Left
    A good show, a good ep, well acted and's a downer. I don't really want to see the whole Earth get messed up like this on a regular basis and then...know it will out work out and be reset in some way. Tate does a great job but some of the other stuf f does not gel: the Doc would stay in the underground and die becuse WHY exactly? Torchwood cannot handle the Sontarans? Rose's teeeth? Rose seems full of herself more than ever and ...well, she was just annoying. WHy couldn't this have been an alternate someone else or even another Doctor? Whatever, Catherine carries the entire thing and does a great job and I couldn't wait to find out how this Donna would cope...truly okay but not enjoyable as it just hurts to watch her die like that.

    The Stolen Earth
    Journey's End
    AWFUL. Absolutely awful. Almost every line, every scene is just so wrong this might be as wrong as the CHASE was so many years ago. It's nice to see the companions together but they hardly even get to talk to each other or have scenes with each other. Sarah Jane leaves Luke, then gets trapped in her car, Daleks say they are going to kill her and then...don't. She says she's sorry so that make sit allright. Then later she gives up just to get on the Daleks ship, what a plan. Capt Jack tells the others, "I'm sorry we're dead," without evening trying to do anything. What a dope. Sarah gets all emotional about Luke, "You're so young<" and then leaves him. Rose wories about...the Doctor finding her. Martha is going to blow up the Earth...that'l teach those dirty rotten Daleks. The one thing that makes this ALMOST watchable is Davros's return. He's stunning and so evil. Uhm, Caan changes sides again and again. Davros calls the Doctor destroyer of worlds? Isn't that the pot callling the kettle black or whatever? And then another depresing event for Donna and the viewers as she has to leave. The Doc saddles Rose with a copoy Doc and then leaves? What? WHy? He just lamented over her all for two seasons and then he gives her up to someone else tht clearly isn't really the Doctor and clearlyl Rose isn't comfortable with. It all felt so WRONG. One nice scene at the end iwth DOnna's grandfather. Now wouldnt he make a great companion? Anyway RTD, give it all up, you suck at this point. YOu can't write DW at all based on this...oh, and the Next Doctor.
    All in all the season was very light at the front, exciting in the middle and downright depressing in the end. Can't DW be a fun action adventure again with very alien places, far removed from Earth. I say bring on the Zog of the Planet Zog facing the ZOg monsters! Make us care about aliens again and also do some historicals light on aliens and monsters. ANd do smaller stories; mysteries, actions adventures, little hidden bits of history. THe whole world doesn't have to be in danger every single story! ANd stop doing the depressing things! What the heck?

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