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     Home »  Other Science Fiction/Fantasy »  LAND OF THE GIANTS timeline
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    LAND OF THE GIANTS timeline Views: 1173
     Saturday, June 06 2009 @ 09:25 AM EDT

    Marna--Nick and gang--Shepard Space center expedition--Kagen--
    The Birthday Gift-fan fiction (ff)-Barry's father Paul, maid
    THE CRASH-June 12, 1983-several AU have their own versions
    The First Night-ff-June 13, 1983
    The Trap-novel by Murray Leinster-Alternate Universe (AU)-June 15
    THE WERID WORLD-June 20, 1983
    British Coloring Book-general encounters & memories-June 12 to 25
    THE TRAP-June 30, 1983
    THUMBNAIL SKETCH-ff-July 1, 1983
    THE BOUNTY HUNTER-July 2, 1983
    The Hot Spot-novel-Leinster-AU-July 12, 1983 to July 27, 1983
    The British Annuals--all--short stories, comics-possible AU
    British TV 21 comic stories--short stories, comics--same as above
    Steve's Black Eye-ff-July 28, 1983-
    THE GOLDEN CAGE-July 29, 1983
    The Hornet-ff-July 29, 1983-AU-ff
    THE LOST ONES-August 7, 1983
    Wings of Freedom-ff-August 8, 1983-Marna
    Gold Key Comic Books Numbers 1 to 5-possible AU-Aug. 9 to Sept 9
    Unknown Danger-novel-Leinster-AU-August 21 to Sept 11
    THE GOLIATH GUN-unfilmed script (US)-Sept 10 to Sept 11
    MANHUNT-September 13, 1983
    FRAMED-Sept. 19, 1983
    Coloring Book-The Reunion--flood-dog tale-September 20 to 24th-1983
    THE CREED-Sept. 26th, 1983--Barry turns 11.
    THE FLIGHT PLAN-October 15th through October 17th, 1983
    British Joe 90 Stories-Oct. 19, 1983
    British TV21 Stories Continued-Oct. 22, 1983
    UNDERGROUND-November 5, 1983
    Slingshot For A David--British novel by James Bradwell-Nov. 6-
    The Mean City--British novel, Bradwell--Nov. 10
    DOUBLE CROSS-December 1, 1983
    Flames of Fear-ff-comic-Steve's brother Chris-Dec. 3, 1983
    Deadly Illusions-ff-comic-Dec. 5, 1983
    House-unnamed ff-Nick and gang returned already
    The Drawing Book-ff-Dec. 17, 1983
    GHOST TOWN-Jan 4, 1984
    BRAINWASH-Jan. 12, 1984
    The Rescue-ff-Steve captured, wounded by Zolbert
    TERROR GO ROUND-Jan. 19, 1984 into Jan. 21

    SABOTAGE-Jan. 22, 1984
    GENIUS AT WORK-Feb. 9, 1984; Kobick; other country mentioned
    DEADLY LODESTONE-Feb. 11 to Feb. 13, 1984; Kobick
    The Hike To Danger-ff-March 4, 1984
    So Cold The Night-ff-March 8, 1984
    A Night At The Day’s Inn-fan fic
    SEVEN LITTLE INDIANS-March 16, 1984; Kobick
    TARGET: EARTH-April 1, 1984; Kobick
    RESCUE-April 17, 1984; Kobick
    RETURN OF INIDU-May 13, 1984--May 14, 1984
    SHELL GAME-May 30, 1984
    Heavenly Ghost-ff
    THE CHASE-June 12, 1984; Kobick
    Small Prey-ff-June 13 to June 14, 1983?1984
    Flight of Fear-Whitman novel by Carl Henry Rathjen-June to Sept. 1

    Just Action-ff-

    THE INSIDE RAIL-Sept. 26th, 1984; Barry is already 12
    CHAMBER OF FEAR-October 12 to October 13, 1984
    THE MECHANICAL MAN-October 18, 1984
    Deadly Dreams-ff-October 20, 1984--Alternate Universe World (AU)
    COLLECTOR'S ITEM-October 29, 1984
    GIANTS AND ALL THAT JAZZ-November 12, 1984
    The Retaliator-ff-Nov. 14, 1984; Moluk returns
    SIX HOURS TO LIVE-Nov. 22, 1984
    THE UNSUSPECTED-December 3, 1984; Kobick
    A PLACE CALLED EARTH-December 15, 1984; 5477 AD; time travelers
    Birds In A Gilded Cage-ff-December 18th, 1984
    DEADLY PAWN-December 30, 1984
    LAND OF THE LOST-January 1, 1985
    Dangerous Solution-ff-January 5, 1985-getting Mark's collar off
    Bloodsucker-ff-January 7, 1985-giant vampire
    The Outcast-ff-January 9 to January 22, 1985
    EVERY DOG NEEDS A BOY-February 22, 1985
    THE CLONES-March 2, 1985
    Fathoms: Nightmare-ff-March 9
    COMEBACK-March 12, 1985
    NIGHTMARE-March 25, 1985; Kobick
    The Delta Effect: The Other Nightmares-ff-March 25 to 26, 1985
    SNAKE EYES-April 9, 1985-unfilmed story idea
    The Prize We Sought-ff-April 11, 1985; several parallel universes

    HOME SWEET HOME-April 15, 1985; 1900; time machine
    OUR MAN O'REILLY-May 1, 1985
    PANIC-May 15, 1985
    PAY THE PIPER-May 27, 1985; evidence of other life forms & planets
    The Refugees-ff-May 28, 1985
    The Reluctant Hero-ff-bad winter-spring,Fitz niece, Stevebro
    Escape From Down-story by Theresa (my title)-2 years on LOG
    Encounters with Insp. Swaan--July-speculation
    Summer Lets Up--mid to late August-speculation
    Chipper's Tail: by Little Chip-August 28, 1985
    THE SECRET CITY OF LIMBO-Sept 26; underground city; Barry is 13
    DOOMSDAY-October 2, 1985; Kobick
    Mark encounters Inspt. Swann--Oct. 13, 1985-speculation
    WILD JOURNEY-October 14, 1985; Sept 25, 1983 vs June 12, 1983; aliens or time travelers or time traveling aliens
    THE DEADLY DART-October 30, 1985; Swaan killed; Kobick away
    The Kidnapping-ff-October 31, 1985
    GRAVEYARD OF FOOLS-Nov. 13, 1985
    A SMALL WAR-December 1, 1985
    THE MARIONETTES-December 23, 1985
    THE SLAVEMAKERS-January 1, 1986-unfilmed script
    Voyage to the Lost In Space Time Tunnel On the Land of the Giants- major crossovers-Tarzan-Doc Who-SWars-Trek-Space: 1999, others
    The Adventures of Barry and Will: Boy’s Own Adventure
    Land of the Giants: The Next Ten Years-ff-speculation
    Time For Change-ff-Jan. 5, 1986; 2001, Gault, Kobick, Arno, Elax
    Ten Part Serialization story-ff-1986
    The Visitors-ff-June 1, 1986-Planet of Apes TV crossover-3974 AD
    GIANT FISH-September 1986-unmade story idea
    Arrival To Danger-ff-Sept 14, 1986
    September 26th, 1986--Barry turns 14-speculation
    A MARRIAGE MADE IN-aka MARRIED-1986; unmade story idea

    The Hand that Rocks The Robinsons-Oct. 11-Lost In Space cross
    The Caring of Many-ff-AU-
    The Danger of School-ff-April 12, 1987; Kobick, Greyson
    Limbo's Treasure-ff-June 3, 1987; Kobick, Limbo, Biff
    Invasion-ff-September 14, 1987-alien giants attack, Kobick
    The Long Way Home-ff-September 26, 1987-Barry turns 14
    Homecoming-ff-Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea cross-AU
    Take A Giant Step-ff-AU-return to Earth-five yr 10 months
    Valerie in Giant Land-ff-May 30, 1993-AU
    Adventures in the Land of the Giants-ff-Dan/Betty married-AU

    Beyond Hope of Escape-ff-August 1993-AU-Kobick
    October 1993-ff-Steve and Betty's relationship grows closer
    December 1993-ff-Val and Mark have twin babies, a boy and girl
    The Capture of Valerie Scott-ff-June 12, 1994
    Women In Battle-ff-April 1995
    Kobick on trial by Supreme Council; hoax-ff speculation-Feb 1997
    April of 1999-ff-speculation-Steve and Betty officially marry
    Flight of the Rubicon; Rubicon: Rescue; Seascape--ff-AU--2004
    RETURN TO EARTH-Jan. 2019-ff based on idea by Esther Mitchell
    MASS EXODUS-Jan 2019-ff based on idea by Esther Mitchell
    February 2033-Fitzhugh dies; age 100--speculation
    February 2033-Barry turns 60-speculation
    The Year 4977-ff-speculation-Time Tunnel Cross over
    The Earth Year 5477-ff-speculation


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