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     Home »  Other Science Fiction/Fantasy »  Barry Blair's ELFLORD
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    Barry Blair's ELFLORD Views: 1039
     Sunday, May 17 2009 @ 02:54 PM EDT
    ELFLORD series one-Nightwynd Productions

    NOTE: All information here comes from THE ELFLORD CHRONICLES. Using those as the only source for story content and the ADVENTURES BEYOND GREENHAVEN club book as a source for story titles, it has been difficult to determine which storylines fall into which issues, mostly with the cases of issues 8 through 15 and the only issue of Volume 2. The WINDBLADE special content is available and in fact, the originals have been sold recently. As such, some info may have to be amended or just taken for what as is. ELFLORD CHRONICLES ended prematurely as issue 8. There were supposed to be 12 issues chronicling the early ELFLORD. That leaves 4 issues still not covered. Where these four issues' material falls within the content of issues 8 to 15 and Vol. 2 No. 1 it would be difficult to say. Thus Issues 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 may have not been exactly as follows in story content; perhaps the story detailed ended with issue 10, 11, or 12 and the four issue content not covered in ELFLORD CHRONICLES starts. Adding to the confusion is the fact that many of the older series has backup stories which were not presented as part of ELFLORD CHRONICLES. These would have added to the page count, thus page count is not entirely accurate when trying to determine what came where. Malibu should be ashamed of themselves for robbing us of this excellent series and for supposedly keeping Barry's original artwork for the last four issues.

    Also it would help to remember that these early stories and series take place in some alternate universe and the second series onward takes place in a second alternate universe, the characters and names and places may be similar or the same in some cases, but different in slight or great ways (see DARK SHADOWS for explanations of alternate universes). Of course this is sort of negated by Barry's brief editorial in the Aircel black and white issue 3 reprint of WINDBLADE and DRAGONSBREATH. There, Barry tells us to think about the WINDBLADE special story as the adventures of WINDBLADE's FATHER!!! This would mean, probably, that Windblade's father was in the first series along with Hawk's father, however, this doesn't take into account that the elves in the first series have only four fingers (the last of a genetic mutation perhaps can be one way of explaining this off but this is not in the material at all) and much longer and slightly more pointy ears.

    ELFLORD No. 1-Nightwynd Productions
    MONTH and YEAR: June 1980

    ELFLORD by Barry Blair, Roger Camm, David Burke, Majorie Allan and Sandra Garland

    STORY: The elves here have four fingers and long, long pointy ears. Dwarves in Medieval type clothes are fighting Prince Hawk, who wears leather. He shoves a sword into a dwarf sneaking up behind him and puts two swords into another's chest. He puts his sword through one and out the dwarf back (these dwarves look like men). The dwarves fall back on their siege on the castle Key. Hawk tells the freckled Windblade that they are running low on arrows, water, and food. Hawk will have a meeting of his captains but does not want Purebreeze at it. Windblade tells Capt. Fox, a fox like humanoid. Fox thinks they should pull back and fight a rear guard action until King Eagle shows up with reinforcements. Destroying a dam would destroy the dwarf camp. Hawk tells Purebreeze he will return just to collect a kiss from her. Windblade follows Hawk out on his suicide mission. Hawk chokes a guard to death with rope. For more gold from the dwarves, Fox has betrayed Hawk and is ready for him with dwarf men. Before Fox can shoot Hawk, Windblade throws a Chinese star at the gun and into the face of one of the guards. Windblade stabs into one's shoulder as Hawk fights the others, a smile on his face as he cuts into them from all directions. Hawk fights Fox, kicks him, deflects his sword as Fox sneaks up on him from behind, and says, "You fight like a woman!" He slices into Fox's back as Fox falls forward. On his horse, Black, Hawk rides into the army of dwarves, cutting them up. Windblade shoots an arrow into the back of one's neck who was about to kill Hawk. Windblade wants to come out to help but Hawk tells him to stay put. As Hawk is overpowered and almost killed, Black bites the dwarves. Hawk sets explosives at the center of the dam. Hawk's shirt is pulled off and his body is full of scars. He shoots a gun at the explosives. When the blast goes off, Windblade thinks Hawk was in it. He is crying when Hawk rejoins him. "Someday Hawk, you'll drive me crazy, sniff." Hawk tells Windblade they must go home. Purebreeze owes him a kiss. NEXT: Warlord Hawk Erickson begins his bloody, action packed rise to power, amid the dazzling elvin capital city!!!!

    REVIEW: Lots of action, cold bloodedness, fight scenes with gore and death, stabbings...good characters and an imaginary setting that reeks of creativity, thrills, and adventure...with close friends being Hawk and Windblade. The dwarves look like ordinary men, only a bit shorter.

    BACKUP STORY: THE GUARDIAN by Mike Burchill and Don Lanouette

    ELFLORD No. 2-Nightwynd Productions
    MONTH and YEAR: July 1980

    NIGHT OF THE DRAGON by Barry Blair, Roger Camm, Majorie Allan and Cheryl Garland. Poetry: Bill Keyes.

    STORY: Hawk and his friends return to the capital city, Greenhaven. Windblade thinks girls are yeeuch and dumb, except for Purebreeze of course. All Hawk ever thinks about is Princess Velvet. The King tells a patch wearing elf named Falcon Blackshade with light hair that he sent Hawk out to die but now he made him a hero and he has to allow him to marry Princess Velvet if he wants. Falcon wears his patch over his left eye. Curly haired Springstorm Moonrunner in a lion fur (barely) and his round club hand greets them. Windblade gets a daisy put in his hair. Windblade plays the guitar in Hawk's manor house at the edge of the city. He tells Purebreeze he wants to do things with Hawk that they never do anymore thanks to Velvet. Purebreeze tells him there comes a day in every boy's life when he begins to notice the opposite sex. Windblade crosses his eyes and says, "Eeeuch! I'd rather die!" Falcon, at the king's request, sets a trap for Hawk, but Falcon also thinks the king is a fool. Raven Greyye, a bodyguard of the princess, leads Hawk outside the city to meet Velvet. Riding toward the mountains in the east for over 2 hours, the two dismount and move between huge cliffs. Falcon will take the Princess to more delightful activity and use her for a ransom from the king, her father. Hawk defeats Raven who would have gotten a piece of gold for every hair on Hawk's black mane. Hawk uses his nunchuks to beat Raven bloody and down. Raven tells him that he acts so high and mighty, arrogant and that he hates him. He dies happily, knowing Hawk's life will end soon. He bleeds and has not chosen this cave randomly. For a fanged giant horned upturned monster emerges from the cave. NEXT ISSUE: Tragedy strikes as death takes one of the elvin folk, while, Hawk battles the cave dragon in...SHATTERED DREAMS!!

    REVIEW: Falcon is a baddie in this series and he is quite a good one, if you know what I mean. The court intrigue is interesting although Springstorm doesn't do much this time out. Windblade is more a warrior in the first issue but here, we see his chill-out side as well. He also doesn't appear to like girls yet, if he ever does, remains to be seen. Hawk is so obviously being lead into a trap and he doesn't realize it...why? Perhaps he knew the princess was kidnapped and just played along? It doesn't appear that way. Anyhow, heroes don't have to always be smart. Raven's dying in bitterness is a nice touch as sometimes the noble side of a dying foe comes out. Not with this one!

    BACKUP: THE GUARDIAN by Mike Burchill and Don Lanouette

    ELFLORD No. 3-Nightwynd Prod.
    MONTH and YEAR: August 1980

    SHATTERED DREAMS by Barry Blair, Roger Camm, Allan and Garland

    STORY: Falcon removes his jacket and shirt, ready to do things to the Princess like make love to her. She slaps him. Raven's body is eaten by monster dragon. Springstorm arrives and shoots at the dragon with Purebreeze and Windblade. Springstorm tells Hawk that life in Greenhaven can be boring at times but couldn't he find a better way to help pass the time. They found Velvet missing, too. They follow the trail across the wastelands to the castle where Velvet is held captive in. Hawk yells at Windblade, who thinks it is too scary in the castle, "Velvet is in there! We must!" Windblade says, "Sorry." Hawk apologizes to him. Windblade will go with him, he leads, Windblade follows--he has to. Purebreeze and Springstorm feel the same way. They creep up the walls and Windblade puts a star into a guard's head. Falcon gets off Velvet, both totally naked as a guard reports. Falcon dresses and leaves Velvet with a troll, telling it to do what he will with her and then kill her! Purebreeze uses pointed brass knuckles on a troll and two swords into his chest. Smashing the face of a troll, Springstorm notices Falcon riding out on a horse out a back way. Hawk's shirt is ripped off in the fighting and hangs in shreds about his waist. He runs up to the spot Velvet is in and kills the troll but finds Velvet with a sword in her stomach and her top off. The elves kill all the dwarves. Hawk carries the dead princess down to them, telling Windblade she is just sleeping. Purebreeze tells Windblade to let Hawk go, not even he can comfort Hawk now. Hawk says he will take the princess out to watch the sunset together one last time. Hawk is crying tears. Falcon tells the king that Hawk killed the princess, going insane. The king promises to hunt Hawk down and cut his heart out himself! Hawk buries the princess and puts a cross over her grave. NEXT ISSUE: Warlord Hawk Erickson's revenge and the conclusion of this three part tale in ...LORD OF SORROW.

    REVIEW: A bittersweet story with the surprise ending that the Princess dies! No one could have expected that to happen here. The hero always wins and gets the princess out. Hawk and Windblade seem to be able to comfort each other and even Purebreeze knows of this but she realizes Windblade cannot this time. The fights are wonderfully depicted. Hawk's shirt continually gets ripped off--I guess he wears it just to protect himself...for if not, it might be his skin, which, as a matter of fact, gets ripped also. The elves are muscular. A rousing story. Never boring and always good!

    BACKUP: THE GUARDIAN by Burchill and Lanouette

    ELFLORD No. 4-Nightwynd Prod
    MONTH and YEAR: September 1980
    LORD OF SORROW by Blair, Camm, Cooper, Allan, and Garland

    STORY: Shirtless Windblade bring food and drink to a shirtless and mourning Hawk outside the city. Springstorm and Purebreeze have been in the city for almost two days. When Purebreeze rides to them and tells them that Hawk killed Velvet, Windblade cries (sigh!). Springstorm is gathering elves loyal to Hawk to meet the trio tomorrow. 90 miles west, the king and 100 of his knights and soldiers are in the mountains, looking for Hawk and his squire Windblade Greensleeve. Purebreeze tells Hawk that she and Springstorm agreed to meet at the canyon because she and he used to come here to...she tells Hawk that is another story. 50 elves ride up with Springstorm. All hail Warlord Hawk. The day is spent with each army riding to each other. 150 horsemen ride at each other and do battle. An elf has a punk haircut and a star on his forehead. As the king sneaks up behind Hawk, both their swords bloody, Windblade puts a sword into the side of the king's chest. Hawk follows the fleeing Falcon (whose hair looks darker than before and darker than his later counterpart), jumps him off his horse, and fights him near a beach. Falcon manages to slice across Hawk's lower chest but Hawk elbows Falcon near his good eye. Hawk then beats him up. Falcon, in the water, tells Hawk he has had enough and will let him go free. Hawk punches him. As Falcon pleads for his life, telling Hawk he can get him hundreds of girls, what is one more wench's life, Hawk makes him get up. Falcon asks if Hawk is going to kill him and Hawk says, "You'd better believe it, dog!" Hawk punches his fist right through Falcon's stomach. Riding up on his horse, Springstorm tells Hawk that it is over and the king's men have taken him back to the castle. Hawk feels it is his revenge but it leaves a bitter taste in his mouth--without Velvet it seems so empty. Two days later, the king's life ebbs away. Hawk takes the dead king's crown and tells anyone who would oppose him to come forward and join his dead monarch. He puts the crown on and al hail King Hawk Erickson. THE BEGINNING!!

    REVIEW: A bit cold blooded but this is a sword and sorcery, sword and elf story. Hawk as King reminds me or when Conan would become king. Windblade, here, is quite the warrior, killing the king himself in the middle of a big battle. Hawk's battle with Falcon is a bit one sided with Falcon not really getting many good shots in. He turns out to be a coward. The fact that the king doesn't even consider Hawk to be innocent is tough to believe but I guess the king has his mind made up about Hawk even before Falcon's deception. This Falcon is very different and very evil as compared to the Falcon in the later series--in fact the later series should be considered another universe, another separate universe.

    KINGDOM OF THE WARLORDS by David Cooper and Geoff Sproule

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