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     Home »  The William Hartnell Era »  Fav Moments from the William Hartnell stories
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    Fav Moments from the William Hartnell stories Views: 2284
     Friday, May 29 2009 @ 10:59 PM EDT
    It might be fun if everyone posted their favorite moments from each William Hartnell story since DWM just put out a special on best moments from each story from docs 1 to 10 thus far, the first 200 stories...

    I don't know it's so hard to pick when there are so many great moments from almost every story (well, at least up to the year 1981 or so). Anyway, this one might be the moment when Susan says, "You can't go, he won't let you." And we see the Doctor smiling...almost evilly. And then Ian and Barbara realize they can't get out of the doors!

    There's quite a few so I guess I'll cheat. Hartnell, when he and Susan and a few Thals are hiding outside the Dalek city, seems to channel the future Tom Baker as he says some very funny things and maybe flubs a bit here and there and yells at Susan to keep her head down (so he's also channeling the future Peter Davison!). Of course, Barbara screaming her head off here is a moment and for once, the screaming is justified, that moment of the sucker is just magnificent and well built up. I also love the Ian pushing around a Thal to get him to fight and then faking that he will take the Thal's woman. AND THEN, Ian telling off both the Doctor and Barbara for them wanting to make Thals fight and die to get their fluid link back. This story is something of a forgotten gem in a way. It is usually thought of as just the first Dalek story and long and boring. Oh and the Dalek orgasm scene is very, very funny, what did they think they were doing? And the thing in the river was just so well done, very TWLIGHT ZONE/OUTERLIMITS but better than both shows! I guess maybe I should pick one moment from every episode!

    Yeah, the Doctor at the console, talking to himself about the start of a new galaxy. And trying to figure out what's going on. That's the moment in this one. Of course I could mention the Doctor sitting down in some strange room that has a blacked out, whited out window! In the TARDIS!

    I have to do this one out of order because it's a godawful story, badly directed, plotted, and executed, played for unfunny laughs. But there is one UNINTENTIONALLY very FUNNY scene. At the highlight of ineptness in ep6, after so many flubs, discontinuities within itself, vanishing clothing and reappearing clothing, creaks, unheard dialog, and Peter Purves as a Texan, a chubby man blocking the camera on the Empire State Building, a pretty lady being paid attention to by the guide on the EMPIRE and a feather the focus of the camera on the Empire State Building...and many more, the finale scene that just makes me laugh and laugh is when Stephen runs back into the fire to try to save his stuffed panda bear, calling it by name as if it is alive AND as he runs, letting go of the rope that Vicki is climbing down, Barbara tries to grab the rope and almost goes over too, screaming wildly, AND at the same time, Ian puts his hand down the back of her pants to hold her up! Just hilarious!

    Post yours if you care to. I promise I won't disagree! Smile

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Saturday, May 30 2009 @ 12:47 PM EDT
    The Time Meddler
    The Doctor pretending that the stick he has in hand is a rifle & threatening the Monk with it. Hilarious. Laughing Out Loud

      Profile    PM    Email   
     Sunday, May 31 2009 @ 12:26 PM EDT
    When the Doc is told he can't get into the TARDIS but Marco and he's irritated and he seems soooo human here, like a little old man. Then later when he and Susan sleep in the TARDIS. Then there's Ching Po's story and later the Doc and Khan comparing old man notes. Charming story!

    Possibly when the ice solders start to thaw out or maybe when Barbara is about to be raped! ANd isn't of course, thank goodness.

    Many but the moment the travelers work together to open the pyramid tomb is my fav. Then just after as the Doc tries to console Barbara inside the tomb. Get in the damned TARDIS already! Great story.

    Many again. But I think I love it when the Sensorite head appears at the window of the spaceship. And Hartnell starts flubbing alot..and I love every one he makes throughout the series. He's just adorable!

    The first ep--all of it. The danger in the house, the death of the men, and the three taken away, leaving the Doctor in the burning top floor. Then my fav moment has to be when a small boy saves the Doctor. Would they ever do that nowadays?

    Sink scene. Water down. I mean hands down. Well acted and well played and the best set far and away as it doesn't involved any living life forms or as the case may be dead life forms like the fly. LAND OF THE GIANTS this is not.

    Many but love the scene with Susan and David making a fire. They get almost frisky until the Doc arrives. I also love those robomen hats. Barbara and Jenny have some touching scenes as they hide out and prepare to steal a truck. And the betrayal of the two girls by the old woman and her daughter in the forest. Do they get away with it? I think they do and I think they never pay for their crimes. Nowadays they would get fried by the Daleks for their usefulness ending.

    It could be Barbara getting slapped off the cliff by Bennet in disguise as the monster. Or maybe the Doc as the end trying to figure out what's going on, Sherlock Holmes style. And having to get rescued. A very strange ep. Least fav moment: Barbara killing Vicki's friend.

    So many. A very underrated ep. That big thing over the Doc's head as he talks into it and sometimes acts sarcastic to it. Many great lines from Hartnell. Perhaps the ant hitting the camera. It's moments like that that give DW a charm. Like Dark Shadows the original series.

    When Barbara attempts to escape Saladin (I think that's his name) and there are many or seem to be many men after her, another man, also Arabian, helps her but first he has to cover her mouth and we're not really sure he won't betray her either. This is the way historicals should always be played. Unfortunately the later eps go nowhere really.

    The whole first ep. Least fav moment: when an ally of Vicki's is shot down dead. In a way it marks the violence of DW down pat but that's always been there from day one really so maybe it is fav moment because it continues to make the stories DANGEROUS.

    Any time the Doc and the Monk meet and chat. The Doc and the old lady chattings. The end of the annoying pair of Vikings. Vicki and Stephen looking into the Monk's shrunken TARDIS.

    The Doctor communicating with the Rill. Vastly superior to all around it. Also some of his saracastic comments to the Dravhin leader. The clone subjects/military females seem to be forerunners of the BLAKE'S SEVEN vampiric clone mutos.

    Nothing. Pretty boring throughout to be honest.

    On print and on audio, this is all fairly boring. On both versions of the reconstructions, it is very very funny and also very very serious. The Vicki leaving scene is pretty strange: she doesn't really seem to love Trolilus whom other fans feel loves men and not women but that's not the point. She leaves because she feels obligated to tell him the truth and that she didn't betray him. Truth is: she did lie to him and did betray him. And what about his family? Won't he feel mad because she didn't warn or save them? Anyway, anything with the said family discussing Vicki's fate, Steven's fate, etc is quite funny as is the Doc's scenes with the Greeks.

    Worst ep: the Steven Xmas Ep. I thought it would be the best but it's sooo awful as to rival TIME AND THE RANI. Anyway, best scene: the Monk coming up as a mummy and then revealing how he got there to Steven and Sara. I also love the Doc turning the core over to Mavic Chen and the Daleks. That hat he wears is great. Of course, the death scenes of Brett, Sara, and Katarina are intense and dangerous and make one shocked out of complacency. A really good story.

    This is how a Time Tunnel ep...I mean a DW historical ep should be done. Danger. Lots of enemies, lots of groups with lots of agendas and the Doc and Steven BOTH on the sidelines at times and in the thick of the action. Truly magnificent. Every scene sparks and every danger is a true one. I love that Steven cares about Anne and that we don't know what happened to her. I don't thnk I can pick one moment becuse they are all good. Maybe just the scene where Steven thinks he sees the Doctor dead in the street. Peter does a great acting in this entire story. And Hartnell doesn't flub as the Doc's double.

    The Doctor acting as a Doctor. Just fantastically played. And the moment they find out they are on the same shp but thousands of years later. I also love the aliens driving around in strange cars. And when they kill each other we don't know who is killing whom. Lots of Bill flubs and just great.

    Gosh this was long wasn't it? I think my fav moment is when Dodo is tricked by teh fat bloke and has to go back to square one or something. Silly girl but compassionate and that's scary, that she may die due to her compassion.

    "People keep giving me guns and I do wish they wouldn't!" The Doc's incarceartion in the cell. Truth be told, I love this story. All of it. I also love the cliffhanger that happens as Steven plays the piano or Dodo does and the other the Doc unknowingly walks for the saloon and into a gun trap!

    When the Savage gets the Doc's mind waves or something and starts acting like the Doc. Also the gas scene but I love the music when Dodo and Steven are hunting an alien down in the caves to try to convince him to help them, that's right they are hunting the alien. Good scene for the companions and also that music is just so sci fi!

    When Ben is surrounded in the warehouse. We've already seen a man viciously beaten to death...and the script had it even worse. Trully scary as men are killing men. AND...the Doc not running away as everyone else flees for cover, military and all. The Doc stands there to face teh War Machine as it comes at him and a ray of light seems to hit him! Very Doctorish moment.

    When the trio leave the modest home of one of the guest cast. It just looks so unlike any DW and alot of the photos show the seaside. Just a nice and cool setting. The ending with the fight. And we get plenty of flubs and the old Doc facing off against a knife wielding smuggler.

    Plenty. The Doc annoying the base commander. The base commander, sympathetic, trying to save his nearly doomed son...and blaming the Doctor AND ready to kill him and his friends for dooming his son! Who would ever see that coming today?! ANd then the commander is shot dead by the Cybermen! ANd the Doc thanks them! Truly disturbing. He almost seems like an enemy, the Doctor. Then of course, Polly and Ben rescue the Doctor...and Hartnell truly seems done in and wide eyed. Perhaps it was his way of playing done in and done for or maybe it was a way of protesting his leaving. Who knows but a great rescue and one can believe the Doc was on his last legs...

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