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     Sontar! Start! Sontar! Start!  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Monday, September 29 2008 @ 05:28 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,540 times  
    Sarah Jane Adven...Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures began today, Monday 29 September. The first story, entitled The Last Sontaran, was broadcast as a sort of premiere "event". Both episodes were shown back-to-back this afternoon in the UK. Future stories, which begin next week, will be broadcast at the rate of one episode a week.
    The rest of the episodes were named in a press release from the BBC on the 9th of September. The full slate includes:
      •Day of the Clown
      •Secrets of the Stars
      •The Mark of the Beserker
      •The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith
      •Enemy of the Bane

    The series concludes on 8 December 2008 with part two of Sarah Jane's latest encounter with the Bane.

    Most Recent Post: 09/30 05:21PM by tarashnat

     SJA Series 2 Roundup  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Thursday, August 07 2008 @ 03:36 AM EDT
     Viewed:  2,839 times  
    Sarah Jane Adven...If you know absolutely nothing about Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and want to stay totally unspoiled, do not read futher. However, if you're happy with a few minor spoilers, based on verifiable facts like well-reported casting information and official trailers, read on. This report contains nothing about any major plot points.

    Principal photography on the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures wrapped last week, according to So, this seems as good a time as any to give a Series 2 news roundup for those who may be going through the early stages of Doctor Who withdrawal:

      • Like last year, six hours of programming have been completed. However, this time, all six hours will be broadcast as a single series, meaning that the series will run for 12 consecutive weeks.

      • There was an initial plan to film Series 2 and 3 simultaneously. However, the idea was nixed for budgetary reasons. Apparently, SJA receives the bulk of its funding from the CBBC, rather than the BBC, and there ultimately wasn't enough money in their 2008 budget for advance filming on a series that could potentially be broadcast as late as 2010. Technically, this now means that Series 3 could now potentially be withdrawn from production, although many see it as unlikely that the CBBC would axe their top ratings-earner while the principal talent is still willing to perform.

      read more (945 words) 1 comments
      Most Recent Post: 09/09 03:34PM by tarashnat

     Raxacoricofallapatorians return for spin-off show.  View Printable Version  
     Author:  merlin_mccarley
     Dated:  Saturday, September 08 2007 @ 09:17 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,560 times  
    Sarah Jane Adven...New CBBC series The Sarah Jane Adventures will feature the return of some familiar Doctor Who enemies when it debuts later this month.

    The Slitheen, a family of scheming monsters first seen in Aliens of London / World War Three are back - and out for revenge.

    Following on from a successful special screened on New Year's Day, the ten-part CBBC series stars Elisabeth Sladen as investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith. She'll be joined by young friends Maria and Luke plus new recruit Clyde.

    "It's great to be back enjoying Sarah Jane with some fantastic new adventures," Sladen revealed to the BBC's in-house Ariel magazine. "There's still so much more to find out about her after all these years."

    Executive Producer Davies added: "This is a wonderful opportunity, to use all our Doctor Who resources here in Cardiff for the making of a brand new drama for CBBC."

    Full story -

    Most Recent Post: 09/13 09:52AM by DarthSkeptical

     September it is  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Friday, August 24 2007 @ 03:28 AM EDT
     Viewed:  1,308 times  
    Sarah Jane Adven...Sarah are now reporting that Doctor Who Magazine #386, out today in the UK, gives the closest thing yet to an official launch date for the programme.

    As has been suspected for a few months now, late September is confirmed. However, a definite time slot has yet to be decided.

    Head writer Gareth Roberts continues to enthuse about his second story, "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?" In earlier issues of the magazine, he had indicated that it was the best work of his professional life, but now he adds that it's the best work of Elizabeth Sladen's career. Praising Graeme Harper's work on the story, he goes on to say that "Liz gives the performance of her life (so far)."

    Russell T. Davies is likewise impressed with the series, and enthusiastic about Roberts' series finale:

    . . . [Liz is] very brilliant at not sinking into the softness of a family show. It could be a very cute series, but she keeps that spikiness. There's always that journalist ticking away, and there's still that woman who's been alone for very many years. Especially in the last two episodes, we really play off that - what Sarah was like before she met Maria.

     SJA ad blitz around the corner  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Sunday, August 12 2007 @ 11:30 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,754 times  
    Sarah Jane are today quoting from an anonymous source at Upper Boat that adverts for The Sarah Jane Adventures are imminent.

    The source, which the site's webmaster claims is "one of my longest-serving", scotched an earlier rumor about a Christmas 2007 special. but went on to add:

    " . . . there will be some new bits and bobs included on the website - and continual additions as the series progresses, plus some televisual ads due out towards the end of this month, beginning of Sept - obviously! (just before the series starts!)"

    The series website continues to be inaccessible to fans outside the UK, but this tantalizing quote, if true, falls in line with other indications previously reported that the show will debut sometime next month.

     Gardner hints at SJA series 2  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Monday, July 30 2007 @ 08:56 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,446 times  
    Sarah Jane Adven...Julie Gardner, the BBC's newly-installed Head of Drama Commissioning, said today that a second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures was to start development "very soon."

    However, her statement that the BBC were "very much hoping that Elizabeth Sladen will come back for more," indicates that the star is not obliged to continue the programme.

    This is the first hard indication that the BBC intend to continue the programme beyond its initially-contracted run. However it does come weeks before the first series has been broadcast to the British public.

    The comments came as a part of a wide-ranging interview by Sean Elliot in the American IF Magazine.

     Novelizations confirmed  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Thursday, July 26 2007 @ 01:34 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,512 times  
    Sarah Jane Adven...With the publication today of Doctor Who Magazine #384, we can now confirm that episode novelizations have returned to the Doctor Who universe.

    The issue gives all but one of the story titles for the season, matching books already listed on

    The first story, by Garth Roberts, remains untitled, but the remaining are:

    • "Eye of the Gorgon" by Phil Ford as novelized by Phillip Stratford
    • "Warriors of the Kudlax" by Phil Gladwin as novelized by Gareth Roberts
    • "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?" by Gareth Roberts (novelization status unclear)
    • "The Lost Boy" by Phil Ford (novelization status unknown)

     Audios due in November  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Monday, July 23 2007 @ 04:25 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,258 times  
    Sarah Jane Adven...We earlier highlighted news appearing in Doctor Who Magazine that there would be audio adventures of SJA to accompany the televised series. What we didn't know at the time was the shape these would take and their release date. have now revealed that at least two are coming in early November, further confirming a fall premiere for the show itself.

    The Thirteenth Stone and The Golden Storm will not be full-cast audios, but they will be read by Elizabeth Sladen. Both involve plots which separate Luke from Clyde, Sarah and Maria. Both appear to be readings of hardcover books, to be released simultaneously.

    The website also seems to be differentiating between types of SJA book. Some are being listed as paperbacks "based on an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures", while The Golden Storm, in particular, is simply listed as a hardcover novel. Whether this means that we will see the return of novelizations to the Doctor Who universe is still unclear, but the possibility, at least, seems to exist.

    Indeed, novelizations seem to be undergoing a renaissance of late, with audio recordings of old Target novelizations being released in November as well by the BBC. Of particular interest to SJA fans is Tom Baker's new recording of Terrance Dicks' "Robot" novelization, Doctor Who and the Giant Robot. It will be the first of a new range of audio recordings of novelizations, which will also include Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion, read by Martin Jarvis.

     Confirmed: SJA Falls Into Place  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Saturday, July 21 2007 @ 11:58 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,065 times  
    Sarah Jane Adven...Principal photography on series one of The Sarah jane Adventures has now completed. According to a wrap party is imminent (or may have occurred earlier in the week).

    This early wrap date gives credence to a CBBC press release issued last Tuesday, which finally declares SJA as a "programme confirmed for the autumn". Until Tuesday, the BBC had been cagey with the SJA release date, leaving open the door to a premiere as late as 2008.

    Though we now know Elizabeth Sladen and friends will be returning well before Christmas, the Beeb have failed to give anything more definite than "autumn" as a start date.

     SJA: Might Maria's dad drive ratings?  View Printable Version  
     Author:  DarthSkeptical
     Dated:  Wednesday, June 27 2007 @ 11:17 PM EDT
     Viewed:  1,348 times  
    Sarah Jane Adven...You may not know his name yet, but Joseph Millson is having a busy 2007. Not only did he kickstart the year with the debut of "Alan Jackson" in The Sarah Jane Adventures, but he also basked in the continuing glow of the theatrical release of Casino Royale.

    Now at midyear, as he's returned to Cardiff to complete the 11-week shoot on SJA, another of his television projects is just finishing its run in the UK. In the ITV program, Talk To Me, Millson plays one of the three main leads.

    His character, "Woody", finds himself in a love triangle with his best friend, and the friend's wife, who work with him at a radio station. Ironically, the three produce a show for the lovelorn.

    The four-episode serial has been airing on Sundays in June just after the watershed at 9pm. The programme will definitely see a Region 2 DVD release in the next few months; a Region 1 or 4 release is a little less certain.

    What is clear is the centrality of the show to ITV's new look. Talk To Me was the first show commissioned by the new ITV Head of Drama, and is seen as something of a test of her vision. The show has seen a rise in viewership from its initially modest 4.2 million; later episodes have been more like the numbers for Life on Mars.

    The timing of Millson's ITV success couldn't be better for Sarah Jane Adventures. Its target audience seemingly secure based on "Invasion of the Bane", SJA certainly couldn't be hurt by the intriguing possibilities of Millson's higher profile on British TV. With this meaty romantic role fresh in their minds prior to the SJA launch, will mothers now be watching SJA for Millson just as dads will tag along for Sladen?

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