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     Home »  Other Science Fiction/Fantasy »  LAND OF THE GIANTS-A Small War synopsis
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    LAND OF THE GIANTS-A Small War synopsis Views: 617
     Sunday, May 17 2009 @ 02:51 PM EDT


    A father, Mr. Erdap, totes his boy, Alek, and a large case of toys into the forest one day. The father leaves, warning his son not to play with another boy named Valco, who has toys that can destroy Alek’s toys. Alek has his wind up soldiers (who are dressed like British royal soldiers) march out--nad one grabs Barry who was picking berries off a small tree. Barry calls Mr. Fitzhugh for help, unable to breath in the grip of the terrible toy!

    Fitzhugh pushes the soldier away from Barry. The toy falls over on its side and keeps its legs moving. Fitzhugh helps the choked Barry off, back to the camp lean to. Betty and Valerie see to Barry while Fitz gasps out his story to the others. Fitz takes the men back to the area and they see advancing wind up soldiers. They toss rocks and even boulders at the toys but this doesn’t stop the deadly dolls. Steve radios Betty to bring the flame thrower that Mark made. Val tells her to get it out of the cockpit cabinet (on the right hand side). Steve melts the bayonet-rifle toting soldiers with it. Alek vows revenge on them---thinking they are toys from this Valco, another giant boy. En route back to camp, Fitzhugh stops to eat a pear but is stopped from this by a soldier who points a bayonet at him. He outwits it and gets it to fall over a flat boulder. Calling himself, Alexander B. Fitzhugh--Brigidier General Retired, hHe dreams about what he could do with many such soldiers on Earth. Eating a pear, he says, “I can dream, can’t I.” The others return to camp and let the girls know there really were toy wind up terrors. They all hear an auto engine. Steve ushers everyone into the woods where they pass a bemused, bewildered, and confused Fitzhugh. Mark asks, “Where you been?” As Fitz tries to answer, Steve says, “Tell us later!” All seven run into the woods but they rush into the path of a firing jeep which has two soldiers in it. Steve and Dan push the girls out of its way as they were hiding behind a bush that it was driving at. The jeep crashes and a toy army nurse arrives to help the toy soldiers. Mark thinks it is almost laughable but Betty doesn’t think the wooden pellets the jeep fired were laughable or funny. Barry explains that this boy is playing war and thinks they are toys.l Alek surprises them all from behind and vows to get them like a true soldier instead of crushing them on the spot. He vows to destroy them and their spaceship. Then he leaves. Fitz looks up, “He means it. He’s going to destroy us and our spaceship as well.”


    Steve orders Fitz to get the girls and Barry back to camp but not to hide in the spacecraft. Then, he, Dan, and Mark move to go reason with Alek and end up examining his toy tank. Steve warns Mark and Dan against going inside it. The men cannot get through to Alek so they end up running away from him. Mark falls, caught on a bush, and almost gets mowed down by the toy tank’s wheels which Alek sets to run him over. Mark gets away at the last moment and runs to the other two and they all run off to return to camp. Steve vetoes any idea from Mark, even though Barry asks Mark about it, curious as to what the mechanic/scientist thinks they should do. They camaflage the ship with leaves, twigs, and branches. Alek loads a toy plane with boulders and sends it over Spindrift, dropping the rocks. Some hit the lean to. The men fire at the plane using the crashed toy jeep. The others join them but the tank attacks now...firing sparks and flame. Mark shoots the tires and gets one tire to deflate as it fires its cannon at Betty, Fitzhugh, and Barry. It stops moving but the cannon can still fire via remote control from Alek, who has been controlling it all the time. It fires at a trapped Valerie and past the jeep. Steve gets into the tank and chops at its wires. Mark moves the cannon away from Valerie, physically pushing the thing on the turner. Dan runs to help Valerie, who was trapped with no place to run to. Val is burnt on the neck. Steve dumps batteries out of the tank. He doesn’t like the looks of Val’s burn. Mark wants to kill the boy, calling him a monster and wondering who’s next. Steve calls the boy, “Just a kid.” Steve adds that this kid doesn’t know what he is doing. Mark counters, “I had a friend shot by a boy who didn’t know what he was doing. After the shot, my friend was dead----very dead.” He wants to explode the fuel can Alek is using to power his toys. Steve vetoes this idea, ignoring it completely. The others start off but Barry spots Mark linger behind with Steve waiting for the man to move out. Mark, instead, hits Steve and takes off. Barry calls Dan and Mister Fitzhugh, passes Steve, and takes off after Mark to stop him. Dan and Fitzhugh go to help Steve. Barry runs after Mark to the fuel can, “Mark, you can’t.” Alek knows where they are and crawls at them on the ground, moves the fuel can and puts his hands on either side of Mark and Barry!


    Dan and Steve arrive to see Alek put Mark and Barry into a barb wire surrounded stockade prison house--a toy and Earth sized. He plans to take them apart to see how these “toys” work. Alek looks in at Barry and Mark, talking to them, wanting them to answer his questions. After Alek leaves, Mark says to Barry, “You should have stayed back there with the others, Barry.” Barry chastises him, “You could have killed that boy.” “That’s exactly what he’s going to do to us,”counters Wilson. Together they pry off the bars on the window. From another window, Barry watches Alek send the plane up as Mark finished taking the bars off. Dan and Steve report back to the others. Fitzhugh asks, frustrated, where Mark and Barry are. Steve tells them. The five have to hide as the plane dumps more rocks. After it is over, they come back out. Fitzhugh complains that they are all going to be killed and that Mark was right. Steve raises his voice at him that he has another plan: to go back there and get them out of that place. Val asks how. Steve’s plan is to divert Alek with Fitz and Valerie yelling to draw him away while he, Betty, and Dan get Mark and Barry out. Then they plan to go after Alek’s radio control device. “That’ll fix him,” Steve says. Steve, Dan, Val, Fitz, and Betty go into the forest to start this plan when they hear the engine. Val identifies it as the plane getting ready to bomb their camp again. Fitz worries that it will smash their spaceship to bits. Steve orders them to go stop the plane before it lifts off again. Steve makes Betty get some plant roots to block the wheels, then tells her to keep an eye on the giant kid, warning her to watch the propeller. Going into the cockpit, Dan and Steve, while Fitz and Val hold the tail of the plane, yank its wires in its control cockpit but that doesn’t stop the plane. They get some of the boulders out but must leave it as the boy feeds it more juice. The plane lifts off with Fitz and Val nearly getting hit by the tail. Fitz says, “Chalk up another failure!” Steve hopes they will have better luck with Mark and Barry. He leads them onward. Mark has finished tearing the bars out of the stockade window and tells Barry to wait inside. “I want to come too,” Barry says. Mark wants to check that they can make a clean getaway. Mark climbs out the window but when he grabs the wire fence, he gets a strong electric charge through him and falls. Barry jumps out the window and looks after Mark. Val and Fitz wait an alloted time before they start their distraction. Val tells Fitz to think positively. They begin yelling loudly to lure Alek away. Alek carries the jeep so he can shoot at them. Before the others can touch the fence, Barry warns them not to. Steve uses the hatchet to short it out; Dan cuts the fence with wire cutters. They escape just as Alek returns, having figured the yelling to be a diversion--and thinking Valco orchestrated it. Dan, upset as he sees Mark wince from his pain, stands up straight, not wanting to hide any more, declaring that this does it. He sets off to destroy that fuel can; Steve cannot reach him to stop him in time. Alek fires the jeep at Dan and Dan falls. Mark notices Dan is not moving. Betty dashes off after Dan. Barr also tries, concerned Dan is dead, “Dan!” Steve grabs the Barry, “Wait a minute! Where do you think you’re going? Look, go over there and hide!” Barry obeys. Steve takes off after Betty, shouting for her to stop, but he has to “hit the dirt” when Alek fires the machine gun from the toy jeep. Betty reaches Dan’s downed body but both are scooped up by Alek. In his hand, sitting next to Dan’s unconscious body, Betty tells the boy the truth, showing him Dan’s blood. Mark is happy when Steve returns to him and tells him he saw Dan move--the co pilot is alive. He also tells Mark he thinks Betty is getting through to that kid. It’s true---Alek begins to realize the little people are not toys. Betty tells him she knows he wouldn’t have hurt them if he knew the truth. Alek is about to let them down when his father arrives, calling to him. “My father,” Alek whispers and takes Betty and Dan and hides them under a small toy-box.

    The father sees the wrecked toys and also finds Dan’s blood and asks Alek to help him find the little people so “we can all be rich.” The father spots Valerie and Fitzhugh, eventually chasing them into a gopher hole. There, he stabs at them with a tree branch---and the hole is blocked--a dead end. Mark and Steve get Dan and Betty. Dan’s shoulder was grazed. Betty gets him over to Barry, worrying about Val and Fitzhugh. Mark finds manual controls in the plane. Steve flies it up over trees and dives straight at the two giants. Betty joins Mark and they watch as the father, Mr. Erdap hurls rocks at the plane. Val and Fitz escape from the hole and Fitz directs Val into the woods. Erdap hits the plane, rendering Steve unconscious. The plane whizzes out of control and heads toward trees and a crash landing...

    Mark asks Betty to watch out for the giants while he makes a try for the radio control device which Alek laid down on the ground. Betty has to warn him as Alek comes running for the device...and fast! Mark rejoins her while Alek grabs the radio control and lands the plane safely. Steve seems to fly it in his sleep to land it. Mark and Betty help him out as Erdap searches the empty gopher hole. Steve jokes to the pair, “One thing they insist on at flight school is if you bring it up, you oughta be able to land it.” Erdap and Alek pack up all the toys, the adult lamenting the loss of money he could have had if he had captured the little people. He doesn’t know if he can replace the destroyed toys. Alek smiles, a new boy, “That’s all right, dad, I don’t think I want toys like these anymore.” He waves at Betty, Steve, and Mark when Erdap leaves with the toy case. Alek follows his father. Steve says, “Let’s pick up the others and get back to camp.”


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