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     Home »  The Colin Baker Era »  TRIAL ep1 and 2
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    TRIAL ep1 and 2 Views: 1455
     Monday, February 23 2009 @ 06:51 PM EST
    Okay, no matter how one tries to reassess this piece of junk, it just comes up awful. Yes, the Doc and Peri's relationship is much better and they are not always fighting...still, she'd rather wait behind than go down a tunnel with him, she's depressed...and so should anyone watching this crap. I'm sorry but none of it makes any sense in any way, shape or form and the parts that do are just slow slowslow and stupid...the Doc uses an umbrella to stop a stoning...and then doesn't...and then he only gets knocked out! The extra charaters, bar Glitz and Dibber are just awful and now that I mention it Glitz and Dibber aren't that greateither. It all reads like a school play of BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES only without the apes and with a fat red headed bad actor woman, two annoying blond boys, over too serious guards, two very wobbly and un-dangerous robots and interuptions of our story by another story that takes place in a stuffy room. We're suppsed to be amused by Colin's jabs at the Valeyard and the twins. They are not funny.

    What is funny is that the only person who was fired was the one who should not have been: Colin. JNT, Saward and the entire team should have been fired on the spot and the show given another rest until someone could figure out what to do with it. TRIAL is a mess from start to finish and a boring embarassment.I"ll take ANY other story of the first five Doctors and compared to those, this is utter crap. As for the McCoy stories...don't get me started...TIME AND THE RANI almost ended me as a fan, PARADISE TOWERS was not much better.

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     Tuesday, February 24 2009 @ 06:54 PM EST

    What we observe is not Nature Itself, but Nature exposed to our method of questioning.
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     Tuesday, February 24 2009 @ 07:21 PM EST
    Forgive that previous post. My error.
    Wow. Chase pulls no punches, eh? Let's not kick a dead horse. TRIAL was not good, but it depends on how you look at it.

    For the last year have been watching all episodes in order, starting with Tom Baker. Have finally arrived at Colin, and TRIAL. And, oddly enough, if taken as was intended, in order and not merely a one shot-hey-i'm-going-to-sit-down-and-watch-just-this-season, it makes sense.

    Sort of.

    Good news: First of all, the idea is good, atleast in concept. The 6th Doctor, his mood, his character, is by far the best suited for TRIAL. We get to see Colin as the Doctor finding his way in the role, making it his own. MYSTERIOUS PLANET is the best of the lot, with a very interesting story ruined by over-acting and poor court interludes.

    Bad news: most everyhting is horrible--acting, production, and the scripts. And there's Mel. Eek! . Enough said. But the most tragic of all is this was Colin's last season. Am finally glad that he gets to live on as the Doctor in the Big Finish audios.

    TRIAL is horrible Chase, yes. But I can think of a few worse: LOVE AND MONSTERS, LEISURE HIVE (though this one maybe debateable), and anything from SEASON 24.

    So often Chase we are given a litany of the episodes you hate, I would be curious, to see what episodes are close to your heart.

    What we observe is not Nature Itself, but Nature exposed to our method of questioning.
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Wednesday, February 25 2009 @ 11:09 AM EST
    [Quote  by:  Aurelius76]
    So often Chase we are given a litany of the episodes you hate, I would be curious, to see what episodes are close to your heart.

    Thank goodness somebody said what many of us are thinking.

    I don't think that I've noticed any positive statemnet by him.

    I can also think of even worse episodes - The Romans, The Myth Makers, The Gunfighters, The Nightmare of Eden, The Horns of Nimon - in comparison Trial is not that bad, though still not great.

    "Make your last move, Doctor. Make your LAST move." The Celestial Toymaker to the Doctor in "The Celestial Toymaker: The Final Test"
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Wednesday, February 25 2009 @ 11:30 AM EST
    [Quote  by:  T Baker(notTom)]
    I can also think of even worse episodes - The Romans, The Myth Makers, The Gunfighters, The Nightmare of Eden, The Horns of Nimon - in comparison Trial is not that bad, though still not great.

    Don't diss The Romans, or Nightmare of Eden! Smile 2 of my favourites! And while its tough to defend Eden at times, The Romans is very well made, and very funny!

    As far as Trial is concerned, I enjoy it immensely every time I watch it. Sure there are some embarrassing moments, but Colin is fantastic in it, as is Michale Jayston, and many others! I'll never forget watching that opening shot live in 1986 and being amazed! Sure what follows is a let down, but I still think Episode 13 is one of the most exciting episodes of Who ever. And it is very well done indeed!

    The trial was a misguided idea, but I would rather have it than not! It will be interesting to see what Big Finish do with the stories that would have been Season 23!

    If you're in the New York area come join us for Pub and Video meets -
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     Wednesday, March 04 2009 @ 09:16 PM EST
    Yeah I guess you haven't read all my posts but I do say which ones are "close" but to be honest, DW as a whole, as an idea is much closer to my heart than any one story to be honest. I love almost all the ones you mentioned. I really like from FULL CIRCLE through EARTHSHOCK but I do realize Black Orchid is...shall we say, flawed. I also am partial to seasons 16 and 17 in their entirety bar a few eps of ARMEGGEDON FACTOR. I also lke SHADA but Tom Baker can do almost no wrong. I like his first season a great deal and in hindsight I think it slowed down once we got rid of Harry for some reason... Having just watched ALL of Hartnell and Troughton including the reconstructions I must say I enjoyed almost all of them except GALAXY FOUR, THE HIGHLANDERS and a few slow moments during AMb SNOWMEN but I liked Snowmen.

    I also watched Pertwee's seasons and must say it was a chore to get through GREEN DEATH but the others were pretty entertaining and enjoyable.

    I ALWAYS stick up for Colin but having just rewatched most of DW...I must say his performance during Trial part two is cringeworthy and embarassing and awful. I guess it could be blamed on the direction.

    I've said this over and over but I love the Chris Eccelson season and most of seasons 2 and 3 and 4. I think they are great. The only Xmas Story that is worth anything is the first one XMAS INVASION.

    I don't know if that clarifies what I like. I do like ROMANS, NIGHTMARE OF EDEN, HORNS OF NIMON, CREATURE FROM THE PIT, THE GUNFIGHTERS...all of them have flaws butI'd take all of them over the crap that was TRIAL, TIME AND THE RANI, and PARADISE TOWERS. Oh yeah and I guess I can throw in TIMELASH and great deal of Colin's first season too. I DO like Mark of the Rani ad Twin Dilemma. Go figure. I haven't really figured out why. I guess having Doc who's trying to lkill his companion is a really scary, dangerous and brave idea.

    The TV Movie: I loved it when I saw it and rewatched it but recently re rewatched it and must has problems but also as RTD himslf said, it has some of the best moments of all of DW in it too.

    Anyway not sure this shows what I like!

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Wednesday, March 04 2009 @ 09:23 PM EST
    Currently trying to get through PLANET OF EVIL all the way up to ...gosh, McCoy and not having much success. Other newer and older shows keep gettng in the way. And I have to get through the third season of KYO KARA MAOH...and...

    Truthfully I always thought a great deal of the Tom/Sarah Jane stories lacked something: a bit of humor that came later maybe?

    Oh yeah, I also likedsome of Davison's later stuff: AWAKENING is okay and FRONTIOS tries real hard. I also like ENLGHTENMENT.

    Trouble I always found with DW is that the ideas (such as MAWDRYN UNDEAD taking place in two time zones) or he setting (such as AMsterdam in ARC OF INFINITY)much more interesting than the finished product ALOT OF THE TIME. I mean ANDROID INVASION starts out innocent and strange eough and interesting enough but look at how much of a mess that story is. ANd regardless of what people say, this happened a lot in DW and still does. NEXT DOCTOR really sucks as a whole story but there are bits and pieces of that XMAS story that are close to my heart to be honest. I cansay the same thing about a great deal of DW I'm sorry to say. I think the new show delivers far more than the old show did. Or at least it used to. NEXT DOCTOR, JOURNEY'S END, and several others are just...awful. Off track again. Look at LEISURE HIVE: Great idea that deteriorates at the climax. Take Meglos: Please!

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Saturday, March 07 2009 @ 12:05 PM EST
    Chase, after reading your last two posts, I must add, that they are more honest, more sound and more insightful than most of your other posts and softer on the eyes than your blazing reviews of horrible DW (see THE NEXT DOCTOR, which yes, is horrible.)

    Must agree with you that through the years, countless moives and tv shows, DW is close to my own heart as well, beyond most other things ... it is an old friend and comfort food; but friends can misspeak and grate our nerves and even the best food can become stale and cold ...

    Am too trying to get through a the series in order. Started with ROBOT (going to restart with Doctors 1-3 after I am done; had to start with Tom!) and just recently began TIME AND THE RANI; am not looking forward to McCoy's first season.

    Lastly, am in total agreement with on the conceptual side of DW--meaning, the ideas even the concept of the show, is greater than the finished product. Am 100% in agreement with that and glad you said, since few wil and do say, believing the classic series untouchable and so many excuses made for it. With the new series, the emotion, the "sub-texts" are more visible, but what RTD and the other writers forget, alittle goes a long way. How many more close-ups of a forlorn doctor, on the edge of tears, lamenting his lost companions, do we need?

    What we observe is not Nature Itself, but Nature exposed to our method of questioning.
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, March 08 2009 @ 01:10 PM EDT
    thanks for that.Good luck on getting through PARADISE TOWERS and DRAGONFIRE but if you've already passsed both TRIAL and TIME AND THE RANI (the worstDW story ever anywhere) you're in the homestretch.

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, March 22 2009 @ 06:11 PM EDT
    One thing I don't understand is: i've reviewed almost every story from Docs One through Three and a goodnumber of DocFive and said a lot of nice thing and ratedall of them. Almost every DOctor One story was rated well (Chase and Galaxy Four aside) and most of DOC TWO was rated well above fours and fives..out of ten. I also gave most Pertwee's a 6 through 10 out of ten with some falling below 5...that's all pretty good and close to my heart but let's not be fooled, there's plenty of bad DW (TRIAL, TIME AND THE RANI, PARADISE TOWERS)once you get past LOGOPOLIS and only a few bad DW before that point (INVISIBLE ENEMY and ANDROID INVASION). But to say that I've not been honest or not liked anything or said anything positive about the stories is wrong. I'm also looking at them all critically and to see if they hold up as entertainment or as a logical If I like a story but see something that makes me think of a question or a fault, I write that

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