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     Home »  Other Science Fiction/Fantasy »  HEROES and LOST
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    HEROES and LOST Views: 1546
     Monday, April 27 2009 @ 10:04 PM EDT
    Does anyone else think that these two high concept shows with major potential---really, really suck?

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     Tuesday, April 28 2009 @ 04:16 AM EDT
    Not really. The first two seasons of Lost were awesome, especially the very first episode. That opening scene of Jack lying in the jungle is one of the best moments of Television for me. And the first season of Heroes was, in my opinion, the closest you can get, along with the movie Unbreakable, to pulling a comic from the page to the screen.
    On the other hand, the most recent seasons of both have been pretty poor and have fallen into the X-Files trap of getting bogged down in their own continuity. I'm up to episode 12 of Heroes Season 3 and it's as though the writers have forgotten what made the characters interesting in the first place. Only Hiro and Ando are at all interesting to me now. And the *SPOILER ALERT* Island moving at the end of Lost Season 4 just made me turn off.
    But, the X-Files turned it around not once but twice. Season 6 and Season 9 were classic monster-of-the-week stuff and to my mind the best of the entire show. For that reason alone I am willing to give them a chance. Lost especially is better when watched in a block rather than week-to-week.

      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Tuesday, April 28 2009 @ 04:54 AM EDT
    After a awful third series, Lost has improved greatly. I think the fact that they actually know when the show is going to end has sped up the writing and has made the writers answer questions, rather than keep asking them. That got really frustrating!

    But Heroes has been awful since the middle of series one. But I keep watching, in hope mostly Wink

    Please check out my blog, as I attempt to watch and review EVERY Doctor Who episode!
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Tuesday, April 28 2009 @ 08:02 AM EDT
    I sure don't. Although, I haven't seen Heroes since the beginning of season 2. I've been collecting them all and will watch them eventually. But I thought season 1 was amazing. And I've been hooked on Lost, too. I think it's a great show.

    I'm going "Full Circle" and putting my avatar back to what it was when I first joined. :)
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Tuesday, April 28 2009 @ 08:54 AM EDT
    I might grant you a little leeway on Heroes, but hell no to Lost! The only time Lost "lost" a little steam was the beginning of season 3, when Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were being held at The Hydra station. The producers seemed to focus a little too much time there, but after that it got pretty good as we started learning about Jacob and began setting things in motion that are core elements of the story today. And the season 3 finale just rocked in every way possible!

    Heroes, on the other hand, has been a disappointment. I find myself every few weeks wondering why I still watch. I like the underlying concept and few of the characters, but the writers just cannot put together a finale to save their lives (or perhaps their jobs). Most of season 1 was really good, and there were 2 or 3 episodes that I would go so far as to say were outstanding. But parts of the first finale just seemed so forced, and the final showdown with Sylar was just garbage. And because some haven't caught up with this season yet, I won't spoil anything but I'll just say that the end of Volume 3 at the beginning of this season left me saying, "Huh? What, it's over just like that?" Hiro and Ando are pretty much the only reason I watch now, and it's too bad their parts have been reduced this time around...

    But this begs the question that has been asked before: if the shows "really, really suck" why do you keep watching? I have no desire whatsoever to watch "The Bachelor" or "The Young and the Restless", so I don't...

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Tuesday, April 28 2009 @ 10:20 AM EDT
    Wow, Chase. Something we can almost agree on. Well half-agree anyway!

    Lost is amazing right now - since they got their definite end date and have been able to move towards their ending, everything is firing on all cylinders, and I honestly think that once we get to the end, and can watch the whole series, it will be like reading an epic classic novel (think Dostoyevsky, Melville, or Tolstoy!). It really is that good.

    Heroes on the other hand. A total mess - character-wise, script-wise, story-wise, everything-wise. Way to go with a "happy" resolution in "volume 4" that is already unravelling within 5 minutes!!!!!

    But last night made me shout out "Logopolis"!!!!!

    If you're in the New York area come join us for Pub and Video meets -
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Tuesday, April 28 2009 @ 03:10 PM EDT
    I started to watch both, and gave up on both.

    I just couldnt get into Heroes. If anyone does net rentals (Lovefilm etc), getting the first disc of a box-set is always the hard part, and it took ages to get disc 1 of series 1 - but when I did I was only half interested at best. I think I got the 2nd one too, but that was it.

    I liked the opening of Lost and I remember the one were the main man and the fugitive girly went and found the lost plane (that crash landed in the trees) and they were crawling around in it - it was genuinely tense (and a bit scary!). That said, it's the last one I saw.

    Nothing dies of old age on Skaro!
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Tuesday, April 28 2009 @ 03:11 PM EDT
    duplicate post - ignore

    Nothing dies of old age on Skaro!
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Tuesday, April 28 2009 @ 05:19 PM EDT
    Yeah, I don't really. Every now and again I tune into both to see if they've changed at all and they haven't frankly and I guess both rely on the week to week watching. I gave up on HEROES a long time ago mostly because the characters I liked almost always died. I hate Hiro and Ando and think they are the worst part of LOST and always have been. Both shows don't know where they are going and what their story is and they try to make us strung along as much as possible thinking the answer is this or that...LOST's people, characters I have almost no interest in and I hate the flashbacks. I'm not watching this to learn about their private lives EVERY week but to watch adventures on the island but even the island stuff is boring. And there are no answers given really.

    HEROES went off rail in season two pretty much. I liked season one. HEROES never recovered and the characters I like either die or just never get mentioned or shown.

    BTW anyone remember PETER BENCHLEY'S AMAZON? It is basically LOST but done in a survival mode, and is almost certainly a better show in many ways. It didn't go all WERID on us and not explain it. That said, at times, it got bogged down. They even did one flashback to before the crash episode. In many ways, this show is forerunner of LOST. In other ways the kid's show FLIGHT 29 DOWN is also better: it goes the survival route rather than the werid out route. It's a good show that most teens love.

    Anyway I like the ideas of both HEROES and LOST but watching as many as I did in the first season of LOST (not really that many to be honest, they lost me after the second episode) and the second of HEROES and being dissapointed by both so often made me realize I hate these shows as is. If there were some plan maybe and some story maybe they'd be good shows but they're not.

    And am I the only one that believes the X FILES NEVER went off the rails? (Okay I'm willing to admit the recent movie is off the rails). I find great episodes all along the nine seasons mixed with many that are so so. I also find several bad episodes in the early seasons and great ones in the later seasons.

    Of course MILLENNIUM just gets better with time and none of these shows can even approach that.IMO of course. Smile

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Tuesday, April 28 2009 @ 07:29 PM EDT
    [Quote  by:  Chase] And am I the only one that believes the X FILES NEVER went off the rails? (Okay I'm willing to admit the recent movie is off the rails). I find great episodes all along the nine seasons mixed with many that are so so. I also find several bad episodes in the early seasons and great ones in the later seasons.

    If I had to name one "off the rails" complaint about the X-Files, it would be that when Mulder and then Scully left the show the writers didn't make a clean break from them. I always hoped they would let Dogget and Reyes go back to the style of earlier seasons with more stand-alone type stories and less mythology arcs. In my mind, because they kept bringing up and referencing Mulder and Scully the new agents could never really fill their shoes. JMHO.

    I'm going "Full Circle" and putting my avatar back to what it was when I first joined. :)
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Thursday, April 30 2009 @ 03:23 AM EDT

    /Rant Mode on

    The problem I have with both is that they pander to the idea (perputated by multiple fans saying) that "Time Travel Stories make my Brain Bleed". Lost has taken the idea of predestination and attempted to tweak it to where the gen-pop can wrap their heads around it. Heroes only let Hero have one excercise in Temporal Dynamics when he "stabbed Ando" and followed it with the work he did to prevent the fatilaty. I understand that the networks have the difficulty of dealing with the "Dallas effect" al la "Bobby I had the strangest dream", but seriously! I contend that if the networks need to dumb it down to make it palatible to the gen-pop then they should not make those shows. In this day and age, we should have a network that can do big ideas without having to pander to the lowest common denominator.

    /Rant mode end

    /Rant Mode on

    And while I'm at it RTD only does TD (Temporial Dynamics) as a joke! Moff did Blink as an excercise in TD and did it perfectily, when you have to question the disposition of the DOctor/Martha pair (as many of ye did) then you understand (as an author) how TD works to move a story. There are no illusions that I love Blink, but I do so for Multiple reasons. And the Moff did it. I don't think anyone in the Holyweird circle could manage it today.

    /Rant Mode off

    I'm a Time Traveler, I point and laugh at archaeologist.
      Profile    PM    Email    Website 
     Thursday, April 30 2009 @ 07:19 PM EDT
    Well time strangeness can be...interesting but if you think about it too long or too much, it really doesn't make much sense at all. If someone goes back in time and kills his grandfather, will he be born? If not, how can he go back and kill his grandfather? Same thing about steppig on a butterfly and a movie did this I think...anyway the time stuff is odd and fun at times but too much of it can...erode a story to the point that no one cares. I didn't care one bit about Peter's trip to the future and changing that. I didn't care about Hiro's trip to the past nor how he effected the present. I think that was more due to the SLOW pace of the show, the story, and the poor silly characters who change episodically. Anway I'm rambling again.

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Saturday, May 02 2009 @ 07:12 PM EDT
    Have not watched LOST, so I am unable to comment on the show, though it is on my “to watch” list, but that’s neither here nor there. As for HEROES, this once great show has become an utter mess.

    The brilliance of Season 1 was that it (meaning the plot and to a lesser degree the writers) knew what it was doing. Everything had its place, its meaning—there was a tempo and purpose and the show excelled.

    Season 2 knew what it was doing, but, unfortunately, did not count on the writer’s strike which in effect shut the show down half a season early, destroying most of the plot we did see—of the 13 episodes, Hiro’s time is largely wasted in Japan; Peter’s time is largely wasted in Ireland, and the end feels hurried, rushed and sort of “stapled” together (Tim Kring has admitted this much.) But, the show, overall, was still good.

    A year passed. (Unlike our beloved Dr.Who we got no specials, no nothing, just dead air for a whole year.)

    Season 3 had several problems to deal with—the invincibility of Peter and Sylar; the lacking of villains (hence the title of the first half of Season 3, Volume 3); and the revolving door of people with abilities; sadly the show either didn’t deal with the problems or made them worse. Without using spoilers, after any episode of Season 3, the viewer was left saying “What the what??” The show has lost its cohesion, its purpose and sense of direction. It is nothing more than a grandiose soap opera with people who can fly and melt things with their minds. I won’t even mention the season finale. Yipes. This is a train wreck in the grandest of scales. With that being said, will I watch Season 4, Volume 5? I really don’t know, perhaps but with a heavy heart. In closing, the one thing I can credit the show with is when someone dies, they stay dead. No secret comebacks. The question is, when will this show stay dead?

    What we observe is not Nature Itself, but Nature exposed to our method of questioning.
      Profile    PM    Email   
     Saturday, May 09 2009 @ 08:25 PM EDT
    Heroes is getting a little silly but it's still entertaining.

    Lost I love. The first 3 seasons were strong. The 4th season was confusing. The 5th season I see as a return to form -- it's a fill in the blanks storyline uniquely told.

      Profile    PM    Email   

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