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     Home »  Other Science Fiction/Fantasy »  SPACE: 1999 timeline
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    SPACE: 1999 timeline Views: 9433
     Sunday, May 17 2009 @ 03:01 PM EDT

    See UFO for 1980s--timeline against alien invaders, Shado moonbase the start of the Moon project.

    JAN. 28, 1981-Anton Borakoff walks on planet Mars.

    JULY 2, 1981-Under the guidance of the newly formed International Lunar Finance Commission, the space dock Centuri is put under construction between the Earth and the Moon.

    SEPT. 18, 1981-Space Shuttle Falcon, designed to travel and service the Space Dock, unveiled at the Vostaach Space Centre.

    JUNE 9, 1982-Centuri completed.

    SEPT. 25, 1982-ILFC authorizes the construction of Moonbase Alpha. International Lunar Finance Committee.

    FEB. 3, 1983-construction on Moonbase begins in Crater Plato.

    NOV. 9, 1984-Ernst Queller develops the fast neutron drive. Robert and Eileen Haines, parents of Alpha Technician Jim, die as a result of a faulty Queller Drive in a Voyager Spacecraft, many other died as well.

    OCT. 7, 1986-Uranus Probe, commanded by Jack Turner and Cabot Rowland, launched from Centuri.

    MAY 21, 1987-World conflicts continue to build, a third world war seems inevitable.

    JUNE 9, 1987-Armed forces are mobilized throughout the world.

    JUNE 30, 1987-Switzerland destroyed by nuclear device of unknown origin. Jean Koenig, wife of John, is killed in the blast. She was on vacation there.

    JULY 1, 1987-World peace conference called. For the first time during the nuclear age, the world now realizes the power of their thermonuclear weapons.

    JULY 1, 1987-Under the agreements of the peace conference, all nuclear weaspons material is buried on the far side of the Moon in a site designated as Nuclear Waste Disposal Area One.

    DEC. 10, 1987-Uranus Probe vanishes in proton storm five days from orbit. They hit some kind of space warp and went into the future.
    MARCH 25, 1989-Robert Addison lands on Venus. Surface exploration halted due to atmospheric conditions.

    MAY 8, 1992-External constructions on Moonbase Alpha completed, Launch Pad One and Space Exploration Division put into full operation. Above ground area supports 100 people as underground work continues.

    JUNE 2, 1992-Eagle Transporter replaces Falcon shuttle.

    MAY 15, 1994-Waste Area One shut down as the larger Waste Area Two is put into operation.

    JUNE 23, 1994-Prof. Victor Bergman discovers the planet Ultra.

    JULY 10, 1995-Astro 7, under the command of Lee Russell, is launched toward Jupiter.

    JAN 15, 1996-Astro 7 lost in Jupiter orbit. Lee Russell and crew lost--or tranformed into anti matter.

    MARCH 30, 1996-Capt. Micheal leads a mission to investigate a nearby star with a mothership and the new Swift Support Craft. Crew is never heard from again. Brian the Brain created. Plans for more.

    MAY 22, 1996-Gerald Trapnell of the ILFC attempts to stop the launch of the Ultra Probe mission based on the loss of the previous three star missions. William J Dixon, current head of the ILFC, decides to go ahead with the mission.

    JUNE 6, 1996-Tony Cellini commands Ultra Probe mission.

    SEPT. 8, 1996-Mark Nine Hawk Defense craft tested in mock battle with Eagle Transporter over lunar surface.

    FEB. 17, 1997-Moonbase Alpha fully operational. Included: a gym, solarium, library, bowling alley, cinema. Everyone wears wris*censored*ches which monitor their life signs. Commlocks open and close doors and are personalized communications TV-audio.

    FEB. 19, 1997-Planet Ultra reached. Contact is lost with Probe ship.

    FEB. 15-Lunar observatory spots Ultra Probe Command Module.

    OCT. 16, 1997-Tony Cellini placed under mental care because he claims a monster killed his crew.

    DEC. 1, 1998-Planet Meta discovered. Space flight is prepared to find out why an Earth like planet so far from the sun isn't completely frozen.

    JAN. 3-Helena Russell becomes chief medical officer on Moonbase Alpha.

    AUG. 7, 1999-first Meta astronaut dies of a strange illness.

    SEPT. 9, 1999-Meta probe jeopardized by nine deaths. John Robert Koenig takes command of Alpha.

    SEPT. 11, 1999-Flareup of Moon at Waste Area 1.

    SEPT. 13, 1999-A massive series of thermonuclear blasts and explosions hurl the moon out of Earth orbit 90 degrees from the plane of the ecliptic. Space Dock destroyed.

    BREAKAWAY-Commander John Koenig replaces Commander Gorski, Dr. Helena Russell, Prof. Victor Bergman, Paul Morrow, Sandra Benes, Alan Carter, Dr. Bob Mathias, Luna Commissioner Gerald Simmonds, Ben Ouma, Eddie Collins, planet system of Meta may hold life, Moon blasted out of Earth's orbit, Meta probe and space platform destroyed. Eric Sparkman and Frank Warren die of strange radiation sickness. 311 members on Alpha. Tanya Alexander appears. Many mystery radiation deaths--some deaths from breakaway.

    THE HOPE OF MANKIND?-Victor explains what will happen on Earth: thre will no tides, wildlife in those areas will vanish, species of fish will vanish, the food chain may be broken, ecology of Earth is in danger, TEXT STORY IN ISSUE TWO OF THE LARGE COMIC BOOK.

    RANGE OF MARS-alternate universe story from LOOK IN 1975 ISSUE 45 TO 49-The Moon comes within range of Mars somehow again and picks up an SOS in Chinese before finding Chinese at war with the Alternatives. NOTE: ALL LOOK IN STORIES MAY OR MAY NOT BE PLACED IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE.

    SIX DAYS SINCE LEAVING EARTH ORBIT-Jack Crawford dies from reactor malfunction. His wife Cynthia is four months pregnant. Alphan dead: one.

    LIVE WARHEAD-CHARLTON COMIC-SMALL DIGEST SIZE BOOK-Hawk pilot Greg Swift, Eagle 3 is wrecked in the destruction of the asteroid heading at Alpha and lands back on the moon. Survivor Jeremy Benson saves Rescue Team 1 when a warhead detonates on the crashed Eagle.
    MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH-21 TO 24 DAYS SINCE LEAVING EARTH ORBIT-David Kano first appears, pilots Parks and Bannion, Lee Russell-Helena's husband, planet is Terra Nova which is Meta or in the Meta system, it is revealed to be anti matter and Alpha and all in it and on the planet except Helena are shown how they can be destroyed. Lee attempted to warn the Alphans away. Lee once owned a large Great Dane. (novel--Ted Clifford and young Aretha Robinson in the recreation area). Lee tells Helena there are many forms of life in space and many forms of death but matter never dies--it just changes its form.

    INTELLIGENT SPECIES-SMALL COMIC NUMBER 1-On the planet Pearl, the Alphans find the remains of an intelligent species and Helena is kidnapped by a massive slug creature. Gulogs are the balding ape men with no hair who serve the slugs. The slugs are the intelligent species and include: Kenud. They were human before they became slugs. NOTE: ALL LARGE AND SMALL COMIC STORIES CAN BE PLACED IN THEIR OWN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. OR EACH CAN BE ITS OWN UNIVERSE OR NOT.

    SEEDS OF DOUBT-LARGE COMIC NUMBER 1-The Alphans find a lush planet (Planet Green) ideal of colonization but the sudden appearance of animals from Earth hints that they are not welcome. Seedlings in Eagle capture John, Helena, and Victor; make a copy of them including one to capture John with and try to bring down all the Alphans. The vegetation simulates any kind of organism that the Alphans are thinking about: giant reptiles, other types of plants and trees, birds, animals, even people.

    THE BLACK SUN-30 TO 31 DAYS SINCE LEAVING EARTH ORBIT-Smitty, Mike Ryan dies, he was a pilot in love with Sandra, Tanya Alexander--a Russian girl, Alpha is drawn into a black sun. One woman went mad, another slashed her wrists and died, Aretha Robinson-black girl-scientist, Osgood, Fujita, (novel-Elgar is a security guard), On screen Alphan death: one.

    A SHINE ON THE MIND-fan fiction by Robert E. Wood--John and Victor further discuss their encounter with the black sun and God and if it was God they met.

    COLORING BOOK-Helena and John go to the planet Oricon where they see forests and trees and lakes---and a giant city manned by robots. An alien in a robe and with a beard tells them they must leave. John and Helena escape being imprisoned. Strange new aliens with long hair and triangular foreheads arrive on Alpha and tell them their planet collided with an asteroid and was destroyed. They are welcomed to rest. The three take over Victor. They need a scientist to help them complete their journey. Victor is given a new drug and the aliens depart.

    RING AROUND THE MOON-43 TO 45 DAYS SINCE LEAVING EARTH ORBIT-Maintenence Engineer Ted Clifford, aliens from the now dead Triton world, a space probe from Triton attempts to destroy the Moon on its way to destroy Earth. Pilot Jim Donovon. Technician Anderson. On screen Alphan death: two.

    SPACE EMPEROR-CHARLTON COMIC DIGEST SIZE BOOK-Major Bill Gordney, Capt. Wankle, Capt. Kawtawba knows lost Eagle 7 was returned without a crew and was sabotaged to blow up when John got too close to it. John is warned. He survives. Dr, Mazer wants to rule Alpha. He made a call from Alpha for them to think he was an alien and that the crew was imprisoned by aliens but he actually locked the crew under Wankle up in his lab. Kawtawba realizes it is Dr. Mazer who is behind the sabotage and made a portable control device. He captures Mazer who had another Eagle blow up and who offered him a place as First Minister to rule with him. Mazer is injured but recovers in a guarded hospital room. John asks, "Could it happen again?" Kawtawba tells John, "One Emperor is enough."

    EARTHBOUND-54 TO 59 DAYS SINCE LEAVING EARTH ORBIT-Commissioner Simmonds appears to die, alien Capt. Zandor (sometimes spelled Zantor)--peaceful Caldorian aliens; the aliens land on the Moon. While the Alphans help to repair the sleepership, Simmonds plots to force his way aboard on the alien good will mission to Earth. Zantor was attracted to Helena and she to him. Simmonds apparently dies.

    DOOM DUST-CHARLTON DIGEST SIZED COMIC-a giant dust cloud threatens Alpha and Eagle 4 gets some samples of it. Alive, a single particle gets into Alpha and grows huge. After John tries to destroy it, he falls and is knocked out---a fall which did something temporarily to his senses. John tells all the cloud is harmless and not to destroy it. Victor stops John and tells Helena to give the order to destroy the cloud. Alpha destroys it. A stray particle was in space and if it ever got to the real Earth...

    ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE-64 TO 70 DAYS SINCE LEAVING EARTH ORBIT-Regina Kesslann, somehow Alpha splits into two and one set of humans go on to a future on the old Earth while the others catch up with them and find out they cannot live together. Regina and Alan were married, John and Alan died on the moon when their eagel crashlanded there, Paul and Sandra had at least two children, pockets of groups from Alpha bring back life to the once dead Earth, Victor on the new world tells our John that another civilization once flourished on the planet-relics of them are everywhere. Or it has yet to be born? A rift in the fabric of time and space hurls the Moon into another time dimension where the Alphans encounter their future selves. On screen Alphan death: one.
    MISSING LINK-77 to 78 days-aliens Vana and father anthropologist Raan, both from the planet Zenno in the far future, John falls in love with Vana, Sandra also visits the planet, Raan believes the Alphans are the missing link in his people's evolutionary ascent, meanwhile John's body is in a coma on Alpha, his soul is kidnapped by Raan, (novel: Moon leaves the Earth's galaxy).

    CORNUCOPIA-LARGE COMIC NUMBER ONE-An alien Alcoba flees to the wandering moon and brings with it a miraculous gift in a horn of plenty. Koenig must determine the true price of the gift. Nurse Linda Petrillo, alien from Dragor killed two Alpha pilots and the other aliens ships destroyed one Hawk ship, they are big ugly monsters with large heads and mouths, Cornucopia, Alcoba's horn can change one form of matter into another and he offers to change the barren moon into a life filled world. Alcoba saves Linda from him using his staff to kill the Dragian. He had to destroy the horn he had since he had to give it to the creature. Linda thanks him for that but doesn't know that Alcoba had at least two more. He leaves them before others can arrive, thinking it would be good to come back to the Moon to try to sell them more horns of plenty! (3 Alphans dead).

    ENDGAME-LARGE COMIC NUMBER ONE-Ariean has committed genocide and left a string of wars behind him. Koenig must decide if the alien's end game is for eternal war or peace. Zhara, a survivor of the tech war, is revived by the Alphans. She revives her androids to attack the robots attacking them all. A sergeant of Alpha is killed by a robot tank. John tells Helena he was hoping she had eyes for him. Central Security Command Capt. Richards in charge of it, is killed by Zhara. Yet to Helena she insists her mission is a peaceful one. Zhara is a machine made by the Ariens to eliminate the leaders in charge---since they felt the leaders were the ones who brought them into war. Helena is seen wearing night clothes. Zhara can walk through walls and fires beams from her eyes. She only wants to kill those in charge so Victor can stand between her and John, whom she is after. John tricks her into destroying herself--she is a leader. Even the peacemakers have their leaders. Alphan dead: 2.

    SURVIVAL-SMALL COMIC NUMBER TWO-Koenig is stranded on the planet Acteon and must work together with a hostile and large alien Bruin for their mutual survival. Scorpion creature. Flying bat like monsters. Giant hairy gorilla like monster! John leaves Bruin his laser.

    GUARDIAN OF PIRI-90 to 95 days--Pete Irving and co pilot Ed Barker Davis, alien guardian and the female like robot Servant of the Guardian, the alien lures the Alphans toward a living death---living idol on a planet. New life is brought back to the planet Piri by the Alphans escape. Sarah Graham dies from a blood tranfusion that just stopped giving blood due to Computer being taken over by the Guardian. Co pilot Jonah, Kano had taken part in an experiment on Earth that left 3 others brainless vegetables, Alphan death: one.

    THE POSSESSED-LARGE COMIC NUMBER TWO-Carter ventures inside a massive derelict UFO that the Moon encounters and he returns to Alpha in a dangerous possessed state. Iris Blake is Alan's copilot this time. Helena mentions a Dr. Barnes for a checkup for Alan. A medic, Julius Witzner. Alphan bathing suits for men are cut very low indeed and the women's are almost non-suits. The derelict and the sprits of the dead aliens almost destroyed Alpha but Alan resists and blows up the alien ship.

    THE CARRIER-LARGE COMIC NUMBER TWO TEXT STORY-Lt. Igor Balinkov, a Ukranian and Lt. Tala Yurum-security, Flight Officer Japanese Shaudu Nishi of Defense Station--he and Thai girl Tala would want to marry and maybe have children, Dr. Andrew Halslip, a fungus destroyed the alien world--which was an asteroid nearing Alpha with rings around itself, only a few are left alive and they thought they were uninfected but they were wrong! Andrew is infected too and must remain with them. He and they must eventually die. Alphan dead: 1.

    E PLURIBUS UNUM-LARGE COMIC NUMBER TWO-Exploring a volcanic world of Volcania, John, Victor, and Helena find themselves arrested by masked figures on the grounds of indecent exposure--their faces. Giant alien pterodactyl. A massive computer, Kudo, is the judge. Kel 2513 is leader of the city of Unum. Culturists are an underground organization. 2000 years ago the aliens here were barbarians fighting for survival until the Neri united them into Unum. They received broadcasts from Alpha weeks ago. Rebels attack and take Helena, John, Victor, and Kel underground in a flying machine that looks like a butterfly-insect-bee to the city underground called Antiunum where all are free--free of regulations and clothes and masks. Alphans would not be welcome by Kudo's people. Kel has a homing device on it and all of them are caught again and taken to building y-359, an art museum. Kel explains their people above ground have lost the will to survive (the suicide rate has gone up--one out of ten) and need the rebels to help: libraries, theatres, art museums, music houses are being built. Kel and the rebel leader are father and son! The masks come off and the trouble is over.

    THE MIND OF THE SNARK-LARGE COMIC NUMBER TWO-John's team discovers the USSS Snark, a long lost Earth space station whose crew (63 people) have been killed by the station's own computer. On it is Lunda, an android illusion. It makes them sleep and gives illusions to Victor, John, and Helena. A balding man, the ship's computer is called QIT. The station is on a collision coaurse with the Moonbase. It puts John through a series of illusion tests: a middle age knight setting with QIT as a sorcerer and a magician calling forth a cloud beast and a giant demon. John is given a fling horse. John sees Victor as a villain and lets him live. QIT sees this as having worth and changes his course, letting Moonbase Alpha survive. Victor admits QIT is on the road to understanding: he admitted he was wrong.

    FORCE OF LIFE-116 to 118--Anton and Eva Zoref--Anton appears to be taken over by a star light life form and is killed when he is shot at by the Moonbase crew but one never knows what happened and he may be still alive. Mark Dominix dies, Jane, a medical nurse or technician dies--possibly this girl is Jane; also killed is a security guard. An energy consuming life force possessed Anton. Helena tells Eva they have to help each other to understand. (Novel: Johnson of electronics is in the Solarium. Security Guard P. Sullivan dies.) Power has to be shut off. Alphan deaths: four (one by the power being turned off) and Anton is transformed into the star.

    ALPHA CHILD-122 to 128--Intro-Jackie Crawford, Cynthia Crawford, alien Jarak, his wife Rena, Jackie and his mother Cynthia are returned to normal when the aliens are recaptured by their own kind, Jarak and Rena are fugitives from their genetically conformist world and they and 118 of their companions will hide in the bodies of 120 dead Alphans! Jackie Crawford, born, and his mother are transformed into two aliens who use the bodies. Jackie was born and was made into a five year old at first, then into Jarak. (Novel: Nurse Paula, Technician Joan Conway at Nuclear Generating Plant,),

    BRING THEM BACK ALIVE!-SMALL COMIC NUMBER THREE-Investigating Taurus IV, John, Helena, and Victor are lured into a glass trap and wake up as speciams in a cage in a giant space zoo. Later they are taken in a zoo aboard a giant space ark. They meet Kloors, another prisoner. Others include Kanta and Rega from the dark star Ixas, intelligent balls of light; Silray and Cora, angelic looking aliens with crystals in their forehead and they can be deadly fighters from Alpha Centauri; Kag and Zun, ape like aliens; Zustra who can divide himself, a ghostlike alien with big green eyes; the zoo keepers turn out to be Silray and Cora who use giant purple androids.

    THE SPACE SIRENS-SMALL COMIC TEXT STORY-Alien plants call to the humans to stay on their planet. Plants that eat people. Alan is almost killed. Thin air on a tiny planet. Totally devoid of terrestrial human forms.

    THE OLD GODS ARE NOT ETERNAL-LARGE COMIC NUMBER THREE-On an alien world, John's team discover a civilization descended from the Mayans taken from Earth centuries ago by a UFO. Chief Montinima is ruler of this Mayan empire and he uses a speech translator. Their idol is a giant computer which responds to commands. Aliens gave the Mayans translators and took some of the Mayans to their dying world---in order for them to help with the agriculture---the aliens were naive about farming. Their food supply was shrinking. Helena goes to free a mute woman who was blasphemous to the Mayans and both are caught. The girl is killed by the giant lizard Kukulcan. John, Alan, and Victor rescue her, kill the creature, and they flee into a tunnel---a mountain which is really a spaceship. The lizard giant was one of the aliens who consumed the "false gods" ---the other aliens. They took the indians---as food.

    SPORES-LARGE COMIC NUMBER THREE-When Alphans use missiles to destroy an approaching meteor, they cause a flurry of deadly fungus generating, water seeking spores. Helena is seen using perfumes and bathing. The ringworm-athlete's foot-fungus-amoeba kills an astronaut, another crewman at life support, and splits when shot. The spores are captured and sent off into deep space. Deuterium treated water kills the now three amoebas after John, in a radiation suit, shoots his laser at them. Alphan dead: 2.

    THE LAST SUNSET-140 to 147 days-planet Ariel and the Arielians make the moon a liveable place with air, normal Earth gravity, rain and atomosphere, but food placed on the moon by the aliens contains hallciniagetics when interacted with the moon crew which they could soon filter out, Arielians realize the Moon will not go into orbit so they return it to its natural state, Tanya, co pilot Johnson,

    VOYAGER'S RETURN-153 to 155 days--Experimental Labs Dr. Ernst Linden aka Ernst Queller, young assistant Jim Haines, Jim's parents Robert and Eillen Haines were killed when the Queller Drive on Earth went wrong, Paul's father was killed, Steve Abrams killed by Voyager One Queller Drive, alien Aarchon chief justifier of the Federated Worlds of Sidon tells them they must die since Voyager One destroyed two of the Outer Worlds of Sidon and the aliens will continue on to Earth to destroy it also, Linden-Queller destroyes the aliens and sacrifices himself, Alpha encounters the malfunctioning Voyager probe which has destroyed other star systems and planets, on screen Alphan deaths: two.

    COLLISION COURSE-162 to 164---old alien woman Arra of giant planet Astheria, detonation mines used to move asteroid out of Alpha's way, Arra tells John that when they touch--her people will transform into a spiritual plane while Alpha's journey will continue---they will populate the furtherest reaches of space--the journey will no end and they will bring back life to dead planets.

    DAWN OF EXTINCTION-LARGE COMIC ISSUE THREE-John, Victor, and Helena are welcomed by a family on Remo, a planrt where all the animal life is in danger of dying out. Jord and Delke, father and young son, hunt animals but only to take photos of them. Zu Zu is the boy's pet monkey-thing. The aliens have long pony tails and invite John to go swimming with them. Hunter One and Butcher, codenames for those following Brand, kill many animal Pankos. Only the Hunting Comission can hunt and only then to trim fat herds. Commissioner Wolls of the Wildlife Office tells Jord that since Brand has begun his hunting operations there has not been a lean year in the city of Kalas. Tenk is Brand's aide. Deva is Jord's wife and Miss Ovka is Woll's secretery. Brand kills Zu Zu and attacks Jord's home and burn it down. Jord is a zoologist but the reforms he proposes are turned down on account industry would have too many restrictions. The zoo is blown up and Tenk is caught. Keepers tranquilize most of the animals and save most of them. But the Pumit, a gorilla like creature gets into the city. John and Jord are forced to kill it, the last of its kind. Jord use to work for Brand a long time ago. The animals all die off anyway: loneliness, starvation, hunters, old age, etc.

    DEMON STAR-SMALL COMIC NUMBER FOUR-war like aliens kidnap Helena, but when John leads a rescue party to the planet, the Alphans find themselves welcomed in peace...Agol, a system with two suns, Mal Burns finds a planet orbiting the red sun, Mike in alien watch, Lt. Warinski is at Early Warning Watch, Alpha uses Hawk assault craft, some with Track Attackers, pilot Gary, Paceus is leader of the city of Emera on planet Janid, frog like aliens on a lush world, black man Lt. Bently, red giant in the sky all is peaceful but when the blue dwarf comes up there is a metabolic imbalance--perhaps a glandular change. After a lot of trouble, Helena and John help the aliens to stay on the good side of themselves. They crashed first and John's laser burned out the glands affected by the blue star.
    THE MICRON METAMORPHOSIS-Micron, a name Helena gives to a small world. A living creature was inside the planet, if it was a planet. The only other thing on it is plants that took root after falling from space. It was an egg! A winged insect flies out of it!

    A LONELY EMPEROR-LARGE COMIC NUMBER FOUR-The insane Dr. Edwards claims that the world of Epsilon Rudea 4 is habitable by the Alphans and hypnotizes its native flying lizard men! A Swahili is Dr. Mastumbe, Dr. Edwards, Omira Tal, Edwards is left on the planet and Mastumbe feels bad and guilty---once they were good friends. Alphan lost: 1.

    SPACE TRAITOR-CHARLTON COMIC-DIGEST SIZE BOOK-This is an alternate version of the Dr. Edwards story which can be considered to take place in an alternate universe: a call from Glarb leads Alphans to the planet Kayll. But it was really from one of his own people in Central Control! They only have 3 hours to stay on the surface. Chief Pilot Jim Carver helps Nurse Jane Brady get away from the finned alien men-animals that attack them. This crewman who was Glarb is never named--but he looks like Dr. Edwards. Alphan lost: 1.

    DEATH'S OTHER DOMINION-179 to 184---Captain Jack Tanner, Dr. Cabot Roland, Freda, planet Ultima Thule--a planet which houses the survivors of the Uranus Expedition who are immortal due to experiements and the way the planet interacts with them--but if they leave Thule they will die as Cabot did as he left the aura of the planet. (Novel: Emil Krantz is the cook, Thulian Ted Foster, engineer of the Uranus Expedition who searches for Alan in the snow and ice, Frieda is Foster's woman, a snow beast like a bull with a horn.) 880 years have passed and the adventure on the planet takes place in that future--either the Ultra crew or the Alphans went through a space warp.

    ADAM AND EVE MARK II-1975 ANNUAL-a grouded vessel from a nearby planet holds two what seem like aliens. They are in glass coffins but are revived and are Ordom and Wenda and claim to be from Earth in the year 3035, come through a time warp. They were sent into space to find a new world to colonise as examples of the supreme race. They reject Koenig's offer to descend to the planet with them and begin to attack Alpha---to use them as servants and then to kill them! They knock John out with a laser beam from Ordom's fingers. John, sick already, feels hopeless against the super beings. Ordom falls in the Eagle the pair were using to fire on Alpha and tips the Eagle over and they get blown up. Helena figures it was the flu John had.

    THE GREAT BRAIN ROBBERY!-1975 ANNUAL-Alan exploring an area where an alien ship was seen on a collision course with the moon is taken. Victor had Alan under drugs in some tests. Alien with 3 sucker tipped legs, one eye, a beak, skeletal body, and long sinous feelers. One, the leader possibly, is called Morgax. The aliens are doing some kind of brain drain on Alan while Victor can pick up this in his mind. The ship becomes invisible to Alpha but is planning on attacking since the aliens do not want Alphans invading them. John and Victor send Alan messages which inspire him to get out of the alien ship. Alan breaks out of the ship and flies back to the Moon, crashes but survives.

    CLASS DETERMINATION: ALIEN INSECTS!-LARGE COMIC NUMBER FOUR-When Alpha is attacked by giant bees, John leads a party to investigate a deserted Earth like city rules by giant insects. Locusts, praying mantis, spider, ants, the Queen is humanoid and tells them the humans here on this planet were war like and destroyed themselves in a war. They will allow them to stay if they want.

    ANOTHER NAME FOR HELL-LARGE COMIC NUMBER 4-On a desert world, John's team passes through a strange doorway into the limbo Dimension Zero which holds an alien family prisoners. The family ask for help and get it but it turns out they are evil warlocks and witches. Family are Iokon, his wife Bel and his children Illa and Marko from Majick and their peaceful looking pet, yet when changed, they are evil minded horrid monsterous people, now imprisoned on an island in the 0 dimension. They started a plague to kill off their paradise. Lonnie Burke dies since he lead a charmed life and always took too many chances---this time he feels Illa isn't as evil and he makes a move at them and is incinerated by their laser forcefield, Lonnie's body makes a bridge for them to cross the forcefield, the family let the others live in gratitude for their release using their moon buggy, the pet Kologni is a guardian and a monster who can use illusions but John kills it. The plan is to get away from even the desert world. Victor shuts off the lasers and gets it near the Eagle. Alphan dead: 1.

    THE FULL CIRCLE-205 to 209---the mist of strange planet Retha regresses the Alphans to cave men and Victor ponders if they have changed all that much from cave men. (novel: co pilot Hogan, duty pilot Sandos dies after the mist turns him into a cave man and he is trapped when Alpha brings back the Eagle--dies of a heart attack, the mist is alive in some way like an amoeba). On screen Alphan death: one--Sandos.


    END OF ETERNITY-215 to 217---pilot Mike Baxter dies, evil alien-the immortal Balor and his eternal, immortal prison-an ever lasting asteroid, Balor is from the planet Progon, on screen Alphan deaths: two--Mike Baxter and an orderly strangled by Balor.

    GODS OF THE PLANET OLYMPUS-SMALL COMIC NUMBER FIVE-Investigating a lush, Earth type planet, the Alphans are amazed to find a world populated by characters and creatures from Greek myths. Neptune attacks Eagle 5 with a trident. A cyclops, Demothus leader of the Hellenites. centuars, satyrs, shrines here are spaceships and one is for Apollo, Zeus and his army attack, but it is really all a game to Zeus, an alien; He asks Helena to stay with him but she doesn't think it would work out.

    THE CONTAMINATOR-SMALL COMIC NUMBER FIVE TEXT STORY-Technician Lewis Marl, lab tech Naji Lok was to marry Lewis but then they argued and she spent time with a Security Group Officer Eduoardo whom she only pretends to like, Lewis thinks John might assign him to the Space Watch Stations on the perimeter of Alpha. Particles are collected by him when he is stationed there. When Lewis gets sick the couple make up. Radiant material had made him sick but with a bath and riddance of the space suit he wore, he'd recover quickly. An expert in X ray and Gamma Ray illnesses volunteered to help with him as well as other medical personal, who were not ordered to go.

    THE STRANGE ONES-LARGE COMIC NUMBER FIVE-The Alphans explore an apparently deserted world and discover a race of savages preyed upon by compassionless alien scientists. Entering a new galaxy. A decimated planet (Planet Two) with a poisonous gas but it was once like Earth. John figures others of this race were taken by another race--those who did this to the planet's atmosphere. Greg's fiance doesn't want to marry him since they cannot have children and live out on this rock in space. Another planet holds Neanderthal types and a breathable atmosphere. A disk the Eagle is on goes down into an underground base of the giant size aliens who have one eyes and tentacles coming out of their shoulders with the crew. These cold and compassionless aliens are the ones who gassed Planet Two. The aliens also took the survivors and made them into the savages. These beings do not like arts, music, statue making, book writing so that is why they made the genetic changes. From the aliens' one eye, they can fire a beam. Their plan: to use the Alphans to restore some gentleness to the savages. The giant aliens are called the Dolbi and give the savages weapons that they can use against the alien Dolbi. The Alphans realize that the Moonbase is not as bad as some of the other places they've seen.

    CURSE OF THE DEAD!-1975 ANNUAL-John and Helena were hiding underground in the ruins of an alien, ancient city from four of the Moonbase's technicians lead by Dumaine. On the planet were skeletons of giants and midgets as well as a green light which has something to do with the men being taken over. The giants were probably from another world since the buildings were not made for them. A booby trap left for the midgets to trap the giants was left. Nuero therapy released the four men. Helena and John were

    A WOMAN'S WORLD!-1975 ANNUAL-Primitve Amazon warrior women think Helena is their lost princess and knock out the men-Alan and John. Helena names the planet Femalia. Men are slaves, beasts, and used for sport in the arena against a giant monster tiger thing called a Gorval. One woman seems to hypnotize Helena. The dias falls as the men fight the Gorval and John saves Helena. They get away and back to the Moon just in time. There, Helena thinks she had a bad dream.

    THE DENIED-fan fiction-alternate time tracks

    WAR GAMES-239 TO 240 DAYS SINCE LEAVING EARTH ORBIT---129 dead during the illusion of the attack by the aliens, not true, Alan is killed, Bob Mathias is killed, both are alive at the end of the illusion, John was shot and is alive at the end, then he was lost in space in his spacesuit but is returned alive at the end of the illusion, the aliens showed the crew what would have happened if they came to live on the planet---they and the peaceful world are not compatible. NOTE: Since this is a moment in time, it is really just day 239. All deaths just an illusion.

    PLANET OF THE ANTS-LOOK IN 1975 ISSUE 38 TO 44-Eagle training pilot Danny Morris crashes on a planet of giant intelligent ants, an Earth of the future. Alphan dead: probably Danny Morris died but impossible to tell. He may have survived the crash.

    ANOTHER PLANET OF THE ANTS-In this alternate world story from CHARLTON COMIC DIGEST-rookie pilot Walt Green gets lost on a planet in Eagle 6. Helena, Victor, and John find him dead as well as a civilization that is gone---empty cities. Earthquakes caused by giant ants destroyed the aliens. John wonders what may lie beneath Alpha's surface and of the surface of Earth. Alternate world story. Alphan dead: 1.

    MEETING-POINT-1975 ANNUAL-Separately, John, Helena, and Victor meet their counterparts in the real universe--Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, and Victor Bergman. They talk to them, each not realizing the other two have met counterparts.

    CRIME MIND-LOOK IN 1975 ISSUE 50 TO 1976 ISSUE ONE TO FIVE-an alien spacecraft crashes on the moon and the disembodied mind of the alien criminal Kalax takes over an Alphan.

    AN ALIEN CHARM-LARGE COMIC NUMBER FIVE-Nuna, a charming alien girl, promises the Alphans a home on Strygos, but Nuna and the Strygians are evil shape shifting slave breeders who look like demons with horns and a tail. She learned Earth language by telepathically probing Helena's brain. She kills Karl who works at the ventilation system. Technician Rolfe saw Karl killed by the alien demon Nuna became. Karl's girlfriend is Li. Nuna also makes herself to look like Karl. Beta rays come off of Nuna's body, and the discs Bergman and Koenig wear show this. Nuna has no internal bone structure. The stone in her bracelet gives off beta and gamma rays and may be a source of her power. Alphan dead: 1.

    THE LAST ENEMY-257 to 260---alien Bethan Dione of the attack ship Satazius, Theia-chief commissioner of Betha, alien Talos-Supreme Commander of the Delta Armed Forces, Betha and Delta are on opposite sides of their sun. No Mathias.

    SURVIVAL-EXODUS-1976 ANNUAL-NOTE: This story may be set in an alternate universe as it states there is a child old enough to play basketball. It states here there are gardeners, tailors, laundry men, engineers, cleaners, printers, writers, painters, wives, and some children on Alpha. Talma Manisch has a son Joam and new born Melka and live in Block 6. Their neighbor is Tania Field, wife of a Main Mission Computer Assistant. Talma's husband is Jeff and he works in the lower areas of Alpha recycling nuclear fuel. His aide is Keith Gadd who is also a carpenter. Alan's pilots are Dave Johnson, Tabby Gertler, and Yano Kinoshaki (everyone calls him Bill). The whole planet they are looking at is made of water! Bergman appears.

    THE TROUBLED SPIRIT-263 to 269---botanist Dan Mateo and his assistant Laura Adams work in the Hydroponic Unit which is headed by older Dr. James Warren, Victor plays a string quintet, Mateo made a connection with the plants and our minds, before he died Mateo was haunted by his own ghost which came from the future after he died, black man named Lee is at communications console, on screen Alphan deaths: three--Warren, Laura, Mateo--all killed by ghost. The first seance on Alpha is held.

    ANOTHER CHANCE-1976 ANNUAL-a fault in space, a magnetic storm hits Alpha and the Moon, Kano tells them the computer registers complete zero as if they are at the center of the universe. John wakes up in his room at Space Research Headquarters in Florida. John thinks he can stop the explosions that tore the Moon out of Earth's orbit as he is back in time before it happened. NOTE: Either this is an alternate universe or John is just mistaken when he says that the Moon blasted out of Earth orbit on Sept. 9, 1999. The nuclear waste dumps are blown up out in space and John thinks he has stopped the moon from going away from Earth. But the planet Meta launches missiles at the Earth and destroys it! John wakes up and realizes it was just a dream when Helena tells him she and Victor also dreamt they were back on Earth and had the same dream.

    RECENTLY DECEASED-LOOK IN 1976 ISSUES 6 TO 12--Koenig and Bergman are suprised to find the recently deceased George Baker alive and well on the planet Lassor. Alphan dead: 1?

    PRIME TIME-LOOK IN 1976 ISSUES 13 TO 18-The Moon is headed for a black sun and when Koenig, Helena, and another (Victor, Alan?) sacrifice themselves, they end up on a primitive Earth in the far past.

    AIMING FOR THE MOON-LOOK IN 1976 ISSUES 19 TO 27--Two strange aliens named Tark and Pheron and who look like alien apes arrive on the Moon under cover of rock particles and aim to start a war. They save the life of a dying Eagle pilot and make their way into Alpha.
    SPACE BRAIN-279 to 281--Brain is the center of light and life for hundreds of galaxies, stars, planets, hundreds upon hundreds of life forms, Wayland and Cousteau die in Eagle, Kelly Janni, his wife Melita Janni, dozens of planets and systems relied on the space brain to provide it with life conditions, (novel: in the novel, the white mass of foam are anti bodies of the brain, the brain does not die, it rejects the Moon and hurls it across countless galaxies, in the TV version, the brain appears to die.) Helena once had her mind attached to a computer when she underwent psycho therapy. Kelly dies. On screen Alphan deaths: three.

    THE INFERNAL MACHINE-272 to 274---a blind alien man-living spaceship machine Delmar Powys Plebus Gwent of the planet Zemo and his humanoid Companion, the machine is an extension of the man Gwent who programmed his affective and cognitive personality into it using a computer language all his own. They are fused with the range of a computer brain. When Companion dies, he wants John and Helena to replace Companion! Later, he saves Victor and finally befriends the Alphans and commits suicide. Winters replaces Paul who is on vacation or off duty. No Mathias. On screen Alphan deaths: at least one Eagle pilot and other casualties as Gwent attacked Alpha.

    LOVER SPAT-LOOK IN 1976 ISSUES 28 TO 36--Two men quarrel over the beautiful TIna Morand, with Vince Kassel kidnapping the girl in an Eagle and crashing on a jungle world.

    RETURN TO THE BEGINNING-Power Record of 1976 story-the Moon passes through a black hole in space and the Alphans find themselves on Earth but in the time when Noah is building his ark!

    MISSION OF THE DARIANS-288 to 292--aliens--Darians--Kara and Neman, Petros High Priest Darian, mutes, Bill Lowry, Hadin alien leader of the Survivor savages, male and female mutes, midgets, Darians claim to be in space 900 years and will be for another 100 before they colonize a planet, genetic material of the Darians use the Double Helix---the same as human beings on Earth do. Nine pure Darians. Novel: Victor has a reclaim system for polyurethane. No Mathias. On screen Alphan deaths: one.

    TIME ENOUGH FOR ONE PLANET-Fan fiction by Leslie Ann Marshall-Narhtos Solar System's planet which Helena names Eros, rejects the Alphans, John has to set Helena's leg when she is hurt in an Eagle crash.

    DRAGON'S DOMAIN-295 to 296 days after leaving Earth orbit----Medical Expert Dr. Monique Fauchere, Tony Cellini, Commissioner Dixon, physicist Prof. Darwin King, radiation expert Dr. Juliet Mackie, horrid extra dimensional monster that eats people and spits out remains, time passage on Earth: 877 days since leaving Earth orbit, Alpha time is 295 days, many alien spacecraft are caught in the graveyard of the monster as well as Cellini's former probe the Ultra Probe of 1996. (novel: note in another universe it was not Tony Cellini who fought the monster but it was someone named Jim Calder, in this other universe Darwin King and Juliet Mackie were the same, but Dr. Olga Vishenskya was the medical officer). Monster dies and kills Tony, monster killed by John and others from Alpha, John tells Helena he is part of their history now--not mythology. St. George and the Dragon. Helena was once working for Space Comission Medical Centre Team and visited and checked out Tony at Space Center's Hospital on Earth. On screen Alphan death: Tony Cellini dies---one. This monster is very disgusting.

    UNDISTURBED-LARGE COMIC NUMBER 5-The Alphans discover a lush jungle in a cave mountain in the Moon's Cordillera mountain range (northeast of the crater Grimaldi) and brave vicious creatures t find a deserted city, all part of a speciam collecting device in a spaceship which is part of the mountain. Giant bug, sea serpant--all machines, Karen Yamato and Dave Willer are taken along in sleep capsules when the Mt. Beta rises up and blasts off, also aliens from other places and times are in the sleep tubes, Roach vehicle, Crawler vehicle, it was a perfectly balanced environment with giant mushrooms. Alphan lost: 2.


    THE TESTAMENT OF ARKADIA-300 to 303 days---Luke Ferro, philologist Anna Davis, seeds of life appear to have come from Arkadia carried to Earth by those who left this world at the time of the holocaust, Sanskrit is found in a cave on Arkadia, Alpha was stopped dead near the planet but resumed when Luke and Anna remained on the planet. Irwin and N'Dole-security men. Kendo practice between John and Luke. Power drain. Picture of Autumn is used as music in this episode. Luke and Anna stay behind.

    NOTE: At the end of the first season, approximately 25 Alphans have died on screen and two--Luke and Anna are left on a planet ala Adam and Eve. Many others died off screen from attacks.

    THE ALIEN ZYTHON-a glow in the dark alien, actually the toy of a larger alien force, comes to Alpha, based on the Mattel nine inch figure.

    MYSTERIOUS ALIEN-Based on the Palitoy and Palmer toy company's toy the mysterious alien comes to Alpha, bringing Capt. Zantor with him and it is revealed the mysterious alien is Commissioner Simmonds--twisted and driven mad, and taken over by some mysterious force.

    FLOTSAM AND SURVIVAL-SMALL COMIC NUMBER 6--The remains of a destroyed alien craft collide with John's Eagle, leaving him adrift in space with no helmet amd 15 seconds to live! alien H'Rnath Kem-Tohr is the last of the Q'Lee and while his race does not hold ill will toward any, he did. He has a skull like face and a starship. First Federation member ship Langsvel is piloted by a cat like ape like gorilla like alien. The First Federation and the Wok Empire fought and left very little of us to remember them by---8 hundred thousand years ago. Q'Lee died off a million years ago. Mal Burns appears. A small particle from the starship hits the Eagle of John and Mal is an exo biologist. He and John suvive and bring their damaged half an Eagle back to Alpha.

    THE PRESENCE-SMALL COMIC NUMBER 6 TEXT STORY-Arid planet, skeletal remains in the streets and scattered buildings indicated a war. John's hand emits a glow and Helena sees it as a life form! She decontaminates John and Alan, finding out it was some type of fungus.

    JUST LIKE HOME-LARGE COMIC 6-Moonbase Alpha makes contact with Planet Ten, a world that has modelled itself on Earth due to its admiration for humanity's evil! President Tamblin calls them, Mort is told by Tamblin to give the contract to General Teledonics. Tax charges are against Big Jawn Murphy and they are dropped. Michelle is an Alphan. Dr. Pless shows them they ahve been watching Earth and duplicating everything about it, John's ray gun turns Pless into his true monster self--a thing with four sucker feet and a blob shaped body, Michelle, the copilot takes the place of her duplicate and gets on an Eagle with the copies who are returning to Alpha. Capt. Gray at the Eagle landing bay is told by Michelle and the copies are put in a cell. Pilot Johnson returns with an Eagle and in costumes of the aliens. The four aliens dissolve into fluids and Helena tells them on the planet it felt like being at home and John tells them he feels like crying. Eric is another Alphan and he may be security near the holding cells.

    COME INTO MY PARLOUR...-1976 ANNUAL-two alien ships land on the Moon near the waste dumps. Alien male is Danrak. They are from Barrax-Beta, a system at war with Trinion. The smaller craft is from there and its crew was killed by Danrak and his female aide. They use globes of mind matter which are the intelligences of their people. Koenig uses the other ship to distract Danrak and rescue Victor. Alan destroys the alien craft with Danrak on it. Bergmen mentions the Three Musketeers: all for one and one for all. He and John share a drink.

    BE CURIOUS AND DIE-1976 ANNUAL-Williams, Mason, Fantino, Davis, Yamamoto, Duvalier, the last three had to be resusciated on Helena's machine, foam attacks Alpha, coming out of an alien globe box, Kano couples himself up with Victor's computer, a city with human like people beat a thing and put it in a sphere--the alien sphere the Alphans found, Carter has to destroy parts of a moonbase corridor leading to Main Mission as the foam formed its true form--a tentacled monter, Carter killed it from an Eagle, crushing some of the hallway, joking--Alan hopes it will go on record that it was his idea, John tells Victor that you never know what's going to happen when you encounter something in space.

    MINDPROBE-1976 ANNUAL-Zar, leader of Damian makes contact with John but not Alan, they passed an alien ship and went down to a world, no one believes John. Alan brings him back to base but he wants to start Exodus. Zar had revealed himself to John but not Alan since Alan was of a violent mind. The others had been tested and failed. They had fired at the alien spacecraft---which vanished. It was all a test. The peaceful planet has to reject them. Zar tells them this and that John would have been welcomed to stay. Helena tells Victor that they have no better man to lead them on in their search for their destiny when Victor wonders what they are going to tell him.
    ALIEN SEED-Novel-an alien seed is buried on the Moon after landing from space near Schemiel, it goes from a seed, to a giant monsterous tentacled thing, to a plant, and a girl shape named Enalus--who needs blood, Nancy Coleman-botanist builds an underground cavern grotto of a beach type scene, Constance Bosewell made a fountain in it, Lynne Saffrey has tremendous ESP potential but goes insane from her link to the alien seed, pilot Chad Bailey, Savannah High gardner Frank Baker has give inspiration to Kano, Helena uses ESP tests developed by a Dr. Rhine, tech Frank, Prof. Svante August Arrhenius had the idea that spores could be carried through space, Harmond and Chagny killed, Jamson, Peter Lodge hurt badly and died, six others die, Peter's girl was there when Peter died and tried to kill herself but Helena stopped her, Technician Ivan Beresova, Roper--squad commander of Eagle search team, he has a girl named Sonya, security man Brody, security guard Edward Markham loves Constance whom the crature used as a pattern for its human form, Edward dies when the creature feeds on him--he was anemic, George Tomlinson-security, Alphan deaths: ten. (brings first season total to 35 Alphan deaths).

    ANDROID PLANET-novel-Voyager readout log 6391143 tells them about planets Pelorus and Copreon in the solar system Olympus. The people of Pelorus are long gone having been visited by people from Copreon who started a colony using androids---androids which appear human and who try to kill off the others, there is also acid like lichen on the planet and only a few safe areas, Jake Henshaw an operator at Main Mission. Gregor is the President of the android council, his consort is Zenobia, Gwent is mentioned in Alan's thoughts, the humans give John, Helena, Sandra, Alan, Paul, and Victor shelter but they are just as bad in a way: Menos is the leader and Rama is his aide and lover and they go topless and sometimes naked, dark haired, gray green eyes and short in stature but well built, helmits are needed since the strange flux of magnetic storms, the humans want Helena and Sandra to breed new Coperons for them, the androids want them dead, Helena and Sandra dress as nurses and play nurse and patient, go down an elevator and hijack a lorry machine, Alan kills several humans in the attack on their base to get the women and Paul, Victor, and John out, they all get away, leaving the androids to kill off the humans but also the storms destroy the whole of the area as the Moon leaves.

    SNOWBALL-LARGE COMIC NUMBER 6-An Alphan mission to investigate a freezing world (Alan calls Snowball) comes under attack from massive Snow Beasts called Grangaus and finds evidence of a civilization. Kolton and Mersac and Retoa, bald aliens show them to a city. A shift in orbit caused the planet to go from a paradise to an ice world. The ice car crashes in a snow storm and Mersac dies. Alien humans of the planet tell them that the aliens they just met are slavers. One good human is Rygar and helps the Alphans. Kolton and Retoa are killed by their own kind. The Snow Beasts help the Alphans and Rygar. They stop the slaver's snow car.

    THE PARADISE PROGRESSION-LARGE COMIC NUMBER 6--The arrival on a lush paradise by the Alphans causes emotional disruption for the single pair of inhabitants: Adan and Eva! Lt. Kramer sets down. Careen Kane, a girl and crewman Drake are killed. Adan and Eva are embryonic humanoids--like werewolves--too human to resort to violence but too primitive to experience human emotions. Alphan dead: 2.

    THE PERPETUAL METAMORPHOSIS-LARGE COMIC NUMBER 7-an alien satillite releases a strange life form on Alpha. It is one that is constantly changing its form and nature from one moment to the next: a caterpillar creature that eats raw energy, a one eyed rodent monster that eats metal and minerals, a deer with antenna that eats plants, then a carnivorous beast, Collins and a comrade are killed by the leopard beast, Alphan dead: 2.

    COSMIC HEADACHE-LARGE COMIC NUMBER 7-The Alphans investigate a city populated by an advanced people with no prisons or justice system, dominated by a hideous creature, the Orcus. Karen Lanford Expedition to the planet vanished but provided information about the inhabitants and what they looked like. The rescue team makes themselves up to look like them-a crystal worn on the forehead which is a Pip which gives whoever does something wrong a headache. Outlanders hold the Insiders in contempt. Wenko is an outsider who liked Lanford, a female. His wife is Jelko. The Insiders have robots. The Outsiders are farmer types. In a slum area where the Pips don't work and if you try to remove them, you die. Honest people will have pain go away but if you even think about a crime, the pip will make you suffer first. Kraks is a leader in the Slum area. Orcus is really Dr. Ortizs. When he died, he became the Orcus. Tom and Bill and an Alphan woman are being held by the Insiders and the slug creature helps them get them out.

    THE INFINITY MECHANISM-LARGE COMIC NUMBER 7-an alien cyborg arrives on Alpha, offering immortality in exchange for power but it is an energy vampire which aims to feed off Alphans. The alien is Infinity from Xeron, Mike Walters is his guide, the machine goes mad and kills him and two girls, one of them named Betty, it killed the superior humans of the planet Xeron. Victor uses ultra sonic sound on it. Alphan dead: 3.

    ROGUE PLANET-novel-Organic chemist Sarah Pulcher-head of the Bard of Actors on Moonbase. Tony Ellman, Sam Blake--both die--Sam kills himself due to the influence of fear from the mini universe powered by a brain like mass, Ivor Khokol liked to dream he was chief of Bandhaisai riding with Attilia the Hun, Kagan of the Hiung, Kano is taken by a dream he is the Priest of the Great Computer, Ivor dies, trapped inside the outer covering of the mass they see a planet that was once like Earth that is now like marble and it contained an alien family who lived underground, trying to live against the mass which draws everything into it, Nurse Avril Sinto, Nurse Tyde, the mass is named Omphalos-the center, pilot Thomson, Frank Dale dies when he and Alan are accidentally trapped in the alien tomb on the once planet, outside worker Nyat Cheng, Tony Ellman---turned very old by the living mass and dies, worker Gerry Ross, pilot Kendal, aliens were dead in webs that hung from above like spiders and birds or bats, they sent out the telepathic warnings to Alpha and they had high pointed skulls and family groups, Kano sees the Mbolonga bird but saves everyone when Alan falls victim to the fear illusions, Zakym Allivare---middle aged product of the Levant, he had a wife and two children on Earth, Allivare is working on the alien metal-a polymer of a silcone type structure, Allivare doesn't put on protective clothing and he too, dies, Brad Marshall, also an outside worker and Cheng also become old but don't die right away, atomic engineer Channon, pilot Riddle, a missile from Alpha on one side and the fragments of the exploding planet marble kill the mass. Alpha leaves the mass's self contained universe. It had sucked power. Alphan dead: seven if Cheng and Brad die. (brings total Alphan deaths to 42.)

    CONFLICT OF MATTER-1976 ANNUAL-pilot Jeff Willis, the returning Eagle is front to back--made of anti matter after Willis investigated a radio signal. The moon heads at a black hole which will convert them into anti matter---which means they will not be able to communicate to aliens and worse---any contact with matter will destroy it and the other matter. Using anti matter Victor makes and puts in an Eagle, the black hole is sealed and the Moon was swung off its course yet again. The radio source may have been another Moonbase Alpha on the other side of the black hole or it may have been their own radio messages sent out and bounced off the hole as an anti matter message---played backward! Alphan changed: 1 is now Anti-Matter.

    THE MEETING POINT-1976 ANNUAL-Jennings, Petersen; John and Alan visit another moon--an exact left handed copy of Alpha and the moon--their moon, they are at a point in space when time meets time--a cosmic mirror and only one can survive Victor figures. Using a bomb and expanding silicon, the real universe Alpha---sets up a mirror in space--an image that distorts light by bending it. Victor ponders the strangeness of their plight and that they may live a million years to meet them again. NOTE: Since this is a lot like ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE, this probably should be put in an alternate universe which means it may contain two alternate universes since there are two Moons. ALSO NOTE: This could be the other side to the Alphan story in ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE as Victor theorizes they meet the Alphans in the far future--perhaps the ones that were in Santa Maria on Earth in ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE.

    MEETING POINT-fan interviews-fan fiction--Paul Morrow meets actor Prentis Hancock, actress Zienia Merton meets Sandra Benes,

    YESTERDAY TIME-1976 ANNUAL-Victor was in a small bit of shock after savages on a primitive planet get Helena, who is taken by savages through a cave of mist, she understood them due to some kind of telepathy at work--she invaded their sacred place, Paul warns that the Moon is pulling away from the jungle and hot planet fast, Alan tells Victor--who tackled John that he is too old to rescue Helena this fast and to take John back to the Eagle with Kano. Alan is followed by Paul. Victor flies an Eagle out after they rescued and returned with Helena.

    CHILDREN OF THE GODS-Unmade script by Johnny Byrne-Moonbase Alpha bit by bit started to disappear off the surface of the Moon. Then it reconvenes. Voices of children saying, "We're the children," sound over the intercoms. Then they were in some kind of structure and there are two children, they've got these jewels in their foreheads and they are incredibly evil. The kids are very indulged, they have complete mastery over time and space and they put Moonbase Alpha personnel through weird time trips. Carter goes back in time and then returns, his mind completely cleaned, he believes he is a sort of gladiator in ancient Rome. There is a fight between John and Alan. There is an alien male who is evil. These children were kidnapped in the future. The man who is controlling it belongs to another race and Koenig's race or these children's race and theirs are about to make contact at this moment in time in the galaxy somewhere. There was an effort to find out the fundamental nature of human beings, so these aliens kidnapped two of the children and brought them up in complete indulgence, allowing their natural instincts to entirely rule their lives. Why have they come back for Alpha is these children are the descendants of John Koenig's people on Moonbase. He has decided to show John why he and Alpha have to be destroyed---you say you are not destructive, then look at your spring--their essential natures have been allowed to develop with the power to indulge and they are turned naturally to evil.

    PHOENIX OF MEGARON-novel-Voyager tapes tell of golden antmen on Chrysaor; reptile killers on the dying world of Scotia; urbane, silvery mandarin types on Fingalna. Security men Rufford and Jansen. Jansen dies when a pointed air car hits Eagle 7 and kills him and crashes it. This starts a long chain reaction of events for Helena, Alan, Victor, and John, who may be stranded on the planet forever as the Moon moves out of range; Mestor, leader of the city Caster has them, but they escape with help from the Outfarers who were rescuing a girl Alan falls in love with named Rhoda, Caster is controlled by a computer system called Spadec which has the people putting drugs into their food supply and this keeps it in control, John and the other Alphans with help from Karl and Gelanor--Rhoda's true parents and not Melanion. Golgos, a younger captain of the Outfarer's loved Rhoda and has the Alphans and Rhoda's family cast out from the old half destroyed tower they lived in, Rhoda and an older couple go with them, the older couple are female Hepa and male Urion, they find an old space program building run by Cydon, a very old man and he uses hologram images of himself; his wife Helice died 20 years ago; when Megaron's people went mad the people who set up Caster meant well; wars went on and the scientists put themselves in this base where the Phoenix, a spaceship that carries the four Alphans and Rhoda back to the Moon, is; before they go, they had to get the silo opened and fuel in the ship and to do that they had to venture to Caster, which, thanks to orders from John, is no longer under Spadec's control. Helena also put a drug in their food to stop the suggestive drugs. Cydon had traps set which killed at least one traveling man, after the breakup of the great cities there were many lonely traveling men and women; Mestor attacks the rocketship and blows up as it rises, social-political-and defense executive commettiee (but computer is what it really is) is what Spadec stands for; other survivors were about the land and Hyria was an unlivable city, Myndon and Gadarn were Caster air car pilots and warriors, other Caster people--Yatpan who puts on the lights, Alcon, Hella, female Zarah, Tylon-one of the bosses who order the lights put on, air car pilots Gara and Max who are killed in the sea by John and Alan. Alphan dead: one (brings total Alphan death toll to 43). Alan lasers a humanoid to death from navel to neck.

    EARTHFALL-alternate universe-version of what happens when the Moonbase Alphans find a new home for once and for all--Earth. This tale hinges on the fact that the moon was traveling in a closed other universe.

    THE MASTER OF ALPHA-fan fiction by Diana Winslow-Maya does not appear, Tony, Paul, Kano, Bill Winters, and Victor appear; planet Sed-Villein, alien Kae, Main Mission still in use, Tanya, Joe Donaldson, Mathias, Sandra, miner Harry Garth, women of Alpha are to be used to produce a race of slaves for these aliens, Alphans are allowed to return home after they resist.

    307 DAYS AFTER LEAVING EARTH ORBIT-POSSIBLE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-Paul and Kano die after their Eagle booster fails and they crash land on the pad. Following the death of Paul Morrow, Sandra turned to Buddism in the hope of finding spiritual peace and enlightenment and, in an effort to forget the past, she cast out all personal possessions and changed her name to Sahn. This decision was supported and respected by her friends and colleagues. NOTE: Italian Tony Verdeschi supposedly takes over after Paul dies (ANNUAL 1977). Alphan dead: two.

    328 DAYS AFTER LEAVING EARTH ORBIT--POSSIBLE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE--Victor Bergman dies when his spacesuit malfunctions while installing the new laser defense ring. It is possible his helmit malfuctioned. NOTE: In another alternate universe, Victor's mechanical heart malfunctioned and he died. It is possible the suit malfunctioned and caused his mechanical heart to give out. Alphan dead: one.

    OTHER ALTERNATE UNIVERSES: Kano and Paul as well as Victor are alive, some never having died at all, just not being seen; others are returned to life somehow. Some only mention a universe where Victor is returned. Other universes might single out any of the three. These alternates sometimes explain why Main Mission was closed down (and in some reopened a year later in a third season) and Command Center was opened.

    336 DAYS AFTER LEAVING EARTH ORBIT-POSSIBLE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE--Command Center becomes fully operational as Main Mission is closed down for safety reasons. Alien attacks are much better survived from underground and thus, all main controls are moved to Command Center. Main Mission closes down.

    FEELINGS- fan fiction by Leslie Ann Marshall-a meteor destroyed by John and Alan has fragments which strike Medical Center and blind Helena temporarily. John has Med Center totally rebuilt.

    A TIME FOR CHANGES-fan fiction by Steve Eramo-definitely an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-this story proposes SPACE BRAIN is the last first season episode before THE METAMORPH and proposes reasons for all the changes made in the second season. This starts out right where SPACE BRAIN ends and ends up where THE METAMORPH begins. Story also goes on to 304 days after leaving Earth orbit. 335 days after leaving Earth orbit, Helena records the lower levels of Alpha are ready to begin operations. Lambert and Marzelli are the pilots who take Victor's body back to Alpha after his heart stops due to a magnetic flux on a planet Pelah, Pilots Greg Winters and Bob Summerfield, Bob Mathias, Bill Fraser, Chief Engineer Pete Garforth, Tanya, Kano, Victor, Tony who comments about a party where he met Sandra and talked about his beer, Dave Reilly, Lew Picard, Ben Vincent, Security Guard Gary Morton died, Linda Allen and Sharon Young of Security, Dr. Gordon Collins, Lewis Templar of Launch Bay, Guard Bill Haynes, Paul is moved to Technical, Shermeen Williams, Main Mission is destroyed due to stress factors which Victor knew about, Kano doesn't die, nor does Paul, Nurse Karrie Ford, alien globes of light attack a landing party on planet Silba 2, they kill Security Guard Gary Morton, Phillips Gallo, Maureen Antrum, Bill gets married to Annette Proctor in the Rec Room and he wedding is performed by Priest Father Robert Jameson, Martha Johnson, story ends at 342 days after leaving Earth orbit...

    HATRED'S DEEP SEED-fan fiction by Diana Winslow--Out on the surface of the Moon in a moon buggy--Alan is attacked by Ted Karadine, brother of Jamie--who hero worshipped Alan and died trying to break one of his records. Tony, Bill Fraser, NO MAYA,

    THE PSYCHON CHRONICLES-Fan fiction by Tod Ellsworth-being the history of Psychon, Mentor and Maya and their family. Minan is Mentor's families' home city. Maya's brother is named Mendak. Destroyed cities included: Yom where the scientific counsel was, Drenak, Onlas, Telena. Mentor did not give Mendak his blessings when he left with survivor ships.

    THE METAMORPH-342 to 347---Eagle pilot Bill and wife Annette Fraser; Mentor and first appearance of Maya both of planet Psychon, Maya joins the Alphans when her home world is destroyed. Alphans look for Taranium. Ray Torrens dies. Science Officer Lew Picard dies. Alpha has laser cannons, rocket launchers, and a weapons section, new ID badges. Maya: lion, gorilla, German Shepard, falcon, (novel--The Time Fighters--Maya is aware of teleportation using psi powers; Psychon may have ruled over a galaxy and had fabulous cities); it is mentioned Psychon had been attacked in the past and many of its people killed by outsiders, Petrov intro, (fan fiction CATCH A RISING STAR makes this date Aug. 21, 2000, however that would be Earth date, Alpha and Earth must be on a totally different time schedule and calendar since as you travel in space more time must pass on Earth akin to SPACE: 1999 philosophy-in BRINGERS OF WONDER and JOURNEY TO WHERE and probably others). Dating 1999 is very difficult indeed as no two sources agree on the dates and space travel and time is a sticky business. Alphan dead two--Picard and Torrens.

    ENTER THE METAMORPH-ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-ANNUAL 1977-This MUST be some kind of alternate universe since in the story of Maya first being encountered by Alphans as well as the story of the destruction of Mentor and Psychon, David Kano is alive and well and living--taking part in this adventure! Other clues that these 1977 and 1978 ANNUAL stories are a definite alternate universe include the fact that Main Mission is being used and not Command Center! Sahn is still called Sandra.

    COME HOME, MAYA---WE NEED YOU!-ANNUAL 1978--ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-aka COME BACK MAYA-Garrm has a governor named Prenotor Vurkkon and is a penal colony, a global prison for the criminal and political outcasts of the Madurian system. There are 6 planets of Maduria. Defying John's orders Maya goes to Garrm, looking for her father whom she feels may have escaped the destruction of Psychon--proving this is an alternate universe since in the main universe, she and John saw Mentor killed. Psychon was once a part of the system Garrm is in. Maya followed someone who could have been her father but was knocked out and when she awoke she saw another Maya. This man, Zuris, looks like Taybor and Vurkkon looks like the Dorcon Aarchon, his wife looks like Cousul Varda, and his daughter another Dorcon--a nurse, proving again, this is another universe. Zuris plan: to send the fake Maya back to the Moon to kill the leaders of Alpha and order all crafts from Alpha to return and free all his criminal friends. Kano looks a bit different in this universe--like one of the security guards but not always (in the other stories he looks like David Kano from season one--is this yet another split off of universes--?!?!?). Connover is another security man. The dead girl in Vurkkon's home is not Maya--Zuris killed this Maya impersonator and sent back the real Maya to attack Main Mission and the Alphans. Confused? How bout more? The real Maya forced her appearance on Zuris and took on his form. He was killed by Kano and Connover who fired laser rifles at him.

    SEEING DEAD AHEAD-LOOK IN 1976 ISSUES 37 TO 45-The Moon drifts close to Leptar, whose inhabitants see all the Alphans as dead. Fearing disease, the aliens plan to destroy the satellite. Tarfon allies himself with John and Tarfon's ally is Drammon; Martak is against the Moon;

    SETTLING IN-LOOK IN ISSUES 46 TO 48-After helping the Leptarians, the Alphans start to settle on Leptar wen a timeslip turns the paradise into a volcanic trap.

    ESCAPE FROM VIPON-SMALL COMIC NUMBER 7-John and Helena are held hostages by reptile like natives of the planet Vipon in return for atomic weapons. Tony and Maya launch a rescue mission. Tandar is king of Vipon. Maya turns into a bird.

    PRIMITIVE PLANET-SMALL COMIC NUMBER 7-TEXT STORY--Main Mission still active in this story. Alan, John, Maya, Helena, Tony appear. The first four explore Planet Three--and find it a snowball of a planet--all ice and snow, frigid over a hundred feet thick. An amoeba like snow energy monster lives on it. They leave the planet which is in its ice age.

    THE PRIMARY LIFE FORM-LARGE COMIC NUMBER 8-Nucleon, a powerful alien life form, arrives on Alpha in peace--but things get nasty when it decides it wants Helena as its bride! Starvic and Tony are killed by him but brought back; the alien tells them he is the singularity of matter, change and rearrange atoms, Maya fights the alien and is reminded she is an Alphan. Nucleon changed even Helena's room into the surface of planet's. His real form is a giant brain. He wanted to make Helena into that too.

    A MEANS FOR REVENGE-ANNUAL 1977-ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-Main Mission still in use, David Kano is alive, Tony and Maya appear, Alpha picks up a small coffin shaped metal canister. Sonic noise knocks out Koenig and Alan. Dr. Mathias appear. Tall, powerful alien Vamar brings them back. He tells them he was ruler of Tal until a revolution took place. As a spider, Maya overhears Vamar's real plans: to go back and rule with fear and death--and an Eagle loaded with Alphan nuclear chain reaction bombs! Vamar looks like one of the alien andriod from ONE MOMENT OF HUMANITY's planet Vega. After he kidnaps Helena, Vamar is destroyed when he accidentally caused a fire in his Eagle as he and Helena fought, traps him. Helena gets out but Main Mission sets the Eagle up into space and it blows up. John figures on Tal the people would never know the blast was Vamar's intended means of revenge on them.

    THIS GREEN, UNPLEASANT LAND...-1977 ANNUAL-ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-Kano appears, Sahn is called only Sandra, Main Mission appears, space warp seizes the runaway Moon and brings it to a planet that appears to be Earth! It is said that the corner of space--the space warps in the time continuum periodically seize the Moon. John tells Alan that the area they are landing on used to be Hampstead Heath. Alan tells him he knew that: he was there once, on vacation from Australia. Alan welcomes Maya to Earth telling her the garden's out of hand since they left. Maya uses her metabolistic tranfer powers to save Alan from a man eating plant by turning into a gorilla. There are ruins of Manchester, Birmingham, and Derby, Carlisle, Edinburgh. There used to a bonny purple heather where they next land. In a cavern are people--Margan, a boy Jorus, his grandfather tells Jorus who has a mother nearby that the vegetable kingdom overruns the planet now and that once we were a race of scientists, inventors, and technicians who made this happen. Jorus's mother tells him to leave his grandfather and his silly stories alone---the new outsiders who have come are of no concern to them (the last survivors of the human race on Earth) and that they have no part in their fading race. John is revived after having been pricked by one of the plant's poisonous thorns. The plants attack the Eagle. Another Eagle--a relief Eagle helps them out and they both fly off---watched by the last survivors--who wonder if they should have made contact with them to take them off with them. The old men told them to ignore the strangers but now, the young men wonder if they should have made contact---but one says it was not to be--their lives and ours are forever seperate.

    THE EXILES-tv date--403 to 411; 380 to 388---aliens Cantor, Zova, peaceful Mirella, all from Golos where Cantor and Zova lead evil rebellion, Dr. Mathias appears, Cantor and Zova use Alpha's life support system to return themselves to Golos, their home planet. Power drain. Ragnor died a long time ago and Mirella is his descendant. Maya: panther, (fan fiction puts this date at Oct. 21, 2000 Earth date but time on Earth must be going faster for those there).

    A TEXTBOOK CASE-Fan Fiction, writer unknown, appeared in INTERCOM ONE, a Danish zine-Julio Andrea Androtti, a depressed but popular man reminds Helena of Victor--who died so suddenly; Julio and Susan Tanner (Susan went to the Professor Androtti when he was made part of Peter's plan) help stop Peter O'Hara's (a maintenance tech) near mutiny against John with ten others. Mathias appears. Julio had a young daughter who was still on Earth named Janie. Julio's date of birth is Jan. 21, 1945 in Venice, Italy, assigned as prof. of biology on July 4, 1995 on Alpha as his second tour of duty. Maya and Alan had been hostages in the Power Station. Johnny from Stores was one of the conspirators but Helena felt Peter manipulated them into doing his bidding. Helena asks John to talk to Peter and he agrees. Good short story with lots of character development and well placed humor and even Tanya appear!

    ONE MOMENT OF HUMANITY-tv date-515 to 516; 400 t0 401---Dr. Mathias appears; androids Zarl and Zamara, alien humanoid Number Eight, all of planet Vega; some MUF. Androids use Tony and Helena as model's for the expression of violent emotions and jealousy in order to learn how to kill. Yasko appears, self generating computer, Helena and Tony are put on a replica, empty Alpha, power drain, viewing system of books on Alpha--Othello is read by Zamara. Mathias is mentioned but not seen. Maya: insect and an old lady and Helena. John tells Zamara Alpha is not political or military. The party they were preparing for was a Valentine's Day Party. (fan fiction puts this date at Feb. 14, 2001, however Earth time and Alpha time are different.)

    JACKIE-fan fiction by Diana Winslow-Alan takes Cynthia and Jackie to Vega to allow them to stay. They do. Cynthia marries alien Sae. This is set in an alternate universe in my opinion as are many fan fiction stories--many deal with Victor, Paul and Kano and differ greatly or in minor ways about why they were not seen in the second season.

    JOURNEY TO WHERE-429 to 433--Jackson, MacDonald is the Scottish leader of warriors, Dr. Charles Logan, Carla, Yasko Nugami, John, Alan, and Helena go to 1339 Scotland (1314 plus 25 years after Bannbockburn battle) during the Black Plague, Earth contacts Moonbase Alpha. Some MUF. An attempt is made at teleportation between Alpha and Texas City, Earth. A Tony beer scene. Ben Vincent is in this episode, a black doctor helping Helena---and he is more muscular than Robert Mathias. The year on Earth is 2120 AD. There are large indoor cities all over including Texas City (where Logan's indoor Space Station One is), Pacific City, Grand Metropolis (the Eastern Seaboard including the former New York, New Jersey, and Boston). In 1998 in this universe, the Red Sox won against the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. In 2026 all competitive sports were abandoned. In another century it will be possible for Earth to contact the Moon again. Pollution of the 21st century almost destroyed all life on Earth: crops, New England, the Rockies, trees, rivers--all polluted and in fact there is no habitable place on the planet outdoors! They also have some kind of personal sense system holographic imagers that make it so that they can imagine they are outdoors. John tells Helena they could have landed on Earth during the Storming of the Bastille, the London Blitz, the sinking of the Titanic, the Massacre of St. Barthlomew's, etc.

    ALL THAT GLISTERS-tv date-545 to 547; 565 to 567--Dave Reilly, living rocks and the communication between them and Alpha causes problems, Tony appears to die but is revived by the rocks, Maya: one of the rocks, Maya tells Dave that they had many wonderful things on Psychon. Fan fiction puts this date at March 1, 2001.

    THE TAYBOR-587 to 603--Dr. Ben Vincent, Bill Fraser, alien space trader Taybor in his ship the SS Emporium which can use hyper space to travel, Alphans can make robots, Taybor wants to add Maya to his collection. A Tony beer scene. Maya: turns into an old hag version of the Taybor.

    MARK OF ARCHANON-640 to 646--some sources say 642 days as the first date---Bill Fraser, Etrec, Pasc, Lyra, Lorna, novel: Maurna (of Lyra's line) of Archanon--the planet of peace, areas under the Moon shown as Andy and Alan search for dylenide crystals needed for maintaining the base's many systems, killing sickness shown, two Archanons are discovered beneath Alpha, Lyra was Pasc's wife, Lorna is the descendant of Lyra's line, they cannot give blood--they do not have the needed enzymes to replace their blood lost or given, mining for Tiranium by Alphans under the base on Moon, Maya and John are trapped for a time in space in a storm, Maya relays that her people heard legends of the coming of the peacebringers. Alphan dead: Andy Johnson killed by Pasc.

    ONE MAN'S MEAT-ANNUAL 1977-possible ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-Main Mission is being used but in the photos it looks like Command Center, Kano is alive and in this story too, Six aliens--looking like monsters--like the Bringers of Wonder in this alternate universe--one is called Borg---they want the nuclear waste to fed upon. Techs Hallam and Whitney appear. The creatures are Lamnians from the planet Lamnos and can control their own radioactivity and travel in a rocklike meteor-like spaceship. One tries to blow up the dumps and the reactors of Alpha. The Alphans shut the reactors down. John traps that one in the reactor room and he shuts down the temperature and it dies. Remote controlled Eagles blast the other aliens away. The rock ship stays on the blind side of the Moon forever.

    THE BEAST OF BOKASSAI-ANNUAL 1977-ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-Main Mission in use, David Kano appears, scientist alien Bokassa-a master of the black arts, he took another from a slave race that lives on a distant continent--a 8 feet tall, scaled reptilian face, shaggy hair, and it uses thought waves-this slave of Bokassa looks like the monster from BETA CLOUD; Bokassa is doubly ugly--a bovine face, massive upright horns, one eye--not unlike the monster Maya turned into on the surface of the Moon in THE BRINGERS OF WONDER PART TWO; the slave creation of the scientist helps them get away from Bokassa and both tumble over a cliff locked in combat. Tony wanted to help the creature and bring it back to Alpha with him. Helena punches him out and they get away, hoping the monster slave friend survived. The slave was given intelligence by Bokassa who sought to make him a fiend.

    CHALLENGE-ANNUAL 1977-ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-Garrak young alien son of Morrok of planet Jarkan, Karkk-- who says he has a ship colony of 600 beings, a crewmen who looks like Scotty on STAR TREK appears, John figures Karkk and his people are fugitives from from some destroyed planet and Karkk wants to rule Alpha now as well as Jarkan, Morrock and his watching people use a Beta Lance to destroy Karkk and his ship, Alpha cannot hear Morrok's message since their communicators were knocked out by the attack of Karkk, the message from Morrok: come live with us on our planet since your leader Koenig has shown the fine qualities of mercy and integrity, Kano appears and looks a bit different, the moon goes out of range of the planet and the Alphans are fated to never know how close they came to finding a new and perfect home...

    CODEX COMCON-ANNUAL 1977-ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-Alien that looks like the Beta Cloud monster arrives on Alpha. It is totally mute and can only express himself with drawing symbols using an alphabet the Alphans and Main Mission Computer have to unscramble. The message is: "I bring greetings from the planet Zoron and invite your leader to meet our President."

    RULES OF LUTON-892 to 894-Yasko Nugami, Aliens include the Rulers and Judges of Luton, the Alien Strong, Alien Invisible, Alien Transport Being, Koenig and Maya face the rulers of Luton and their horrid games of death. A Tony beer scene. Maya: a bird, a large black dog, Maya tells Koenig she had a brother and that Mentor couldn't leave the planet Psychon---it was where her mother was buried, Maya's brother did leave---with others, there was once race--one religion--one governing power, Maya's father and brother both occupied seats on the Council, fan fiction puts this date at Jan. 21, 2002 but Earth time and Moon time are different.

    ALPHAN REVENGE-fan fiction by Mike Rathko-987 days after leaving earth orbit---Alan is blamed for the death of a crash in 1990 of Dick Hammelson. Dave Nelson survived. Alan had stolen his girlfriend. Nelson threatens Alpha and kidnaps Helena but John gets her back. Nelson dies in the fire on his Eagle. Maya appears.

    THE LAW OF INDIRECTION-fan fiction by David Welle=1040 days after leaving Earth orbit. Alien Lykrontaks kidnap Maya. The aliens call the Moon---Themoon.

    NEW ADAM, NEW EVE-tv date-1097 to 2001; 967 to 971---Yasko Nugami, First appearance of the alien Magus, who poses as a god like being, other aliens have been used by him in his experiments, he puts Helena and Tony, John and Maya in love bonding pairs on Eden Mark II. Some MUF. Maya: owl and a creature to save Helena, giant lizards, gorilla like monster, mutants, Maya tells John one of her hobbies was Comparitive Universal Theology and that they met their god, a creator of this universe who in turn had his own God--who made an even bigger universe, fan fiction puts the date at Aug. 11, 2002 and 1095 days after Earth orbit.

    BRIAN THE BRAIN-1150 to 1151--Brian the Brain, Capt. Micheal, Swift Support vechiles from Earth, Mysterious Planet D (novel: M) and the Mothership, Brian is a killer who killed the crew and his creator, fearing another of his kind would be made, trying to cover his tracks, he kidnaps Helena and John. After they defuse him, they regain the memory core, then copy it, erase it and reinstall it into Brian, who now has to relearn everything over. Maya: Capt. Micheals who was dead. fan fiction date is Oct. 5, 2002.


    AB CHRYSALIS-AKA-THE CHYRALIS ABC--tv date 1296 to 1298; 1288 to 1290--the masters of the planet, aliens A, B, and C. Many moons of the planet all of which have a special power that comes from each all ringed about, the worlds are cholorine based, AB and C are naked in green mist, some MUF. Maya: chlorine breathing alien. Alphan dead: casualties.

    CATACOMBS OF THE MOON-tv date--1196 to 1199; 496 to 499---Chief Miner Patrick Osgood and his wife Michelle, Michelle has a heart condition which could prove fatal, Mysterious Unknown Forces about, Bill Fraser appears, areas under the moon shown, Bill Fraser, Velma Hill---officer in the Explosives section of Alpha, power drain, fire in space. A Tony beer scene. Tony was best man at the Osgood's wedding. fan fiction puts this at 1196 days after leaving Earth orbit and the date at Nov. 20, 2002.

    RETURN OF THE METAMORPH-1300 days after leaving Earth orbit; Maya has a heartfelt belief that Mentor survived the destruction of Psychon and is haunting her. Golden Press storybook.

    SEED OF DESTRUCTION-tv date 1608 to 1610; 508 to 510--glittering asteroid holds evil mirror images which imprisoned the minds and souls of the now dead Kalthon world--the beam is to release the seed of the people of Kalthon, MUF. Power drain. fan fiction has this as 1608 days after Earth orbit is left and the date as Jan. 5, 2004.

    NOT THE WORLD WE KNEW-LOOK IN 1976 ISSUE 49 TO ISSUES 1977 1 TO 3--The Alphans somehow arrive on Earth in the year 2154 AD to find a wrecked base full of humanoid robots who are being fought by guerillas.

    LARGE UNIVERSE-LOOK IN 1977 ISSUES 4 TO 9--Trying to stop an asteroid from hitting the Moon, Koenig and Alan Carter undertake an Eagle mission which miniturizes them.

    FOR THE GLORY OF...?--LOOK IN 1977 ISSUES 10 TO 13-When Eagles do down to a planet for the vital element Attrion, the crews are attacked in kamakaze fashion by strange craft.

    BETA CLOUD-1503 to 1505--Mysterious Unknown Forces at work, creature, cloud, aliens want to steal Alpha's life support core. Maya: chlorine breating creature from planet Kreno, gas breathing creature, a fly, an insect, fan fiction date---Sept. 23, 2003. Pilot Tom Graham vanishes--dead. Alphan dead: one but may be more casualties among the guards. Two guards die.

    DOPPELGANGER-fan fiction by Mary Tchir-Tony is knocked out in the catacombs and an alien, agitated, makes himself look like Tony to hide from his people. They are lead by Varus of the spaceship Nephra. They take their fellow alien home.


    A MATTER OF BALANCE-1702 to 1711 days--Shermeen Williams, alien Vindrus--anti human, anti Earthlings, anti Alphan?, MUF, anti matter universe, Bill Fraser, lots of Tony beer scenes. Creature guarding the Sunim temple is called a Thaed. Maya: a monkey and Shermeen Williams, Maya mentions her planet had an accelerator that turned anti matter into matter, fan fiction date: April 8, 2004.

    SPACE WARP-tv date--1807 to 1808; 1032 to 1033--Maya turns into Mentor at one point as well as other monsters and aliens, MUF, John and Tony are on the other side of a space warp that has engulfed Alpha, alien ship appears, Petrov, Dr. Ben Vincent appears. Maya: creature that stores oxygen like a camel stores water, her father Mentor, the only time we see Maya sick--perhaps brought on by the alien spaceship or maybe the space warp---or that she is extra bright as it is stated in the novel--also stated is that Psychons may suffer breakdowns--what humans call dreaming. It serves to reprogram or reorder the mind. fan fiction date: July 22, 2004 and it is 1807 days after leaving Earth orbit.

    PARADISE-fan fiction by Abby Hayhurst--Moon passes through a warp and ends up nine million years after breakaway in the same solar sytsem as Earth! David Kano, Victor Bergman---1825 days after leaving Earth orbit---Alpha goes into a Jovian orbit and Ganymede will support life. Paul, Tony, Alan, Command Center, and Maya appear. John and Helena crash land in water on Ganymede, the moon of Jupiter and meet Lee Russell! Helena miscarried---it was John's child a baby girl that Helena names Victoria and John agrees. Astro 7 mission included Lee now called Rush Purcell, Ben, the now dead Tim Eliopolous, the now dead SuAnn Miles, the now dead Peter One Sky (all 3 killed in the crash), Vladimir and Nan Vladastok, Carol Purcell, primitivists Tell Larson and Gwen Smith, Mason Sharp, Wendy One Sky, Ralph Henderson, Cammy-another Carole, there were 19 out of 22 who survived the crash, ends 1922 days after leaving Earth orbit---Steve, Connar Sharp, Libbet, Racine, the Moon will pass through the warp again---it was like a belt. On the return trip around, it will go through it. Mathias appears. On Alpha there is tech called Ivan. The women have reversable sterilization processes done to them but in the crash the doctors died. Now Helena can reverse that when she comes out of shock. Bill Fraser. A prehistoric boar they name after John. David gives Tony a cross. Tony mentions the time John was a caveman---the beard reminded him of it. The warped area of space takes Alpha away and does things to Ganymede. Alternate universe as no one mentions their encounter with Lee Russell, the anti matter one, in MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH.
    CATCH THE FINAL SUNRISE!-2511 days after leaving Earth orbit--fan fiction by Deborah M. Walsh--writer intended it to be before the Bringers of Wonder part one but the system of dating the stories is wrong all over the place--meaning from every known source and on screen dates and times don't help much either. Add to that the fact that on Earth hundreds of years would go by as the Moon sailed on in one year---well we have Earth dates and Moon dates and days after leaving orbit--it's enough to drive some moon mad! Clearly though, the writer here imagines that it is really the year 2006. Now perhaps that is Earth time but the writer also uses this as Alphan time. Appearing: Tony, Maya, Victor, David, Paul, Command Center, Shermeen Williams, Jackie and Cynthia Crawford, Mathias, Ben Vincent, Magus, Kate--an operative from Season One and somewhat in Season Two. New Aliens: Mackron of Viron, Gelon android in Viron control, Sivar--female android in Viron center. New Alphan personnel: Stan Lucas-Weapons Section, Morgan Hughes--now a 30 yr old Life Support tech, Peter Marlowe--medical corpsman, Bill Stevens--boyfriend of ex-Main Mission operative Tanya, Tanya as well as Paul and Kano joined Project Bergman in early 2000 (during the time of the METAMORPH). Story ends June 25th, 2006 and 2511 days after leaving Earth orbit. Also mentioned: Annette Fraser, Regina, Anna and Luke, Kali--Alan's one true love who died of some disease, Sally Martin, Mark Saunders, Carolyn Powell, Michelle Osgood, Petrov, Picard, Torrens, Mike Ryan, Greg Sanderson, Ed Spencer, Yasko, Zarl, Arkadia, Beta Cloud, Black suns and holes, chrysalis planet, Crytah---animal the Platho, Attera a single sun system with five ringed moons, among them the penal colony Crytah, Dorca and Dorcons, Kcredi--from planet Xlare it converts matter into energy, Piri, Scyrz--home of the Thraanal---a monster reptile,
    SEQUELS TO CATCH A FINAL SUNRISE!-include THE BREWERIE--Tony and Victor story; Project Bergman Quarterly Report, A BOND BETWEEN FRIENDS-about what really happened to Victor; HOUSEWARMING-the move to Command Center from Main Mission; CHILDREN OF DARKNESS-CHILDREN OF LIGHT-a story about the psychological effects that having no children has on the Alphan women.

    BRINGERS OF WONDER PART ONE-1912 to 1918---Brain Impulse Machine, Guido Verdeschi, Dr. Shaw, Diana Morris, Jack Bartlett, Joe Ehlrich, Super Swift, Sandra's fiance Peter, Ben Vincent's fiance Louisa, aliens attempt to detonate the Nuclear Waste Domes in order to tap raw energy they need to live. Fan fiction claims this date as June 29, 2006 ! Fan fiction also claims it is 2525 days since leaving Earth orbit. Phooey to that! Alphan dead: one.

    BRINGERS OF WONDER PART TWO-1918 days after leaving Earth orbit--Ben Vincent appears,


    THE LAMBDA FACTOR-tv date 2308 to 2314; 928 to 934--Carolyn Powell, Mark Sanders, Med technician Sally Martin who did not like Helena's rules and Helena herself, Mark Saunders, Carl Renton, Peter Garforth, MUF, ESP, Carolyn has to relearn all over--she is like a little child. fan fiction: 2308 and Dec. 5, 2005. Alphan dead: two.

    DORZAK-2009 to 2010---Dorzak of Psychon, Croton aliens Sahala, Yesta, Clea from the planet Norvah, capsules in their head can block out telepathic waves, Dorzak is a killer who committed horrid crimes against her planet, a Tony beer scene. Dorzak can control minds. Maya tells Alphans that her people had advanced forms of space travel. She also tells them Dorzak once was a man of peace and a poet. She questions her race's mental stability--first Mentor and then Dorzak. Dorzak wears something like body armor and from Maya he learns how to molecularly transfer his body like she does. Fan fiction date: 2009 days after leaving Earth orbit and date is Feb. 9, 2005.


    THE SEANCE SPECTRE-2012 to 2017---Eva, Greg Sanderson, weather belt planet, Cernik, Eva, Stevens, all are part of the surface exploration team and they follow Sanderson against John for a time, Sanderson appears to have died, Tony and Alan admire a half naked girl on the view screen when Helena tells everyone to enjoy nature, on Alpha the lack of nature and trees, plants, and wildlife may drive people to desperate things. Helena makes them watch pictures of such things. The name of the planet is Tora. Fan fiction date is Feb. 12, 2005. Alphan dead: Greg Sanderson--one---may be alive? Security Guard George.

    THE PARTING-fan fiction by Marybeth G. Fitzgerald-2289 days after leaving Earth orbit. Mar-den aliens trading with Nel-Kar will take 6 Alphans to live with them if the humans want. Maya and they have the ability to telepathically understand each other. The leader is Comtar Rishtaw. Astronomer Len Davis, Nurse Pamela Mareski, electrician Standish Hill, and librarian Marita Espers. Another Alpha and another universe appear as well as two Alan Carters. One Alan leaves Alpha; one does not.

    DEVIL'S PLANET-aka DEVIL'S MOON-2306 to 2307---aliens Elizia and others, Elizia is mad with power, she rules Entra, the small alien prison moon of the now dead planet Ellna as a warden, she does not let anyone know Ellna is a dead world, Med Rescue Officer Blake Maine killed by alien force screen, Bill Fraser, Alibe, Entra has a defense screen around it, Crael is an alien man. Dr. Ed Spencer, fan date is Dec. 3, 2005. Alphan dead: one.


    THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME-2310 to 2315---Engineer Joe Lustig dies, Bill Fraser, plastic glider, Alibe, John attempts to contact an alien which seems to be killing Alphans and changing the planet they are on from suitable to unsuitable and horrid---this new planet could be their home or their tomb. Long dead alien Zoran tries to warn
    them on his video disk. Jerry Travers, Dr. Ed Spencer, at least three others dead-two from water, one from food of the changing planet which goes from good to bad. Les Johnson. fan fiction date is Dec. 7, 2005. Alphan dead: four, possibly more.

    THE DORCONS-aka THE RETURN OF THE DORCONS-2409 to 2416 days---Alphan who holds a gun on Maya is Stewart, Consul Varda, Malic nephew of the Archon, the Archon, Dorcons and Psychons are enemies--Dorcons use their brain stems to keep their Archon leaders alive, they kidnap Maya and John jumps into the beam. Maya tells Alphans her people were hunted for centuries by the Dorcons who want her brain stem which will make the Dorcon leaders live forever. fan fiction date: March 15, 2006. Alphan dead: one on screen from maser gun? Stunned like Tony or not? two dead, two missing (three men were in an explosion when they opened a door; another was blown down from a blast but seemed to have survived; Thompson in Eagle Five is blown up and killed;


    DOUBLE EXPOSURE--Fan fiction by Mary Chamberlain--Rollin Hand switches places from 1966 to the year 2007 while John Koenig goes to Earth in 1966 and meets Cinnamon Carter who looks like Helena; aliens from Rigan in a ship called Cirithen mean to take the nuclear waste dumps and if they must they will blow them up, Rollin and John return to their proper places, crossover of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and SPACE: 1999.

    RETURN OF THE ZYTHON-the Mattel toy alien that glows in the dark, returns, this time animated by some unknown mysterious force.

    THE DEVIL'S SWEET-fan fiction alternate universe which seems to follow EARTHFALL more than the series itself and which kills off Tony. S'kar'd'vee of K'r'zaan is an alien that kidnaps Maya. Paul appears, ghost of Victor appears. Maya chooses to stay with the alien to save Alpha and the alien race on their home world. The Moon returns to Earth and a Prof. Bergman is in a space center in Arizona.

    NOTES ON NUMBER COUNT--THE STILL ALIVE ON ALPHA AND THE DEAD: First season Alphan deaths on screen: 25. Total second season Alphan deaths on screen: 13. As the TV series ends, approximately 38 deaths on screen of Alphans have occurred. More have died from attacks reported to Paul or others via the communciation channels and that total is forthcoming. When including the four original first season novels' 18 deaths by EC Tubb (Alien Seed and Rogue Planet) and John Rankine (Android Planet and Phoenix of Megaron) this is 55 deaths total. Also, if you include Paul, David Kano, and Victor as dead that brings the total to 58 deaths! This leaves (not counting off screen Alphan casualties) approximately 252 left on Alpha. The spinoffs (LOOK IN, DIGEST SIZE COMICS, LARGE AND SMALL CHARLTON COMICS but not including fan fiction) contain approximately 17 deaths. This leaves approximately 235 on Alpha! And that number doesn't include deaths we don't know about and deaths that are reported after attacks! I predict there are about 200 or less people left on Alpha. Of course one has to add Jackie Crawford's birth to the total. One more dies (see ALL IN THE MIND-ANNUAL 1978). This leaves 234 on Alpha plus Jackie which equals 235---approximately. Round down to 200 or less! Add 2 (BETA CLOUD), add one (MARK OF ARCHANON),

    ALL IN THE MIND-ANNUAL 1978-ALTERNATE UNIVERSE STORY-Eagle pilot Danny McGower dies in crash of Eagle thinking he was crashing on a planet but he crashed on the Moon in area K, Main Mission still used and David Kano is still alive in this alternate universe, John, Alan and Maya fly out and see a planet---an illusion again. a war between Algar (who sometimes staff their ships with robots) and the Promorians is on. Promor was destroyed by Algar centuries ago. It was destroyed on the very spot the Moon has just passed. Like an eternal thought image, it replayed what happened and their minds picked it up. Alphan dead: one.

    DOOMFLEET-ANNUAL 1978-ALTERNATE UNIVERSE TALE SAME AS ENTER THE METAMORPH and ALL IN THE MIND UNIVERSE-Kano is mentioned and does appear! Maya and Tony appear. An alien disarmament leaves all its junk and explosive devices in space in objects and now this threatens, unwillingly, to fall on the Moonbase. Planet Phalamon calls and warns them--offers them a place to stay. John won't decide who will live and who will die as he claims that all of Alpha's people cannot be accomodated at one time (more proof that this not the main universe story--in SEANCE SPECTRE all of Alpha was on the Eagles--at the same time!). Using single polarity transmitter magnets they divert all the space junk. John and Alan appear to survive on the Moon surface without helmits! The now peaceful aliens looked like Vikings.

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE-ANNUAL 1978-COMIC-Planets Procros and Tarnic are twin planets. Procus is ruled by pointy earred and bald Zarnar and they are at war with Tarnic. When missiles from Procros pass near to Alpha and are destroyed by the Earthlings on it, Zarnar gets mad. Tarrn, leader of Tarnic, curly haired young-ish looking leader who wears a head band, also gets mad. For some reason Zarnar's name changes to Zagnar. His scientist Dugar, also bald, tells him he can use Alpha to attack Tarnic. In all these ANNUAL 1978 stories, Maya calls the Commander John when on the TV show, she ususally calls him Commander almost all the time. Maya and John are captured by a probe ship which crashes with empty space suits in it. Maya transforms into Tarrn and offers peace. Back on Alpha, Maya makes herself look like Zarnar-Zagnar to offer peace to Tarrn after centuries of war which is at a stalemate. This brings a peace to the planets. NOTE: This is a somewhat more optimistic version of THE LAST ENEMY. Maya tells them she cannot turn herself into a planet for them to live on. Tony appears, Kano seems to appear also.

    HUMAN DECISION-fan fiction by MaryBeth G. Fitzgerald-one of the men who programmed Computer made sure Alpha would attack any ship coming toward it, that Alpha couldn't warn Earth of an attack of gas that would leave them all sterile on Earth. Three weeks later it stops. Tony and Bill return. Maya appears.

    THE INSTRUMENT-fan fiction by Diana Winslow-Alan and pilot Mike Parks vanish for six months but to them it is only three days, Pete Johnson is Alan's replacement. They help two alien boys Elray and his brother Raun fulfill the destiny of their planet Dovan. Elray dies on the cliffs of Cordom as a man now. He imprisoned the abomination in the bowels of the planet. Alan and Mike return. Helena and John talk about God and how He has helped them.

    TO SAVE A LIFE-fan fiction by Steve Eramo-2709 days after leaving Earth orbit--Bill, Paul, David Kano, Alibe, Ed Spencer, nurse Karrie Ford, med tech Steven Phillips, Maya, Mark Bradley-dies from germ, Billi Scott-dies from germ, Kim Danti, Joe Dicense, Bob,

    A MINOR CONSPIRACY-fan fiction by Steve Eramo and Pat Brimer--2942 days after leaving Earth orbit--Alien children--Janis and Civita--who are really like our adults make all the main staff of Moonbase Alpha sick for a bit so that they can see what will happen when the secondary people take over. Mathias, Nurse Karrie Ford, Maya, Tony, Weapons Officer Uri Petrov, his aide Dan Carllson, Kate Matthews, Yasko Nugami, Bill Fraser, pilot Lee Jenson appears to die but doesn't, Garrick is another pilot, Alien Malan of the planet Loros stop the children, the alien kids made Alpha under attack--all an illusion.

    INTRUDERS-fan fiction by Tom Draper-3160 days after leaving Earth orbit--Kander, an alien wants to kill Tony and Maya for killing two of them after they fired on their Eagle,

    ALPHA LOGBOOK. MOONDATE 3415. SITUATION REPORT BEGINS to Yasko. Ordered alert at 1235 hours as unidentified unresponsive space vehicle lands in sector green four. Peronally led buggy investigation of object. Craft unmanned, inert. Recovered same and placed it in Eagle main bay for examination. Probes detected presence of explosive device within, and object was ferried to the far side of the Moon and exploded. Its arrival and definite purpose remain a mystery. FROM ANNUAL 1978.

    TRILOGY-chapter 1-LEMO; chapter 2-DEMAGOGUE; chapter 3-RETURN HOME; Sahala appears

    BLUTSAUGER-chapter 4-continuing on from TRILOGY


    KILLARA-fan fiction by Steve Eramo, Sharon Hutchinson, Pat Brimer---3678 days after leaving Earth orbit---a guardian angel named Killara come to Alan; she was guardian to Maya's great uncle Mantor; Bill, Tony, Maya becomes a furry angel to Tony's wonderment of what his angel looks like, she recalls when Alan was 14 and was on a horse and attacked by a rabid wolf. Peter Garfold-Eagle engineer; Killara saves Alan from an explosion and leaves.

    YESTERYEAR-fan fiction by Paul Bens, Jr.--3866 days since leaving Earth orbit. One sun and 11 planets. Alan, Helena, Maya, and John end up at a Space: 1999 convention and meet the actors who play them on TV! Tony appears.

    DESTINY FULFILLED-Fan fiction by Ellen C Lindow-six years after breakaway; Koenig has a disease which they operate to remove; Helena is pregnant; Eva Sanderson appears and mentions an obviously still alive Greg and the two are married and may want children; Bruce Donovon, an Eagle pilot has a religious experience; when John names Helena as his successor, Bruce is upset that it is not supposed to happen that way; Jeremy Devers and Carl are on Med Team-as techs; Bruce dies so that John may live; others are injured. Huh?

    CAMPRIES AND DARKNESS-fan fiction by Ellen Lindow-planet Calle--Helena has had a son named Jason during the time they are separated from the others of Alpha, now living on Calle--including Victor; Helena and John get separated from the others for four years; Helena is due to have another baby; Dave Reilly married Sandra; Shermeen married Eddie Williams (Collins). Alan may marry Jamie August soon.

    NEW LIVES BEYOND THE BLACK SUN-Fan fiction by Ellen Lindow-May 2010-Moon has been through 30 space warps. Eight years after finding Maya. Helena, Alan, and the group from THE BLACK SUN, had been separated from Alpha after the encounter with THE BLACK SUN and lead different lives on a planet they named Safety Harbor. 10 years in his future from THE BLACK SUN, Alpha and Koenig meet the descendants of Helena, Alan, and the six people from the Eagle that was lost ten years ago (however, it is 150 years for the descendants). The supernatural force aided the Alphans in a different way from THE BLACK SUN. Helena has had John's twin children--Johnathan and Victoria shortly after finding the new planet. Excellent story. Excellent alternate universe story. Shermeen appears.

    QUICK DECISION-fan fiction by Lindow--John and Helena, in the Rocky Mountains, go through some kind of doorway set up by Victor and Maya. John and Helena in this universe had been killed in an Eagle crash--three days ago but ten years after BREAKAWAY. The new John had stopped the nuclear blast and the Moon never went out of Earth orbit. Maya, Tony, and Victor want to keep the deaths a secret. John and Helena in the Moon universe have five year old twins and and a four year old. The two stay.

    MISSION: HOME-by Lindow-fan fiction-Jamie August appears, Pat Osgood mentioned. Three years after JOURNEY TO WHERE. An Eagle group use the Starfire ship to return home to Earth. Here, they find bug mutants. Helena was among those who went as were Shermeen, Pat Osgood, Alan, and Jamie. They return to Alpha with minerals to last a long time. The bug monsters were friendly and tried to protect them from the dangerous conditions on Earth. Helena killed one to test it. 1000 years or more have passed on Earth. The bug mutants save Alan when he was bitten. Humans on Earth hooked themselves up to an Entertainment Complex--a horror of medical science. Computers ran the cities--what was left of them.

    ALTERNATE ENDING TO THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME and THE DORCONS-After thinking falsely due to erratic Computer that the planet of Zoran and the voice was not suitable and that the Moon was not going into orbit, the Alphans find that their orbit does happen. They find this out after the Dorcon encounter. Perhaps in another universe, THE DORCONS occurs before THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME. Thus, THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME can be the last episode in this alternate universe, giving Alpha a permanent home.

    THE JOURNEY CONTINUES-THE ODYSSEY CONTINUES-of course in another universe, the Moon continues on and on its journey but eventually finds a home planet or perhaps a system with several good home planets and maybe even go on beyond that or stay in place there. One universe has it stay in place, another has some Alphans go one but some stay as the Moon suddenly goes out of orbit again, in yet another far future universe from ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE--the Moon goes back into orbit around Earth (but this also means that future has Alan married Regina and then dead---Koenig married to Helena and dead, Sandra and Paul-who is alive-have at least two children, David Kano is alive, it also means Regina died) and has the Alphans spread themselves across the valley of Santa Maria.

    THE TOMORROW PEOPLE UNIVERSE--The Moon, brought back to Earth orbit thanks to peaceful aliens, stays in orbit around the earth in the year 2025. At the start of the year 2008 Jackie Crawford, now 10, breaks out into one of the Tomorrow People as the Moon travels on. It is he and other Tomorrow People Alphans (who break out at the end of the year 2008) who contact the aliens who help return the Moon to Earth .

    ARRA'S PREDICTIONS COME TRUE UNIVERSE-The Moonbase on the Moon continues on and populates the furthest reaches of deep space.

    THE VIRUS-fan fiction story by Lorrie Berver-when Alpha opens its underground storage areas for inventory, an Earth based flu virus fells most Alphans and threatens Maya's life.

    ALIEN RETURN-fan fiction by Rebecca Eisenhuth-excellent short story-an alien ship the Dolcon of the Dolcons appears--they are all dead; Balor of Progron returns and attacks Alpha; Maya turns into a horrid red saucer eyed tentacled monster to distract him---a Exovo. Ben Vincent and Dr. Mathias appear. A month's ration of food was destroyed, the water supply contaminated, others hurt, destroyed a lot of the fleet with ground lasers, tried to kill Helena and John slowly. Balor is in a pod with warning recordings and left in space.

    THE RING-fan fiction by Bonnie Yoman-Michelle's mechanical heart has been showing signs of strain and rejection and Helena feared it would require more surgery, John decides to give Helena a new ring to wear after he is constantly reminded of Lee Russel seeing Helena's old wedding ring. Bob Mathias, Tony, Maya, Ben Vincent appear, Helena takes walks to Main Mission, now deserted. Steven James Aldens, 27 year old Eagle pilot and three others died in a meteor shower on an exploratory mission. He and his newly wed wife Marilyn, a lab technician, were married four months. Two months later Marilyn killed herself. Joanna Fischer was her roommate. Mentioned: Koenig's wife Jean, Lee Russell, the Alpha movie theatre. Bob is mentioned as being the psychologist here.

    A DEADLY DREAM-fan fiction by Rebecca Eisenhuth-wonderful tale that takes place several years after MISSING LINK. MISSING LINK happened "all those years ago." Koenig dreams of Zenno and is called back by Vana, who is attacking Helena with nightmares and nightmarish visions of a giant bat thing and Vana also makes Helena die from a fire--and something felt as if her face were covered. Raan is dead. Vana lets John go, controlling her jealousy. Ben Vincent and Bill Fraser appear. Vana revives Helena--who is nude and in the morgue.
    DYNASTY:1999-DIANA'S RETURN-fan fiction by Erwin Stank and Destiny Bryant--presumably the return of Diana Morris from THE BRINGERS OF WONDER.

    A MYRIAD OF WARS-fan fiction by Robert Wood--The Alphans find themselves fighting a war from long ago on a planet which appears to be uninhabited. Alan crashes in an Eagle tail over head.

    MOONLIGHT DANCING-fan fiction by Terry S. Bowers-Suffering from amnesia, John is unaware of his dutied on Alpha as well as his relationship with Helena. She must decide whether or not to tell him.

    NO BETTER BEGINNING-fan fiction by Terry S. Bowers--While searching for much needed elements on an alien planet, Helena and Barb O'Leery experience a rather mysterious encounter with the beings who once lived there. Results are not what is expected.

    GIRL TALK-by Terry S. Bowers-Helena's friend Kate Goldburg, has Helena's best interests at heart, but can't quite contain her curiousity about Helena's developing relationship with John.

    MOON SHADOW-by Terry S. Bowers--John is the target for a series of attacks. They must find the Moon Shadow responsible before one of them proves fatal. Tony, Maya, Mathias, nurse Carol, Ben Vincent, Nurse Janice Compton, Miller, Carl Griffith, Female Security Simmons, Ed Spencer, Eric Sparkman died before Breakaway--from the magnetic radiation and Carl blames Helena, Carl and Eric were cousins raised in the same household by single mothers--one a single parent, the other a divorcee, both sisters. Bob Mathias is mentioned as being the psychologist here. Carl Nolan, chief cook, cafeteria worker Claire Tweeten,

    CASSANDRA-by Terry S. Bowers--Natives of the planet Buri come to Alpha seeking the descendant of the long ago exiled heir to the throne Lady Cassandra. Helena Russell appears to be just that!

    SPRING FEVER-fan fiction by Terry S. Bowers--Ivan Vogel fell while trying to steal a flower for his girlfriend; Raul is a medic, were the Alphans back on Earth it would be spring time and instinct is causing people to behave silly, five people get into mild accidents in two days.

    A QUESTION OF TIME-fan fiction by Elizabeth May---alien thought and will force takes residence in Helena's body, leaves when it finds out John loves her and will be hurt when she dies as it was burning her up in overdrive, Ben Vincent, Maya, Tony, Command Centre,

    WATCHING THE SUMMER TURN TO GOLD-fan fiction by Robert E. Wood--John and Helena go to planet Computer named Deacon. For 14 months they have not encountered a planet, an alien space vessel, life at all, only a few wild space storms and rogue asteroids but nothign with any life, those still sane tried to keep busy, to some who had gone insane---Alpha was totally alone--the past had never happened--Alpha was alone and there was never anything else---no other living forms in all time and space. The planet John and Helena visit was full of life and a paradise--at least for now--but it changes into a poisonous one. They leave after enjoying the sunset, the moonrise, the wind and some rain. The journey continues...

    THE MARTYR-fan fiction by Kerry Keene--over 3250 days after leaving Earth orbit--Jackie Crawford is eight and a half, Cynthia appears, Jackie being eight and a half means that this story takes place at least nine years after the first season--theoretically 2007! Maya is married to Tony; John is married to Helena. Victor is in this story---so this is an alternate from the universe where he died. Frank Philips and Susan Nelson are Helena's technicians. Nurses Nancy Jennings and Jerry Towers. Pete Irving appears. David Kano appears. Pete Garforth. Alien Tyrotus is of the Stannosian race on the planet Stannos--he claims and he may be a hitman sent to Landura but he refused to carry out his mission--which made the Council of his planet angry. Yandr Fal of the Council arrives to take him back. The alien destroys himself on his way back to the Council ship. Maya goes to the old conference room in Main Mission which is not used any more.

    THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH-fan fiction by Susan Miller-Victor, Paul, Winters, Main Mission appear, Paul drinks truth serum instead of cough medicine and tells aliens from Thasar the truth about everything.

    LA CARMENCITA-Helena dies but is really alive on another planet. An alien named Merian of the Wandering Queen, like a gyspy, wants Koenig; she uses the Taybor perfume and it makes John want to kill her. Many other aliens of the same race are involved in helping Alpha and saving Merian. Merian's husband is Ennon and Dr. Rathpha. Descarandos are the name of the aliens.


    QUEEN BEE-4400 days after leaving mother Earth; a paradise world of seeming bliss is encountered by Alpha. Golden Press storybook, story 2.

    THE MOON MY CONSTANT MISTRESS-by Penny Hill-what happens after season two and eight years after.

    INTERSECTION-by Janet Ellicott and Penny Hill-A BLAKE'S 7 cross over universes story set between BLAKE'7 REDEMPTION and PRESSURE POINT. Set seven years after SPACE: 1999--BREAKAWAY. 2005--? Victor is still alive.

    ENDGAME-fan fiction

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    Wow. That is a very in-depth post. I hope you use a text editor application to compose it first in and then copy & paste in here and not directly using the browser. I would just hate for it to be lost if something went wrong with the browser or website towards the end of it before it was saved here.


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     Monday, May 18 2009 @ 07:33 PM EDT
    Thanks Lou. No, this took a long time to write out and it is saved someplace. Thanks for the compliment. I have timelines like this for other series and one for a major crossover including old movies, tv shows, cartoons, etc, many universes. I guess someone needs a hobby or is that everyone needs a hobby?

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