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     Peter Davison Announced for the New England Fan Experience  View Printable Version  
     Author:  Louis
     Dated:  Friday, October 10 2008 @ 10:50 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,689 times  
    Doctor Who News

    BREAKING NEWS: Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor is the Doctor Who guest for the New England Fan Experience taking place on 21, 22, 23 November 2008 in Cambridge, MA. What better way to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Doctor Who than to see one of the actors to play the title role! It's been a half a decade since Davison was in the area, since that time with the series returning to television there has been an influx of new fans to the series who may never have seen Peter Davison before in person. This will give those fans as well those that may have already seen Davison an opportunity to see him again. Davison himself since that time has reprised his role in the series again with the mini-episode, Time Crash, a Children in Need special episode transmitted last November.

    read more (98 words) 1 comments
    Most Recent Post: 10/13 02:53AM by Louis

     Put Your Questions to Russell T Davies  View Printable Version  
     Author:  Louis
     Dated:  Friday, October 10 2008 @ 09:10 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,383 times  
    Doctor Who News

    The BBC News Channel will be interviewing Russell T Davies live at the Cheltenham Literary Festival this Sunday, 12 October 2008. Here's your chance to ask your questions to the man responsible for bringing our favourite traveling Time Lord back to television after a long absence.

    You can watch the interview live at 4:30pm on the BBC News Channel on Sunday, 12 October.

    You must fill out the form on here the BBC News website to submit your question. Obviously the BBC News will only select a number of questions from all those received.

     Margot Thomas and Ian Collier  View Printable Version  
     Author:  Louis
     Dated:  Tuesday, October 07 2008 @ 05:15 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,771 times  
    Doctor Who News

    Two recent deaths to report unfortunately are that of Margot Thomas and Ian Collier, both who had guest roles in Doctor Who.

    Margot Thomas played a "Stall holder" in the 1965 story, The Romans. She was 89 when she passed away on 26 September 2008 after a short illness. For many years she actively worked with Cancer Research, her family has suggested donations to Cancer Research instead of flowers.

    Ian Collier was better known to Doctor Who fans for his role as Omega (voice) from the 5th Doctor story, Arc of Infinity (1983), but his first role on the series goes back to the 3rd Doctor story, The Time Monster (1972) in which he played Stuart Hyde. In addition he also had been part of a few Big Finish productions, one of which he reprises his role of Omega in a self titled story. Collier passed away on 1 October. Age and cause of death have not been reported at this time.

     Download Six Doctor Who Scripts and Preview The Writer's Tale  View Printable Version  
     Author:  Louis
     Dated:  Friday, October 03 2008 @ 09:15 PM EDT
     Viewed:  3,942 times  
    Doctor Who News

    Preview Russell T Davies' new book, Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale, The Untold Story of the BBC Series as well as download six Doctor Who scripts. The six scripts are from the 2008 series (AKA "series 4"). They are the following:

  • Episode X: Voyage of the Damned
  • Episode 1: Partners in Crime
  • Episode 10: Midnight
  • Episode 11: Turn Left
  • Episode 12: The Stolen Earth
  • Episode 13: Journey's End

    To download the scripts and more information on the book visit Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale website

    Buy it here: Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale (Doctor Who) ( link)

    Most Recent Post: 10/06 07:00AM by Louis

  •  Big News - Big Surprise  View Printable Version  
     Author:  Louis
     Dated:  Thursday, September 11 2008 @ 04:05 AM EDT
     Viewed:  2,108 times  
    Doctor Who News

    If the what The Sun is reporting today is true, it would mean big news for all Doctor Who fans for the upcoming series of specials planned for 2009. The trouble is, by reporting this, we would be giving away a big surprise.... so we won't. Though it is difficult to report on this huge story while keeping it spoiler free.

    The news is so big that if true, it is going to be difficult to contain. So as much as this should stay in the spoiler space, eventually it will get out. That being said, we will keep this in the spoiler zone for the time being. BUT if you do wish to learn the news which appears in an article in The Sun today, this is the link to the said article. BE WARNED -- it will ruin a huge surprise for next year -- We can't even tell you the title of the article, but here is the link to it: (Click at your own risk and no, you will not be 'rickrolled'):

    (link is below "read more")

    read more (73 words) 8 comments
    Most Recent Post: 09/12 03:37PM by Louis

     Doctor Who Episodes on iTunes  View Printable Version  
     Author:  Louis
     Dated:  Wednesday, July 23 2008 @ 02:10 PM EDT
     Viewed:  8,769 times  
    Doctor Who News

    The long awaited news of Doctor Who being available for purchase via Apple iTunes store has finally come. For the first time starting today, Doctor Who is available to download on iTunes in the US. Currently, the selection is limited to the 2005, 2006, and 2007 series. We can speculate that the 2008 series (AKA "Series 4") will become available after they have been shown on BBC America.

    read more (247 words) 10 comments
    Most Recent Post: 11/11 05:27PM by Louis

     Steven Moffat to be Executive Producer and Head Writer  View Printable Version  
     Author:  Louis
     Dated:  Tuesday, May 20 2008 @ 12:40 PM EDT
     Viewed:  5,710 times  
    Doctor Who News


    We have been expecting this announcement for some time now. Today the BBC has announced that Steven Moffat will be taking the reins from Russell T Davies becoming the Executive Producer and Lead Writer for Doctor Who starting with the 2010 series (what they are calling "series 5"). This announcement comes right on the heels of of the news of Steven Moffat winning a BAFTA for his Doctor Who story Blink.

    Many viewers are familiar with Steven Moffat writing for Doctor Who since it's return to television three years ago. With such celebrated stories such as The Empty Child and The Doctor Dancers in 2005. Followed by The Girl in the Fireplace in 2006 in which Moffat was recognized with a Hugo Award. As previously mentioned he has just been awarded a BAFTA for Blink in last year's series.

    read more (77 words) 5 comments
    Most Recent Post: 05/21 10:28AM by silvanthalas

     "Cuddling": Davison pairs with new one-off companion in DWM #393  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Wednesday, March 12 2008 @ 05:07 AM EDT
     Viewed:  1,915 times  
    Doctor Who News"Cuddlesome", the Fifth Doctor adventure included with this month's Doctor Who Magazine (#393), probably won't win any points for originality. It does, after all, immediately seem to be an admixture of "Terror of the Autons" with the basic legend of The Toymaker from Superman comics. And, like most classic adventures, an intriguing set-up at the beginning descends into a mad rush to explain things with a dash of mumbo-jumbo.

    But that hardly stops it from being one of the better giveaways to grace the cover of DWM.

    Companionless Fifth Doctor adventures are rare at Big Finish, so what novelty is lost with a retread plot is compensated by Peter Davison in the mode of an RTD Christmas special. This is just a bit of fun, featuring a one-off pairing with new pseudo-companion, Angela Wisher (Roberta Taylor).

    read more (371 words) 1 comments
    Most Recent Post: 03/22 09:04PM by tarashnat

     DISCOVERing the possibility of time travel  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Thursday, March 06 2008 @ 05:05 PM EST
     Viewed:  1,288 times  
    Doctor Who NewsAs a measure of how the modern version of Doctor Who has begun to filter into the popular American imagination, the time vortex has gotten noticed by this month's Discover magazine. As a part of the magazine's exploration of Einstein, there's an article about science fiction's obsession with ways to contravene (or at least cheat) the theory of relativity.

    The time vortex is given a pictorial nod, along with wormholes as depicted in Star Trek and "stargates" from, well, Stargate and Contact.

    Sadly, the online version of the article, which is taken from an upcoming book examining the reality of science fictional concepts of space and time travel, does not actually include the references to Doctor Who. But a picture of the RTD TARDIS navigating the time vortex appears in a sidebar of the print version.

    Check it out in the March 2008 issue of the pop-science magazine. Just look for a big picture of Einstein on the cover.

     Anniversary Brings Sad News  View Printable Version  
     Author:  Louis
     Dated:  Friday, November 23 2007 @ 08:14 AM EST
     Viewed:  1,230 times  
    Doctor Who News

    Today, the 23rd of November, the anniversary of the Doctor Who series brings sad news of the person that made it a reality 44 years ago in 1963. As reported on Outpost Gallifrey, the series original producer Verity Lambert has passed away at the age of 71.

    Verity pioneered the series as its first producer hired by series creator Sydney Newman himself. Notable at the BBC for not only being the youngest producer at the age of 27, but also the only female producer at the time. She produced the series from 1963 through 1965. Also listed among her long list of credits are Rumpole of the Bailey (1978-1980), Minder (1979), Quatermass (1979), along with many others.

    Verity did not shy away from speaking about her early work on Doctor Who. You can find her interviews, statements, and commentaries in various documentaries, printed material, DVDs, etc. over the years.

    Thank you Verity for bringing the series to life, you will be missed, but never forgotten.

    read more (9 words) 5 comments
    Most Recent Post: 11/23 12:22PM by seanhuxter

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