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     Home »  Other Science Fiction/Fantasy »  PRIVILEGED, BLACK MOON, and JOHN FRON CINN.
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     Thursday, May 21 2009 @ 05:49 PM EDT

    This strange movie is…well when you watch it, even if you’ve never done any drugs ever in your life, you’ll feel as if you were on them while watching it. The story, if one can figure out what is going on, concerns a young pop rock star who does musical plays and songs and albums in what seems to be England but also might just be a one world power. To keep the young in control, the government makes the pop star sort of brainwash them with his status and speeches and stuff, much as they do with a young priest, who controls the older sector or something. There’s a big rock concert, parade, speech making fiesta. A girl who paints the rock star gets involved with him and gets him to come out of his shell. He tries to rebel but far from getting responses he sort of fails and then he makes another attempt…and well, this movie is like watching paint dry while trying to figure out what the color scheme was chosen. I read someplace that there are two other movies by the same producer that take place in the same near future false utopia. I can’t say the movie is very good, nor very bad but it is mind numbing and either very very dumb or very very competent. I shall say visually it’s arresting and it makes one want to see if anything is going to come out of the situation or if the silly pop star will make his moves…and win. It feels like a drug, but I don’t know if it’s a downer or an upper and for one, it seems like a downer. It goes for PRISONER like allegory and sort of fails miserably because in the end, it just feels like nothing.

    Now here’s another stupid movie. Like the one above, it is not made by stupid people. It is artsy fartsy and very well filmed, the cinematography, the acting, the color, the setting, the sets, the location filming are all top notch. This one seems foreign, Italian or French or both. A woman tries to escape the near future reality of a male/female war—and with the men taking up torches burning everyone and everything in sight. She tries to get away from this in her mind: and what a stupid mind it is. One does not know this by watching the movie for this movie is what a bad acid trip must feel like. She finds a castle, hedges, talking animals, a crow or some other bird, an old person in a bed, a handsome man who doesn’t really talk much if at all, naked children and teens who live in the castle and eat…the animals I think. There’s something about time travel and running around but in the end as the movie, the dialog as in PRIVILDGED, gets odder and odder, makes no sense. My synopsis is gathered from others on line about it but in truth, you’d almost never get that from watching the movie. It means and seems like nothing. The only reason to watch is to see if it gets to make ANY sense at all but fear not, it doesn’t. It just gets worse and worse until it ends. How can people make something like this? My head hurt after watching this.

    This TV show is probably along the same lines. I can’t imagine watching all three of these in one sitting. It might just kill your mind or deaden your brain cells or bring you into another reality where nothing makes any sense. This being a TV show, at least it has to have the semblance of some kind of logic. Don’t worry by the last episode, none of it makes any sense. Everyone looks really good though. Pretty boys, pretty girls, handsome men, even Al Bundy’s parrot looks colorful. As it should: it can heal a broken neck and maybe even raise the dead. Rebecca Demornay can scream and curse A LOT! There are a lot of character actors in this and some of them are just too good to forget but in this maze of insanity, I forgot their names, both actors and characters. The guy from NOWHERE MAN is the grandfather of a surfer family, Rebecca is his wife. They have a son who is a has been surfer who does drugs and sex a lot. His wife is a former con artist who turns p wanting to see her smooth skinned, angelic girlie looking surfer son who had a future in surfing…until he wipes out big time. There was also something about a man who used to manage the son and wants to manage the grandson now and his girlfriend. And a Spanish man or Mexican man who runs a hotel with the guy who now plays the boss in IN PLAIN SIGHT and the partner in the 1990s sci fic channel show THE INVISIBLE MAN. Anyway that guy is partner to a killer who decides not to kill his target: the son of NOWHERE MAN and Rebecca. When the boy, Johnny Yost, I think, is nearly killed surfing, the guy who used to play AL Bundy in MARRIED WITH CHILDREN uses his pet parrot to kill and heal him. Al also talks to his dead wife, I think…PEG? Anyway the show doesn’t even get strange until John from Cinninnati shows up: austic like, angel like, parroting talk, STARMAN like, no one knows where’s he’s from. Angel? Devil? Alien? UFO abductee? He seems to have strange powers. He gets shot and lives, he can be in two places at once, he can surf. He knows things about everyone. He seems to be innocent and yet…is he? He says things that both piss people off and maybe make them see how awful their lives are and that they must change. At the same time, NOWHERE MAN (Capt Pike in the new AWFUL Star Trek movie) finds himself levitating in the air. The semblance of a plot goes out the window in the very last episode, the season and the series finale: a parade of all the characters occurs. Nothing they say or do has any logic and/or any relation to the plot or any sane thinking person. Everyone seems to have forgotten their conflicts yet conversely everyone's pissed off as hell for something or some reason we don't know but also very happy to be celebrating...what? The boy's coming back to life five eps ago? And everyone, esp Rebecca and Al are shouting and cursing themselves hoarse. I would love someone to explain this stoyrlne and esp the last ep to me preferably the writers and producers. I don’t think the DVD set has any such thing on it. Pity. The writers of this and the two movies above must have been on drugs when they wrote this or in some deep heavy shit of a mind state. Rather than being mind opening, or mind bending, these just make one feel like they’ve been on a trip, a bad one. They also exhausted me. Watching all three in one sitting can probably kill someone! And again, they must have had something in mind when they wrote, produced, filmed, acted directed this. There had to be some underlying message, or sense made. I mean even 2001 A SPACE ODYESSY makes no sense until it was explained in various articles and books such as the great CULT MOVIES by Danny Peary.

    But really, I say to the makers of these three gems: WTF?

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